Groups protest against ELF radiation

Taipei Times

Tseng Pi-ching, a woman in a wheelchair, said she has been suffering from leukemia since 1994 after 11 years working as a cartographer for long hours in an office exposed to electromagnetic radiation at the Aerospace Industrial Development ...



MobileWise - has been set up to warn children and parents of health risks associated with mobile phone use.


Neil s story Neil Whitfield, father of six:

'In 1996 I was promoted to Sales Manager at work and issued with a mobile phone. My job required me to use it heavily and after a few months of getting the phone I had to visit my GP as I was suffering from severe headaches. The doctor advised me that they were probably caused by driving long distances for work and to take painkillers. The headaches persisted, accompanied by fatigue and memory loss. When my hearing started to deteriorate in my left ear, I went for tests.

When the specialist put the negatives of the scan onto the light box, a tumour on my brain showed up behind my left ear ? the side that I used the phone on. The specialist asked if I d ever used a mobile phone and when I said yes, he replied that mobiles might be 'the smoking of the 21st century'.

I was given five years to live without surgery so underwent an invasive nine-hour operation. I wouldn t use my phone after that and was made redundant. I am completely deaf in my left ear, which affects my balance, and still get headaches and facial twitches. I find it difficult to be in large groups or noisy environments which leaves me feeling isolated. I have since found out that the phone companies know that there s evidence that mobile phones might cause brain tumours. I?m angry that they don t warn the public. As my phone was a Nokia, I have contacted them but they won t answer my questions.'

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Mobilewise Charity to promote safer mobile phone use by young people

A new UK Charity, Mobilewise, has been launched to do what the Stewart Report unsucessfully asked the Government to do - namely to properly inform young people, their parents and teachers about the possible health hazards from mobile phone use and how to use them more safely.

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