RF EMR sources, safety standards, and research

I just published a new clip on my Youtube channel about "RF EMR sources, safety standards, and research".

The clip was done with the help of Enrico http://www.stop-radiation.com .

Please feel free to forward this video clip to others, to share with others, to comment, and please press on the "Like" button on youtube.

In this clip we will show some of the RF EMR sources, we will review the standards in different countries, and will show couple of studies that show a health effect even at very low RF ERM levels, much lower than the so called safety standard. In addition we will show what happened to a person who used a mobile phone for more than 10 years.

Radio frequency (RF) Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sources are all around us. Cellphone, Smart phone, blackberries, iphone, WiFi routers, wireless laptops and desktops, Bluetooth devices, wireless (and DECT) phones, game consoles and many more. Most people don't know that these devices emit RF EMR, some of the all the time.

Right now there is no consensus about the health effect of exposure to RF EMR. Some counties follow the WHO recommendation which is based on the assumption that the only health effect of RF EMR is heat related. Other countries have stickier standards and some countries even published warnings about the use of RF emitting devices. All over the world people are experiencing noticeable health effects when being exposed to RF EMR.




Informant: Iris Atzmon


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