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Wireless Permit Denied in San Francisco

For the first time in the City's history, the San Francisco Board of Appeals has denied a permit for a wireless facility under its jurisdiction.

In a unanimous decision Wednesday night, the Board revoked a permit for a NextG Networks wireless facility installed on a utility pole in a public right-of-way on 27th Avenue in the City's Richmond District.

The Board found that under local regulations that pre-date the current Avalos legislation, the Department of Public Works (DPW) should have referred NextG's application to the Planning Department for review because 27th Avenue is identified in the City's General Plan as a street with 'good' or 'excellent' views. Since DPW did not do so, the Board found this to be grounds for revocation of the permit.

The Board also cited NextG's widespread non-compliance with conditions of approval the Planning Department has imposed on other NextG installations around the City as an additional reason to deny the permit.

As the first-of-its-kind decision by the Board of Appeals, this neighborhood victory establishes an important precedent for any future appeals brought by neighbors of wireless antenna facilities installed in the City's public rights-of-way under the now-effective Avalos legislation.

In a second appeal concerning a NextG facility that was installed adjacent to an architecturally significant building on Ashbury Street, which was also heard last night, the Board upheld NextGs permit because Planning Department review did take place in that case.

Residents had argued that while NextG's application was referred to the Planning Department as required, the Planning Department did not actually assess the wireless facilitys impact on the architecturally significant building and therefore the permit should be denied.

Nevertheless, this second appeal did succeed in compelling Board of Appeals Vice President Michael Garcia to ask Planning Department Zoning Administrator Scott Sanchez to begin imposing fines on NextG for their widespread permit violations across the City.

Congratulations go to Jeff & Nicole Cooper for their victory, as well as to David Tornheim who, even though he lost his appeal, contributed to the City moving toward what will hopefully amount to a crackdown on NextGs willfully negligent behavior and help, however slightly, redress the City's budget deficit.

Everyone who is concerned about this issue here in San Francisco owes Jeff, Nicole, David and all their neighbors who put time and effort into these cases both thanks and gratitude.

Doug / Magda

Fairfax residents protest Camp Tamarancho cell tower 'tree'
- calling the tower a 'rather enormous fake tree' that would blemish the skyline while posing an extreme fire hazard.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Cellphone tower proposal not sitting well with public

Vernon Oickle, www.southshorenow.ca
Lunenburg Progress Enterprise,
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia,Canada

Tuesday,March 15,2011

Letter to Editor;

Re: 'Cellphone tower proposal not sitting well with the public'

In April 2010, a health conference was held in Ottawa to investigate the health effects associated with exposure the the radiation emitted from cell towers, cell phones, cordless telephones, baby monitors and other wireless technology powered by radio and microwaves.

Scientists from around the world presented to government representitives,scientific evidence of the harm caused to the health of people, creatures and the environment. Individuals presented personal evidence of the damage to their health as a result of living close to cell towers.

Health Canada, who regulates the safety standards for exposure to radiation emitted from cell towers has not updated their safety codes since 1996. Safety Code 6 does not include the health effects but only the heating effects of radiation on the human body.

The heat that comes from laptop 'wireless' computers is caused by the radiation emitted. Cell phones and cordless telephones emit radiation and the closer they are to your body and the more you use them the more radiation you are exposing yourself to. Cell towers emit much more radiation than 'wireless' devices. Some people develop electrosensitivity while others can become completely debilitated as we have all read about the children in the Ontario schools who have become ill from wireless computers installed in their school.

Government representitives in Maine and California have ordered cell phones manufactures to issue precautionary warnings in the use of cell phones especially for children whose bodies are still developing.

Mr Swinimer of Robinson's Cornor is quite right when he says that Eastlink is taking the easy way out by placing these towers right in people 's backyards when they could have easily been placed a kilometer away.

Scientists and individuals are steadfast in their petitions to the government and Health Canada to update the safety codes regarding radiation emissions from cell towers and 'wireless' devices. It is just a matter of time before the Safety Codes are changed and companies like Eastlink will not be able to get away with this.

Janet Carroll
Nova Scotia,Canada


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