BBC breaches its Parliamentary Sevice Licence

In our previous news story, we claimed that the BBC had acted most inappropriately by posting on-screen comments during Mr Tom Watson's Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on 20th December 2010. Not only did these comments contradict the points raised by the MPs when they were raising their constituents concerns about possible long-term adverse health consequences of mobile phone use, especially by children and young people, but they only represented one side of a very two sided story. The nation relies on the BBC for high quality, impartial presentation of current events, and in this case the public has been let down badly.

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Powerwatch Announcement: BBC Parliamentary Proceedings coverage issues

We have now added to extra PDF resources to the end of this latest news story. One is a PDF doc with the BBC captioned screen-shots and our brief responses. The other is a working document, generated in November 2010, listing 139 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing biological and/or health effects from RF exposure at levels below the 2 W/kg allowed for mobile phones (cellphones) (with medline hyperlinks). These show considerable reason for concern and the need for more precaution, especially regarding use by children and young people.


As far as we know, only Eileen O'Connor and Alasdair Philips have received replies from the BBC despite their claim to answer within ten days. The complaint is not listed on the BBC complaints website, despite more recent ones being listed. We do know at least 3 people who did complain and who have not received a reply yet. If you complained and have not received a reply, please let us know. Please also chase the BBC Audience Services on 03700 100 222 (UK-wide rate charged at no more than 01/02 geographic numbers) and they "will investigate" for you. (or via the BBC Complaints website page as before).


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