Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick?

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"Hi this is an issue has -- I'm I'm I'm for some time and scientists for years have warned about possible harmful -- From cell phones but why highway is now surround us completely folks and with wireless Internet. And GPS and all of the rest of it that's kind of floating around here. Your whole body really everywhere you go to the experts have award for best they're calling it -- And it is bad for us what can we do about it -- better habitat than the folks at Prevention Magazine joining us now is Michael Siegel of the magazines -- deputy editor. In it welcome Michael good to have you carry this -- I call technology the cigarettes of our time. Because it because I think that you know it's both a social fraction of people picked -- yourself funny is all the time to have this sort of would prevent their addiction to cell phones and blackberries and things like that now and then there's a whole other -- you know poor health serious component. Net -- may actually be causing cancer."

"While there they're the cigarettes of our time for no reason as well because. For decades before of the surgeon general put his warning on cigarette packages. We had warnings sent cigarettes word word bat for us we all -- relatives who died. And and scientists actually refused to. To warn the public about about cigarette smoking until that. Grant epidemiological evidence was -- that showed you know hundreds of thousands of people. Died or we're we're we're sick when they could have been warned about this years before -- we're at the same place now. With wireless technologies with this electromagnetic environment. That's so thoroughly probably permeates us and what what we're saying is that we should take a look at this thing you know the evidence is not in yet but. Good reason to -- one."

"OK everybody's heard of somebody who would you know about a brain tumor amuse yourself on all the time and when you look at the study is they don't necessarily but they're not conclusive. In most cases. But a lot of studies on cell -- in particular we're done you know 1015 years ago are there are we about to get the kind of data that we need to prove this if it's true."

"While -- certainly that we looked at a lot of very interest -- studies. Every study that we looked at in which people use cell -- for ten years or longer showed an increased risk of brain cancer. That was particularly true Larry I -- particularly true if you started as a teenager supposed to adult. And that's where the real issue lies is this children using cellphones today."

"Anything about their little in other end of still developing brains -- someone next to them. And kids get cellphones younger and younger you know -- it my third grader says those so so has a cell phone. And you know but but to watch that -- kind of that movement in this country against cellphones for kids for health reasons. I you kind of -- gets a lot of opposition and you know -- cellphone companies are have to sell policies Kent fluent."

"In fact a lot of research that you -- 89% of it has been funded by cellphone industry. The -- that want to back up absolutely there's that that just enormous parallels here. What's what's really essentially. What what what's important to understand is that in Europe where cell phones have been around longer now. Countries are taking. Measures. To pull Wi-Fi out of public schools and libraries and in some cases hospitals."

"In -- to your benefit and how to protect their they're citizens stay in -- look at what -- jail. -- able to do this the talent that used to cause people problems from television transmission do they still cause the same problems or have they fixed that."

"No it's all the same thing on this technology the wireless technology. It's it's all radio waves to TV -- Radar. Radio. Cell phone's GPS walkie talkies. Your home wireless somewhere in routers everywhere it all uses the same technology it's all equally -- Philippine -- what's the number one -- Alicia did to lower there exposure they should turn off their devices when they're not using them -- simplest -- nice if you use Wi-Fi at home. Turn off when you're sleeping yes you sleep better -- put yourself on Baxter had absolutely -- in particular don't you let your child sleep with a under her pillow and they -- conflict also but laptops -- their bad stuff out I mean it's the -- bag that's really good advice for you this I think you are used wireless. I'm sorry you -- wired hair pieces. Text instead of talk hold cell phone away from you if you have to keep it on your body. Put the keypad toward your body."

"On the backside of the cell phone is that is the latter attack the radiation is it me I buy at have a feeling on offense and and it's day Gavin Grant have a lot more about it Michael -- thank you very much. ID article within this current issue of prevention magazines I like that thanks very much second attack --".

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Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick?

From Chris Doyle

TR10: Wireless Power

Physicist Marin Soljacic is working toward a world of wireless electricity.


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves


In the Magazine Comments: Is Dirty Electricity Making you Sick

"tedesco185 wrote: I worked with engineers at a major telecommunications company during the "dawn of the wireless." Concerns linking wireless and other EMF exposure to illness and cancer are well founded and were discussed and predicted two decades ago. The studies are only now beginning to catch up with the truth -- there are very significant and quantifiable risks. Brain cancer, occipital neuralgia, and various other diseases and symptoms are more than possible. 12/8/2009 10:58 PM EST"


Informant: Mark G.


Unplugged: Goodbye cables, hello energy beams


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