News from 34 years ago: The Microwave Furor

Monday, Mar. 22, 1976


Radiofrequency (RF) Sickness in the Lilienfeld Study: An Effect of Modulated Microwaves?

Your list members may want to consult the following article to get a rather complete story of some scientific conclusions about the studies of health of people irradiated by the Former Soviet Union at the US Embassy in Moscow:

Ana G. Johnson Lyacouris, ?Radiofrequency (RF) Sickness in the Lilienfeld Study: An Effect of Modulated Microwaves?? Archives of Environmental Health, Vol. 53, No. 3 (1998)


Bill Curry,
Retired Physicist

US Embassy

Your most recent emailing with the old 'Time' (Moscow embassy) article coincides with my reading Steneck's good ('84) The Microwave Debate, which has a 27-page chapter on the affair. Here's a starter quote:

"[...] U.S. policy had resulted "in the setting of standards of safety which are 1,000 times lower [less stringent] in this country than in the Soviet Union, with our standards being set primarily by thermal damage thresholds."7 Such looseness, based on a single assumed mechanism, may have appeared satisfactory to those who were supposedly protecting workers and the general public by setting standards, but it was not satisfactory for those charged with protecting national security."

The book describes well the contrasting research and guideline cultures, where E. Europe "erred" in a precautionary vein, taking seriously "subjective" symptoms of general malaise at diminishingly low levels of exposure, most importantly assuming a cumulative effect. Thus apparently agreeing with Western findings of indubitable irreversible damage at certain higher levels near which our own sad standards were and are set, they figured that exposure for periods 10x or 100x or whatever longer should correspondingly diminish intensity levels by the same factors. What we are living today seems to have borne out their work, as we all get variously worn down. In one of my earliest emails to public officials, I commented, "Morbid statistics (regarding cancer, etc.) eventually follow inattention to such matters, in a society obsessed with bullet hole forensics rather than listening to their own bodies." The Russians & co. listened, and put worker safety first in contrast to the prevailing Western culture dominated by industry and military uses.

If you're interested, I'll forward along other important quotes from the book I've only just begun today. Feel free to pass this along to others.


The Lilienfield study by Liakouris was reviewed by the late John Goldsmith in 1997. In the following journal, http://www.eubios.info/EJ54/EJ54H.htm

Professor Goldsmith provides additional information about what was uncovered and what was hidden about the resulting health effects of the U.S. Embassy staff. It proves once more that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Milt Bowling

Steneck?s book

In case someone in your list is interested in Steneck?s book: it is still available via amazon (new and used):



Informant: Martin Weatherall


That's no tree, it's a mobile phone mast

The Guardian

In some areas of Britain, you'll see mobile phone masts in plain view in all their stark, skeletal nakedness. In others, well, you won't see them at all. ...



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