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Lancashire is a great county. My family are from Lancashire. Lancastrians face a choice now, and it is a big one. It is passing most people by, but it will determine whether Lancashire is a successful county by the middle of this century or whether it is a sick one. The Council have a choice to install a fibre optic network to provide fast broadband, digital TV and radio to everyone, or to go wireless. The first will be harder to install and may cost more but will set the infrastructure for fast internet for decades to come. It is also safe. The latter is cheaper, but is likely to lead to seriously compromised health for the population, wildlife and future generations.

I have spent my career understanding how the brain works and what goes wrong in disease. There are now many scientific studies published that demonstrate that exposure to low powers of pulsed microwave electromagnetic fields (such as in wifi wireless internet) alters the way brains develop. Rats exposed during pregnancy have babies with damaged parts of the brain involved in learning and memory. The brains have abnormal dead cells and fewer of them. Other studies show that learning abilities and memory are compromised following exposure to wireless technologies. Behavioural problems and short attention spans in children have also been found to be associated to exposures to wireless devices. Then there is male fertility. The evidence for decreased fertility in men who use mobile phones or for exposure to mobile phone masts is now very strong. Cancer clusters are reported near to phone masts. The potential damage to nerve cells in the brain and increased risk of cancer is a concern for the elderly and increases in the numbers of people with dementia or cancer might be expected. Lancashire has a choice.

Don't do nothing, as now is the time to choose wisely. If you value the health of your young people, want bright healthy children, a fit elderly population, then choose a fibre optic infrastructure. Choose to lead the world with fast communication technologies without the risk of increased infertility, poor cognitive abilities and disease. I suspect that the communities that are leading the world in the 22nd century will not be the wireless ones. They will be the ones who listened to the science and developed safe technologies that allowed future generations to flourish. Have a safe and happy 2010.

Dr. S. Starkey

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Ford to turn new cars into moving Wi-Fi zones

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