Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions


New paper on 5G Wireless Deployment and Health Risks



5G plans blocked again over fears 20 metre mast would harm area

Liverpool Echo

Mobile phone company Three UK wanted to build a 20-metre tall mast on Birkenhead Road in Wallasey, but Wirral Council threw the plans out...


Headteacher's concern over Hove 5G phone mast

The Argus

A HEAD teacher and a school governor are concerned that a mobile phone mast was approved without proper consultation. Planning officers...


Plans for a 5G phone mast opposite listed arts venue in Newport refused


Proposals to build a 65-foot phone mast in Newport have been refused. The plans to build the massive 5G mast opposite a Grade-II listed performance...


Planning permission refused for another 5G phone mast as inspector backs council

Brighton and Hove News

Two mobile phone companies, Three and EE, wanted to replace a 12-metre tall mast with a 5G pole almost twice as high on the corner of Roedean...


Inspector throws out plans for 5G phone mast in Brighton

The Argus

A proposal to put up a 20-metre tall 5G phone mast has been turned down by a planning inspector. Two mobile phone companies, Three and EE,...


20 metre Horwich 5G mast plan rejected by the council

The Bolton News

'I just think it is wrong to place these mobile phone masts right in front of residential properties. The applicant should now find another location away...


Plan for phone mast near listed building in Silsden is refused

Craven Herald

PLANS to install a 20-metre-tall phone mast in Silsden just yards from a listed building have been refused. Bradford Council said the mast would be...


Call for help in opposing 'ridiculous' Boundary Road 5G mast

The Argus

A RESTAURANT owner says his business faces closure if a proposal to build an 5G phone mast outside his window goes ahead. Hutchison 3G UK...


Council rejects proposal to erect 15-metre mast in Kiltegan

The Nationalist

The company already had a shorter mast at its telephone exchange on Main Street but applied to the council for permission to install a taller structure,...


Dudden Hill neighbours successfully campaign against 5G mobile masts in their area

Kilburn Times

'People power won the day' in Dudden Hill after neighbours successfully campaigned against a 5G mobile phone mast...



Impact of 5G and Wireless Radiation



Protest over 65ft tall phone tower at Bearsden

Kirkintilloch Herald

Glen and Sandra Frew are leading the campaign against the mast. Glen said: 'A large number of residents on Drymen Rd are extremely concerned to...



Residents' health fears over radiation from new phone masts

Limerick Leader

According to planning documents seen by the Limerick Leader, an agent for Eircom said that the current stayed mast in Raheen was 'flawed' due to its...


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