Is the cellular phone dangerous to children?

Informant: Martin Weatherall

Cell Tower Topic of Siting Council Public Hearing


We have so much electromagnetic frequency saturating us. Please consider the people and animals that have to live near the cell towers," Ms. Szemkus ...


Is the cellular phone dangerous to children?


In the article "Is the cellular phone dangerous to children" it is exposed that after leukemia brain tumors became the 2nd cancer in children. The article asks if it is related to the cellular. Dr. Sadezky is interviewed, saying that children are more sensitive to environmental causes and that although the causal link between adults and brain tumors is not proven there are red lights that point to suspicion for increased risk of brain tumors, acoustic neuroma and parotid glands. She tells of her visit to the US senate where "I talked on the potential damage and I called the american scientific community to join to the studies. Even if the results are not final we need to take into account that today there are more than 4 billion users including children so it is needed to take precaution steps, to reduce the use and to increase the distance between the phone from the body and ear. There are 254,000 children who use cell phones in Israel, age 12-15. The annual expense of the parents is 320 million shekels (1$ is about 4 shekels). A survey done by the industrial-commerce ministry shows that 66% of the parents are interested that Israel will make a law that limits the use of children and some of them want to limit the sales so they can save money. "Who knows, maybe the hole in the pocket will influence health" is the last sentence of the short article.


Iris Atzmon

County to "Beef Up" Wireless Antenna Rules

Board of Supervisors Direct Staff to Examine Tightening Up Telecommunications Ordinance

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Matt Kettmann (Contact)

We must become more environmentally friendly

Posted on Friday, December 04, 2009

Magnetic field exposure associated with childhood leukemia http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/News-Room/Past-News/1999/Magnetic-field-exposure-associated-with-childhood-leukemia.html

Now read how the author / scientist, Dr. Greenberg dowplays his own important findings at:


(Dr. Greenberg told Toronto Free Press that the research shows an "association" and that there is no proof that higher exposure rates cause leukemia. He said that many newspaper reports of this study and others like it lack context and fail to relate what exactly the studies show.)


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