The Monegasque government limit exposure to electromagnetic waves

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The Monegasque government limit exposure to electromagnetic waves

MONACO - The Government of Monaco has decided to strictly limit the exposure of residents of Monaco to the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone masts, radio, television, said on Friday an official source.

By an order published in the Journal of Monaco, the government decided to impose a threshold electric field of 6 V/m for emissions antenna radio, television, walkie talkie, wireless, with a possibility to limit electric fields at 4 volts/meter, according to the place of issue for mobile phone masts.

The recommendations generally observed in Europe is 28 volts/ meter for FM radio and vary between 40 and 60 volts/meter for mobile phones, said a government statement Monaco.

"The government has inspired the most stringent regulations in this area, like Switzerland," said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Director of Electronic Communications in Monaco.

This decision by the Government of Monaco is part of a policy of environmental protection a priority in Monaco for the enthronement of Prince Albert in 2005.


- Merci de diffuser au maximum cette importante information de Santé Publique.
- Monaco réduit les valeurs d'irradiations des antennes relais de Téléphonie Mobile.
- L'ordonnance Souveraine, l'analyse, le débat au Conseil National et reportage de mesures in situ.



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