Male Breast Cancer and EMF Exposure

From: Sam Milham
Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2010
More studies on male breast cancer

On pp. 45-46 of my book Dirty Electricity, I discuss the EMF etiology of male breast cancer. Additionally, none of the workers with heavy exposure to organic solvents and degreasers have a male breast cancer excess.

Sam Milham

Male Breast Cancer and EMF Exposure

I testified in a trial for two of three men who had developed breast cancer from sitting in the same office in a county office building in Albuquerque New Mexico, where they were exposed to strong magnetic fields from a nearby electrical switchgear room (Milham 2004). A dozen previous studies had linked male breast cancers to EMF exposures, so these cases should have been a slam dunk. The plaintiff?s attorney had already won a nice settlement for one of the three men, but didn?t seem to care about the other two cases. He didn?t cross-examine the defendant?s EMF expert, and cut my testimony short to celebrate a religious holiday. Without a good attorney, an expert witness is both helpless and useless.

There are reports of an epidemic of male breast cancer (MBC) at the Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Marine base in the environmental news right now. The Marines had identified fifty-five MBC cases and thought the epidemic was caused by solvent contamination of drinking water at the base. While there are studies that link solvents with a few cancers, the more likely culprit is EMFs. There have been 15 studies linking MBC with EMF exposure. This is so unusual and so consistent that I?d consider male breast cancer a sentinel cancer for EMF exposure like mesothelioma is a sentinel for asbestos exposure. Since male and female breast cancer probably share causal relationships, study of the very rare male breast cancers may yield important clues about the etiology of the much more common female breast cancer. My 2010 letters to the Marines at their Web site, to their attorneys, and to the commandant at Camp Lejeune, have not been answered.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Four-year-old Ontario girl surviving breast cancer


This child underwent months of major medical treatment, but I doubt that anyone seriously tried to find the cause or checked the electro magnetic situation at her home, where she probably developed this illness!

Martin Weatherall


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