Wi Fi Parents Homeschooling Support Group

Parents pulling their kids out of schools to avoid Wi-Fi exposure and I think it would be very wise to create a support group of parents doing the same thing across Canada. If homeschooling parents who have pulled their children out to avoid Wi-Fi contact me with their e-mail addresses, I can put together a shared list with details as to locations and phone numbers. Please share this info to provide a support group for other parents who are choosing to responsibly and rightly protect their children.

Una St Clair-Moniz
Executive Director
Citizens for Safe Technology Society


It is shocking that Teachers and Administration are being threatened , and I also have reason to believe that School District Trustees are not free to speak on this issue either due to pressure. This situation needs to be investigated as it is becoming more common. This violates Canadian democratic rights and freedoms, and it is interesting how easily the teachers and admin personnel (principals and vice-principals) are controlled by these kinds of threats.

Una St.Clair-Moniz
Citizens for Safe Technology

Hi Una,

I was at your seminar on Wednesday night at xxxxxx Elementary. The next day we removed our daughter from the school and informed the vice principal that we were doing so and why. She was shocked and asked me if we had really thought it through.

Later in our conversation she admitted that the reason she and the principal had not been there was that they had received 'a very clear directive' from the board, and that 'as agents of the board, it would be inappropriate for (them) to attend as (they) had to remain neutral.' She went on to spin out the usual diatribe about Health Canada guidelines, to which I asked her at what point she would make a stand. I asked if she was waiting for a cluster of kids with brain tumours, or perhaps an eleven year old who needed her uterus removed... I ended the call very dissatisfied with her responses, but was glad that I had managed to get the information that suggests staff who question the status quo are being threatened by the school board.

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Wi-Fi safety to be tested


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Parents pull kids from schools



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