Health Concerns about Smart Meters and Wireless Technologies in Canada

Dear Prime Minister Harper and B.C. Premier Clark,

Well, you have finally done it. At the age of 56, my optimistic belief in a democratic country and province has been shattered forever. I am no longer proud to be a Canadian. I am ashamed.

By forcing wireless technologies on every single Canadian, especially Wi-fi within all schools and installation of smart meters on every house and business, the federal and provincial governments made these decisions with big business to use every baby, child, and adult in our country as test guinea pigs. The public was not consulted. Scientific studies used and quoted by the governments are supported and biased in favour of the businesses manufacturing these technologies. Any reports by scientists outside of these big businesses, which have been warning of serious impacts to human health for years now, are being ignored and hidden.

Parents fighting for the right to protect their children from being unwilling test subjects are ignored, ridiculed, and shut out of voting against wireless installations in their children s schools by school boards.

Electricity customers are trying to fight against the installation of smart meters on their homes, in their neighbourhoods, and in their communities. But the federal government has failed to update Canadian health standards for protection of its citizens, under the Canadian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health, by allowing Canada to continue to be renowned world-wide for its weak and outdated standards. And the provincial government of British Columbia changed the law so that BC Hydro is no longer accountable to the B.C. Utilities Commission in order to speed up implementation of smart meter technology. British Columbians were not consulted and had no input into these plans.

At present, individuals are trying to deal with schools and utility companies on their own. They are demanding other options. Some school boards/utility providers refuse this outright while others say they will get back to the parent/customer and that they 'may' offer options.

If you were a customer of any kind of business and were told that something was the latest fashion, you have to buy it, and that s all that is available. And, by the way, the manufacturer says that it s a perfectly safe product. What would you do? Would you just say, 'Oh, OK.'?

The citizens of Canada are customers of utility companies. If we are not happy with a product or the way a business is being run or the way we are being treated as the customer, we don t have to accept this behaviour from anyone or any company. The solution is simple. Thanks but no thanks. Your service and product are no longer wanted or required.

The situation for Canada s children in the school system is more grave. They cannot refuse 'service' and are totally vulnerable to their environment. It is the parents who must speak up for them and take action to protect them. That is their job.

I believe that governments and businesses have forgotten that all Canadians are their customers. If the citizens of Canada and British Columbia get angry enough about having their human rights taken away from them (to do their own research into and make their own personal decisions about what they believe is healthy for themselves and their family), the governments and businesses will be in trouble. Parents can decide to take action and withdraw their children out of all schools that are exposing their children for 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 13+ years. Utility customers can stop receiving and paying for electricity and completely remove themselves from all ramifications of wireless smart meter technology (i.e. fires, explosions, constant electromagnetic field exposure, enormous debts to replace analog meters, promised future rate increases, control of use from utility HQ, and high probability of law suit debts against utility companies which will be paid for by the customer). It s easy, they can just go off-the-grid. Unfortunately, because most utility services are provided by monopolies, customers cannot shop for the best deal.

Canadians have been laid back too long. Government spending and decision-making is totally out of control. Big business is telling its customers that they have to buy a certain product and there is no price control on that product. You have to pay what they say.

It s time for Canadians to do what we have done in the past: stand up for ourselves, be strong, help one another, and use our own intelligence to make our own decisions. The individual has a lot of power if we join together and just say 'No' and 'Stop'. The baby boomer population is enormous. We have the experience to stand up for what we believe in. It s time to do so again.

Are you going to do your jobs and protect the citizens of your country and province? Or do we have to stand up and say 'No', we will not participate in this craziness.

You both have the power to stop the smart meter program and curtail rampant wireless technologies. You both have the power to upgrade our Canadian health standards and bring them up-to-date and in-line with the realities of technology in 2011. Wireless technologies are bombarding the population and it is only because the EMR and EMFs are invisible that people aren t screaming bloody murder about it. What will happen when 50% or more Canadians become ill with radiation sickness? The 'estimate' for electrohypersensitivity (EHS) in the general population is at least 35% mild and 3-5% extreme right now. Where will these people live when smart meters are everywhere? What happens if 50% or more of the population develop extreme EHS? Will we have to stop using electricity?

Please, do the honourable thing. Protect the citizens of Canada and British Columbia. Stop wireless smart meters and proliferation of wireless technologies.


Linda R. Floyd, 230 Cedar Lane, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 1R3

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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