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Today there was a Knesset meeting on the non ionizing law regulations - live on TV. For those who remember, it has been several years already since this law was first discussed in the Knesset and the regulation controversy on antennas in porches prevented its implementation.

Bottom line: The Knesset committe said they would approve regulations after Minister of Env makes small changes, they sent the regulation back to the Minister of Env, and requested that he remove the addition about antennas allowed on roof porches. They accepted an addition by industry engineer Ram Dishon: any antenna which causes indoor radiation of over 0.1 uw/cm^2 should not be allowed.

Parliament member Marina (I don't know her f. name) had an argument with the representative of the cellular forum Lior Verona, who said that the companies go by the env ministry and the WHO and today it is already known that there is no scientific controversy. He said that prof Sadezky recommends on antennas in densly populated areas. Marina did not like it and said she cared for the impression this creates on the people who watch - she said that Sadezky also speaks of radiation not being safe, and it also does not mean that radiation is good for 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years old children even with many antennas [because as the mantra says which he repeated againa and again, the more antennas the less radiation]

Dr. Yael Stein said that prof Sadezky published a paper with Dr. Cardis on the risk from phones that it cannot be said there is no risk.

Yael German Herzlia s Maire spoke in the name of citizens rights being taken of them a. by not informing them on antennas b. then the public cannot resist. c. then it is not possible to receive compensation on the decrease of property value

She told that a family came to her, crying that they have found now that for 7 years their child was sleeping on a bed where on the other side of the wall there was equipment of the roof porch antennas all those years and she yelled in the Knesset that they were not informed!

Laywer of the above city Lior Katz said that regarding antennas without an approval (like the companies wanted to be approved on roof porches, based on wired lines law, which makes a loophol in the law, although it is not relevant to wireless it is used as if wired and wireless is the same) - said that the mantra of more antennas less radiation is not true, for antennas without an approval, the more antennas - the more radiation.

She also said that there is no say to the local authorities because when antennas are refused the companies appeal and then they always get the approval.

Rony Keller public representative spoke on the need to discuss benign tumors and not only malignant, his friend has now a benign tumor and the consequences of it is paralysis because the brain has no empty spaces and the tumour presses on places inside the brain. He also added that everyone ignores the magnetic component of the radiation.

Ram Dishon former owner of antennas company, who fought against antenna near his house, and found cheating in the early survey of the company on the basis of which, antennas are approved by the env ministry, said that the companies ask for the same site an increasing level of power: they started with 20Watts and within several years they asked for 70Watts for the same site, he said- I know what this means, I come from this industry, this means frying the people living in distance of 100 meters. He also said this personally to Lior Verona. He also asked: does THIS mean - the more antennas, the less radiation?...

Secondly he said that measurements should be done at the place of the exposure - meaning in the bed where the above kid slept and not across the street. Moreover he pointed on the need for a level of maximum 0.1 uW/cm2 inside houses.

The good news is that I am not deaf. (!).

The 0.1 number was a report from someone who was herself in the meeting and I gave her the credit since I heard 1 uW/cm2 but I thought since she was there her hearing was better. So no - it is 1 uW/cm.

The addition is that the actual formualation of the committee is: A person will not erect and not activate a radiation source that its activation creates or can create radiation in frequency above 10 Megahertz inside house or office in which people are present above 6 hours everyday with power density above 1 uW/cm2.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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Source: www.systemsrevolution.com


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