Cambuslang residents hit out at mast plan

Rutherglen Reformer

The objectors point to evidence from the Stewart Report, which shows that the effects of radiation from mobile phone are not fully known. The Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones report in May 2000 said that if any unknown harmful effects from the...


Phone mast proposal at Cathkin Bypass enrages locals

Rutherglen Reformer

Cornerstone, a joint initiative between o2 and Vodafone to share mobile technology, are proposing to erect a mast at the bypass, close to St Stephen s Avenue and Fennsbank Avenue as well as Fernhill School. A similar proposal was made in 2005 when o2 ...


Two mast plans get ko, but two more given the green light in Rutherglen and Cambuslang

Rutherglen Reformer Mr McDowall did advise councillors to reject the masts on Main Street and Northbank Street because they didn t comply with the Local Plan or government guidance on the siting of phone masts. Speaking about the objections from locals, he said: 'Some of ...


Mast decision put on hold Rutherglen Reformer

CAMBUSLANG residents have welcomed a decision by South Lanarkshire Council to defer granting planning permission for a mobile phone mast. In April, the Reformer reported that people living around Duke s Road and Hawthorn Walk received letters informing...


Cathkin Bypass phone mast proposal draws 80 letters of objection

Rutherglen Reformer

A PHONE MAST proposal at Cathkin Bypass has been met with over 80 letters of objection. Cornerstone, a joint initiative between O2 and Vodafone to share mobile phone technology, have submitted a planning application with South Lanarkshire Council for a...


Meeting held over Cathkin Bypass phone mast

Rutherglen Reformer

RESIDENTS gathered at Fernhill and Cathkin Church to voice their concerns over a phone mast which is being earmarked for Cathkin Bypass. Cornerstone, a joint initiative between Vodafone and O2 to share mobile phone technology, have lodged a planning...


Rutherglen MSP urges for clarity on phone masts

Rutherglen Reformer

RUTHERGLEN MSP James Kelly has urged mobile phone companies to reveal just how many phone masts they want to erect in the area. Cornerstone, a joint initiative by Vodafone and O2 to share mobile phone technology, have sought to site many masts ...


Cathkin mast application held up

Rutherglen Reformer

OBJECTORS to a mobile phone mast at the Cathkin by-pass may get the chance to tell councillors of their opposition to the plan. The application, which drew over 450 letters of objection, was due to be heard at a Cambuslang and Rutherglen Area Committee...


Cathkin bypass phone mast applicaiton set to go to planning committee

Rutherglen Reformer

The proposal is from mobile phone giants Vodafone and O2, and would see a
15-metre mast erected between the bypass and Stephen s Avenue near the junction with Burnside Road. Liz Bland, who suffers from a brain tumour, lives just yards away on St...


Mobile phone giants dig up Cambuslang residents' footpath

Rutherglen Reformer

Cornerstone, a joint venture by O2 and Vodafone to share mobile phone technology, were granted planning permission to situate a 15-metre mobile-phone mast on Mill Road earlier this year. However, as part of laying the phone-mast cabling,...


Cathkin residents miffed at councillor over phone mast row

Rutherglen Reformer

ANGRY Cathkin residents have accused a councillor of double standards in a mobile phone mast row. In September last year, the green light was given to a...


Cathkin residents concerned over new phone mast plans

Rutherglen Reformer

Councillor Robert Brown said: ''I have had representations from a number of local residents about the mobile phone mast application for Cathkin By-pass. I shared the concerns of people, particularly around St Stephens Avenue, over the original siting...


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