A chink of light in recognition of EHS from passive and intentional sources

Am rushing this to you as computers are about to shut down in this library. It's about the big story that broke last week on American embassy staff in Cuba sickened after sonic attack and how their experience of getting ill this way is validated medically.

Please note my entry below on what happened to me in pasadena CA back in late Nov. 1996 and how I have been struggling ever since to be believed. I suffered too from an almost identical attack that night in 1996 and by the way, the young engineer-tenant had just started that month working for one of the biggest defense contractors in the US. He is still employed by them.

Please post. I am still being harassed electronically and remote neural monitoring is a daily happening.

Imelda O'Connor. Carrigaline, Co. Cork

NOV., 1996

It--my severe EHS reactions to EMFs--started for me in earnest on the night of November 20th, 1996, in my former condo, in Pasadena, CA. I am convinced that what I experienced at 11.30 PM that night as I lay in my bed adjacent to the partitioning wall separating me from my recently installed and newly qualified young aeronautic engineer tenant was an energy weapon targeted directly at my brain/head. I was shot awake and pinned to my timber-framed futon bed while frequencies were revved through my aural tract and my head seemed to be set on fire. It felt like a burning MW oven but I couldn't move because my body was in shock, unmovable, pinned into position. When the power was turned down and off (it was a power source; I could hear the frequencies being revved up to max and levelled at me; I had been very outspoken in the immediate weeks preceding this event about military and civilian RF weapons abuse) then I was able to move my limbs and entire body and get up.

When I returned to Ireland a few weeks later (mid-December) for treatment for my now extreme EHS condition that followed this assault (I had to sleep beside running water to somehow muffle the frequencies that were being revved through my aural tract right through the night) my account of that energy weapon assault of November 20th was not believed by attending doctors. So, I was tricked into the psychiatric section of Cork University Hospital and locked up for three weeks. Of course my EHS symtpoms continued throughout but I was mocked when I tried to explain that "electric shocks were going through my head." A dreadful/appaling patient experience made even more dangerous by the attendant psychiatrists insisting I take anti-psychotic medication (Serenace) and their not bothering to inform me of its side-effects nor seek my prior consent to the medication. I finished up with dangerous side-effects and had to seek private help from a physiotherapist for my badly frozen shoulders--caused directly by the inappropriate administration of that medication.

Then in 1999 I decided to bring my own EHS circumstances and the whole issue of the proliferation of MW weapons being used to target victims out into the public and into EU Brussels committees. Got a local Irish MEP to get my accounts plus evidence to Brussels. Wrote it up on a non e-typewriter so my statements could not be picked up remotely before I could get it lodged. Just about when my file got into the right hands in Brussels (via my local MEP) I experienced very-close-to-being-killed attacks during the following nights. On the first night I was shot awake by a huge e-volt slicing through my entire brain. I thought I was going to be killed. This volt was accompanied by a distinct thud sound. Then some four hours later (c. 3.00 a.m.) I was abruptly awakened again with another lightning volt being shot through my head and this time it ran down the entire right side of my body. A hospital radiologist I approached next day for advise on how I could protect myself suggested I make a very thick turban of tinfoil/aluminium foil. And so I did and slept in this. However, it did not keep out the EMF assaults. I was assaulted with piercing acoustic frequencies for a few hours every night and my body was being charged like a battery. I'd find the crown of my head going numb when in bed and I'd wake up with my hands numb up to and sometimes above my elbows and my feet going numb as well. Then as this battering progressed over the next weeks nightly, it seemed to be aimed also at getting my heart to stop (heart attack). My heart would sway alarmingly like a pendulum of it sown volition back and forth as if a wave were levelled on/at it.

So, I know at first hand that EHS can be developed from passive or coverty targeted exposure to EMR (esp. MW/RF) energies. Tim Rifat in his book REMOTE VIEWING (1999) includes a large appendix of declassified Russian research on MW bioeffects. Well worth reading. [ https://www.google.de/search?q=+Tim+Rifat++REMOTE+VIEWING ]

Imelda O'Connor
29 Castle Hill
Carrigaline, Co.

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