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EMF-Omega-News 9. September 2017
Glutathione affected by cumulative wireless emissions http://www.buerg erwelle.de:8080/helma/twod ay/bwnews/stories/8211/ T he Truth About Mobile Phone And Wireless Radiation http://www.buerg erwelle.de:8080/helma/twod ay/bwnews/stories/8215/ S tonebridge... ...
Starmail - 9. Sep, 09:29

Phone mast protestors celebrate victory as plans are refused
This Is Wiltshire PROTESTORS campaigning against plans to site a 15-metre high mobile phone mast near their homes in Bradford on Avon are celebrating after... http://www.thisi swiltshire.co.uk/news/1552 5252.Phone_mast_protestors _celebrate_victory_as_plan s_are_refused/ More... ...
Starmail - 9. Sep, 06:27

Town council rejects mobile phone mast plans
Wiltshire Times TOWN councillors in Bradford on Avon have voted to reject plans by developer Galliford Try to build a 15-metre tall mobile phone mast... http://www.wiltsh iretimes.co.uk/news/154652 47.Town_council_rejects_mo bile_phone_mast_plans/ Phone... ...
Starmail - 9. Sep, 06:25

EMF-Omega-News 7. March 2015
World s First Medical Study Of Smart-Meter Health Complaints http://www.buergerwelle.d e:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews /stories/6313/ What does the tinniest radio teach us? http://www.buergerwell e.de:8080/helma/twoday/bwn ews/stories/6309/ Blood.. . ...
Starmail - 7. Mär, 10:20

Protestors are camping out in caravan in a campaign against the installation of a mobile phone mast
Leicester Mercury The protestors thought they had won the battle to stop Vodafone positioning the mast there but they fear the mobile phone company is now looking... http://www.lei cestermercury.co.uk/Protes tors-camping-caravan-campa ign-installation/story-260 99072-detail/story.html More... ...
Starmail - 28. Feb, 22:34

Protesters against phone mast back on site after six years
TV News In 2009, protesters in Melton Mowbray camped out on the site in a caravan, to stop the mobile phone mast going up, and appeared to have won their... http://www.itv.c om/news/central/2015-02-25 /protesters-against-phone- mast-back-on-site-after-si x-years/ --------... ...
Starmail - 26. Feb, 22:11

Resolution On Electromagnetic Health
2012 The U.S. Health Freedom Congress Schaumburg, IL, June 14, 2012 Submitted by ElectromagneticHealth.org Whereas electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, cellular antennas, wireless devices,... ...
Starmail - 16. Jun, 16:25

Anger over Chester park phone mast plan
Chester Standard ANGRY residents have vowed to fight proposals to construct a phone mast near a popular Chester park. Mobile phone giants Vodafone and O2 are behind plans for the 18-metre high structure... ...
Starmail - 25. Apr, 22:51

EMF-Omega-News 4. June 2011
Mobile phone radiation is a possible cancer risk, says WHO http://www.buergerwelle.d e:8080/helma/twoday/bwnews /stories/2723/ Adverse health effects of exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic... ...
Starmail - 4. Jun, 09:13

Victory for phone mast protestors
Sunderland Echo Washington Central Councillor Diane Snowdon said: 'This mast was too close to houses and I did not feel that the ... http://www.sunderlandech o.com/news/local/victory_f or_phone_mast_protestors_1 _3434409 More... ...
Starmail - 2. Jun, 06:05

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