Wireless signal making you sick?


...San Francisco just passed a law requiring cell phone retailers to post how much radiation their phones gives off. And many cities are considering moratoriums on building new towers. ...


Here is a speech before the Raleigh City Council to stop the spread of damaging wireless radiation and to set a safe exposure standard for Raleigh. Fiber Optic Cable is the best solution. For more info, see [e.g.]



Cell Phones Do Harm to Brains and Eyes and Bodies Can Withstand That to a Certain Degree


Informant: Martin Weatherall


San Francisco Becomes Ground Zero in Gadget Radiation Battle



My brain injury was caused by the extreme use of a digital cell phone

It has been a very long time since I have spoken out, so I thought I would just step up on the soap box once again.

Most of you, I assume, know me or know of me. I have been suffering from the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury for over ten years now.

That brain injury was caused by the extreme use of a digital cell phone. I don't say this looking for the next law suit, I say this because I know beyond doubt it was the cell phone that caused this injury.

Now this is my bitch, I am so sick of hearing the industry and government play this issue for all it is worth.

Everyone says (ind. and gov.) we need more proof, why is this so, when there are so many individuals suffering from either injuries from cell phones or suffering from the effects of living close to cell towers.

How can this be in this day and age (I know it's the MONEY) haven't we as a society, learned enough from other disasters; tobacco, lead, asbestos.

When large groups of people become sick from something, shouldn't we at the very least, say hey people use this with caution until we know further.

My biggest bitch with all this from my point of view is, why am "I " not being clinically documented and scrutinized.

I know I am quite unique, and not many people have logged as many hours on a cell phone as I have, (I still retain all records of my time on the cell phone) and that's my argument.

I have the ability to give up tissue samples. When I first became ill and "knew" it was the cell phone, I used an ear piece. That placed the phone in a side pocket of my overalls I used to wear.

That in return, caused damage to my right thigh, nerve damage I have already documented. I am willing to give up tissue samples to further prove this fact.

I want SO BADLY for it to end. I want to know what it is like to live one day w/o pain or suffering w/o drugs.

I want to know what it is like to sleep w/o interruption, for more than a couple of hours w/o the help of drugs.

I have stopped using drugs to control the pain, or to help me sleep. I deal with it all, mainly because I don't want to mask what I am going through, and I don't want to miss anything new to report about this journey I am on.

I am not seeking fame or fortune, I just want my life back. since that can't happen, at least give me the dignity of the recognition I should be getting.

Please don't let my experience go to waste. Please accept the testimonies of all the people who have already given up their lives, as the evidence needed to prove the dangers of wireless.

That is all I have for today.Until the next time I get a bug up my @$$.

Good Day

Robert (BEAR) VanEchaute


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