International Appeal from Würzburg

Please note the prominent EMF&H development in enclosed

International Appeal from Würzburg


Members of the European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) in April 2010 addressed an urgent appeal to European environment and health ministers, - Commission, -Parliament and other organizations. Greatly concerned about the increasing prevalence of a group of chronic multisystem illnesses (environmentally related illnesses including chemical, biological and EMF-agents, with similar pathological mechanisms) they urge these groups to takes these findings serious and financially invest more in prevention, precaution and best early detection etc.

This appeal will put Chronic Multisystem Illnesses higher on the political EU-agenda as ?environmentally related illnesses?. Also a connection is made with possible EMF-triggers.

Possibly, IEMFA-relations with EUROPAEM can be intensified in future, as a follow-up.

Alex Swinkels
International EMF Alliance


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