Brazilian study cancer associated with radiation from cellular antennas

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Subject: Brazilian study cancer associated with radiation from cellular antennas


Brazilian study cancer associated with radiation from cellular antennas

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by transmitting antennas cell phone is linked to the occurrence of some types of cancer, according to a study by Brazilian researchers.

The study established a direct link between cancer deaths in Belo Horizonte, the third largest city, with the antennae of the mobile telephone network, reported in Science Hoje site, the news portal of the Brazilian Society for Progress Science (Sociedad Brasileña para el Progreso de la Ciencia.)

The research was conducted by scientists at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil's southeastern state whose capital is Belo Horizonte.

The results give a warning in a country where, according to the latest data available, at least one person have a cell phone in 82 percent of the residences.

According to the engineer Adilza Condessa Dode, UFMG researcher and coordinator of the study, repeated exposure to cell phone users to electromagnetic radiation transmitted by the device and the antennas is not as safe as indicated by other research.

According to the study, more than 80 percent of people who die in Belo Horizonte by specific types of cancer live less than 500 meters away from the 300 identified cell phone antennas in the city.

According to the research, between 1996 and 2006 died in Belo Horizonte a total of 4924 victims of cancer types that may be caused by electromagnetic radiation, such as tumors in the prostate, breast, lung, kidneys and liver.

After finding on the map nearly 300 points antennas of cellular phone networks in the city, the researcher found that 80 percent of those victims lived within 500 meters away from one of these premises.

According to estimates quoted by the researcher, the level of local radiation in excess of 300 GHz antennas considered maximum under Brazilian law of 2009.

"These levels are already high and dangerous to human health. In the closer you live on an antenna, the greater the contact with the electromagnetic field," said Dode.

The researcher claims that the antennas of the devices themselves are also dangerous.

"The power emitted by the cell is continuous and exacerbated by the position of the antennas that are directed toward the user's brain," he said.

The engineer said that the legislation sets emission limits for electromagnetic radiation is not due to health criteria but to industrial, economic and technological.

Dode cited countries such as Switzerland and Italy, with more restrictive laws, and suggested that each Brazilian municipality set limits as it deems appropriate.

"This is a precaution. I think we will succeed only with social mobilization. 'Wait a change in the law," he said.

While the legislation does not guarantee the health of the population, the engineer suggested that the user just use the phones for emergency calls and that gives more preference to text messages to the talks.

Also recommended the use of cellular headset to keep the unit away from the body, and to ban the use of mobiles by children and in places such as schools and hospitals. (Xinhua)

Yes, Vogue, the fashion magazine runs a good (!) story on moblie phones and health. on page 130 Vouge July, with the picture of Marion Cotillard on the front, seems to me the american Vogue. There it is noted that Devra Davis is about to publish a book in September, called "Disconnect: The truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family". The first page of the article looks like this:


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More on the Brazilian study. The news bulletin on the University website: Following is a link to a google translation from Portuguese (spoken in Brazil) to English: link.

Hazardous radiation in Belo Horizonte/Brazil

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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