Power line pollutants pose health risks


But what if electrical fields corral air pollution, concentrating it in a small area? Scientists have wondered whether toxins like polychlorinated biphenyls ...



RE: Power Line Pollutants Pose Health Risks...Childhood Leukemia risk NOT WEAK....


Subject: Power Line Pollutants Pose Health Risks (Discovery News link below) - Childhood Leukemia risk NOT WEAK

I posted on Facebook that evidence is weak re adults NOT children. Moulder at Univ. of Wisconsin has been a fierce adversary for a long time re EMF/EMR studies that link adverse symptoms and/or disease. The EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report (Dr. Imre Gyuk, Dept. of Energy never presented to Congress) reports conclusions re low levels of electric fields (referred to as "magnetic fields" at the time) being linked to immune deficiency and childhood Leukemia, with weaker association to adult Leukemia.

Industry and those who are paid by electric industry (other entities also), have been getting away with this "criminalistic terminology" way too long! The word "weak" to define evaluations re adults is and has been used to minimize findings re childhood Leukemia. "Weak association" applies to adult Leukemia only!

While the $46 mil EMF RAPID Study results re childhood Leukemia and immune deficiency is/was based on low level electric field exposures and not evaluations of pollutants near power lines; Prof. Denis Henshaw, Head of Human Radiation Group, Univ. of Bristol, UK, has identified aerosols/corona ions, close to and downwind from high voltage power lines years ago. http://www.electric-fields.bris.ac.uk/d_henshaw.html ..........

While it may be a very long time before issues re direct chemical exposures and sorting as to specific amounts of each may be involved, when it comes to evaluating childhood Leukemia, we would be perpetuating already long delays insofar as "Precautionary Principle" when it comes to informing the medical profession, parents, public in general, etc., if we do not start to emphasize the extremely important fact that any close electric field exposure from an electric meter, electric appliance/device, telephone equipment including cordless phones, and/or any item that has a speaker (magnet) is more likely than not, the primary trigger (extracellular and intracellular "biochemical changes") for immune changes that promote chronic inflammation that starts the precancerous process! See Prof. Henshaw's comments re melatonin. My website also has some important facts re melatonin (there are hundreds of studies): http://www.guineapigsrus.org ........

In the meantime, it is, of course, important to identify and compare levels of all chemicals in children with Leukemia and any other cancer, and applies to adults, as well as pets. However, studies re the close exposures (those that can be mitigated in some way, often by moving items esp. close to bodies and beds) are a necessity since there are very few persons that are not exposed to radio towers, power lines, cellular antennae, wireless, cell phones, etc. From my perspective -- a non-accredited EMF/EMR activist/researcher for two decades, it is my belief that close electric field exposures, particularly, bedroom exposures, quickly affect respiratory systems, especially in children, and this may be due to increased ozone close to their faces due to mechanistic action of various objects and/or devices close to head of bed(s).

While first "moving it," we also can not afford to ignore the powerful evidence re importance of sleep, the help that melatonin supplementation offers even after practicing "prudent avoidance" (due to varying signals surrounding everyone) while studying the wide variation of biochemical exposure possibilities. We do not need to create panic re distances from high voltage power lines and cellular antennae when we first must assess whether infants and pets with Leukemia -- asthma patients re infants and pets also -- have higher levels of pollutants in their blood from being in very close proximity to "moveable objects" mentioned.

"Distance" is considered when evaluating the pine trees in Sweden. I can share that our pine trees that are almost directly below two high voltage power lines look terrible! Indications of "stress" -- too many pine cones and very thin branches. But, I also report "improvement" re husband's dementia after moving his electric clock and starting him on melatonin. "Asthma" for Bud is almost never addressed now, and his inhalers sit in his dresser drawer.

Take care of our little ones - human and animal - and ourselves - Joanne C. Mueller
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ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS? Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller

Radiation Rescue by K. Crofton, Ph.D. at http://www.radiationrescue.org
The Statin Damage Crisis; Statin Drugs Side Effects; Lipitor: Thief of Memory by Dr. Duane Graveline at http://www.spacedoc.net
Radiation Research Trust at http://www.radiationresearch.org
Rewire Me eMagazine at http://www.rewire.me
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Pollutants Cluster Under Power Lines

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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