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Continuous exposure to cellphone radiation can affect brain
Study Livemint Mobile phone radiation harmful for a cockroach s health Exposure of Periplaneta americana (adult male cockroaches) to 'electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones resulted in sharp... ...
Starmail - 17. Okt, 16:57

Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields From WiFi in Australian Schools
Please, read our most recent article by Bandara P & Johansson O, 'Letter to the Editor', Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2017, Aug. 10, 1?4, https://doi.org/10.1093/rp d/ncx108 https://academic.oup.com /rpd/article/doi/10.1093/r pd/ncx108/4080174/Letter-t o-the-Editor?guestAccessKe y=0e4576ba-eeb4-4cb5-9e78- 0e4d156fd295 Olle... ...
Starmail - 8. Nov, 17:10

Where science and big money collide
https://groups.google.com/ forum/?hl=de#!topic/omegan ews/r7Cyo8HjGa0 -------- Medical studies are almost always bogus For any study to have legitimacy, it must be replicated, yet only half of medical... ...
Starmail - 16. Mai, 08:16

Your WiFi Could Be Harming Your Health
The Alternative Daily (blog) It is a technology that utilizes radio waves to provide network connectivity. Since it was first introduced, there have been numerous studies conducted... http://www.t healternativedaily.com/cou ld-your-wifi-make-you-sick / --------... ...
Starmail - 3. Mai, 22:30

EMF-Omega-News 4. February 2017
Electrosensitivity, an Environmental illness, an Authentic Diagnosis, not a Delusional Disorder http://www.buerge rwelle.de:8080/helma/twoda y/bwnews/stories/7778/ Sc ientific misconduct, censorship and... ...
Starmail - 4. Feb, 10:12

Scientific misconduct, censorship and the Interphone study
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/2vUmpdjk8kY Mo re about the theme: http://www.buergerw elle.de:8080/helma/twoday/ bwnews/search?q=misconduct http://www.buergerwelle.d e:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews /search?q=Interphone http: //omega.twoday.net/search? q=Interphone http://www.bu ergerwelle.de:8080/helma/t woday/bwnews/search?q=Lesz czynski http://omega.twoda y.net/search?q=Leszczynski ...
Starmail - 30. Jan, 14:05

Miami s Community Newspapers ... scientific studies associate bee-colony collapse disorder in beehives due to Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Radiation (RF/EMR) and detrimental ... http://communitynewsp apers.com/kendall-gazette/ stop-cell-tower-horse-coun try-miami/ More... ...
Starmail - 29. Sep, 22:23

Government Rat Study Showing Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions Scientific American The findings, which chronicle an unprecedented number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation starting... ...
Starmail - 1. Jun, 07:49

Caution urged on substation location
Asheville Citizen-Times A similar debate now swirls around exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Some scientific studies have suggested a link between exposure to... http://www.citizen- times.com/story/opinion/co ntributors/2015/04/28/caut ion-urged-substation-locat ion/26516085/ More... ...
Starmail - 28. Apr, 21:48

Electromagnetic Fields from Mobile Phones: Health Effects on Children and Teenagers
https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/mobilfunk_ne wsletter/QUj-qaCDRE4 Are we Ignoring Potential Health Risks? Malaya *Blood samples we took (in Penang) found that there is a 1.1% increased risk... ...
Starmail - 12. Sep, 23:24

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https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/Comparing-Chromoso me-Damage-induced-by-Mobil e-Telephony-Radiation-and- a-high-Caffeine-dose-Effec t-of-Combination-and-Expos ure-Duration UMTS-Caffei ne-blood-lymphocytes-GPB https://freepage.twoday.ne t/files/UMTS-Caffeine-bloo d-lymphocytes-GPB
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