EMR emitted from Wii console and controller

I just finished uploading this new clip to youtube (please see below).

Please feel free to watch it,add a comment, punch on the "like" button and also to forward it.


Wii is one of the most common gaming consol in the world today. Millions of kids and adults play games on it some for hours. All of these people are exposed to RF electromagnetic radiation from the Bluetooth wireless controllers and form the console itself. There is no option on the Wii to connect the controllers using a USB wire so you must use the wireless option, and you have no option but to be exposed to the electromagnetic radiation both from the controller and from the Wii console itself. If you chose to use the build-in wireless network connection the Wii console will emit even more electromagnetic radiation. This video will show you that the Wii console and the controller both emit EMR. The video will show you that the EMR emission is constant and happens all the time the console is on.

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Informant: Iris Atzmon


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