Bilbao chronically ill, according to the Basque Parliament

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Chronically ill, according to the Basque Parliament
24.07.11 - 02:37 - M. J. C. | BILBAO.

Ailments named under the umbrella of 'central sensitivity syndrome' (SSC) have reached the Basque parliament with the EB party. Their only representative in the House of Vitoria, Mikel Arana, has promoted the adoption of a resolution for other official bodies aware of conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electrohipersensibilidad (EHS). All groups supported the idea and approved a resolution urging the Basque Government to take steps to ensure that EHS and MCS are included by the World Health Organization on the list ICD (International Classification of Diseases), which recognition as an illness means, as has happened with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Although currently there is no clear evidence about the effects on health are chemicals and electromagnetic radiation, it is true that some people sick if they say they have about an issuer of unnatural substances or waves. In a more concrete level, the Parliament wants the Basque Health treat those who suffer any of these four conditions as if they were chronically ill. And none of these diseases is now cured.

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Parliament calls for a rational use of mobile phones among children

Calls to 'minimize possible' exposure to electromagnetic fields

e.p. - Thursday, October 6, 2011 - Updated at 05:41 pm

victory. The Basque Parliament yesterday joined a resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, which warns of the 'potential risk' of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment and urged the promotion of campaigns against 'excessive use' mobile phones among children.

The resolution, which stemmed from an initiative of Aralar, raises the Basque Government to follow the recommendations made both the EU and the World Health Organization on the use of mobile phones by people of all ages.

The Chamber urged the Executive to adhere to the resolution of last May s Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe warns of the potential risk of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment. The Assembly is committed to 'minimize possible' exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially the children mobile phone, among other things.

Finally, ask the government agreed not to discard the approval of a law in this area, for the protection of health and invited the Executive to campaign against 'excessive use' of mobile phones among children.

In a statement, the parliamentary Aralar, Dani Maeztu, noted that the House adhere to a decision of the European Assembly which recognizes that 'you should review the scientific basis of current regulations, recognizing that current values are obsolete'. 'To protect children s health, recommends the implementation of information campaigns and portable devices that emit microwaves, and prioritizes the use of cable connections in schools,' he said.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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