The Adverse Health Effects of EMFs from Modern Technology

Attached is an excellent article that explains how and why this technology - EMR - affects us in a detrimental way and how we can protect our self from it's debilitating effects.




Initiative fordert Aufklärung: Bürger unter Hochspannung


Sie machen sich Sorgen um ihre Gesundheit und vor allem um die Gesundheit ihrer Kinder ? weil sie fürchten, das der Elektrosmog unter den hohen ...




Freies Wort

"Steht die Trasse erst und ist Gras über die Proteste gewachsen, kommen die 380 Kilovolt samt Elektrosmog auch in der Schleusinger Gemarkung an. ...



Geplante 380-KV-Freileitung löst Befürchtungen aus

Templiner Zeitung

Darin wird unter anderem auf die magnetischen Felder und den Elektrosmog unter Höchstspannungsfreileitungen hingewiesen. Dieses führe zu einer Minderung der ...



Auch die Wörther wollen klagen


... die Aussiedlerhöfe Albrecht und Arnheiter, die Kleintierzuchtanlage sowie große Teile des Wohngebiets Wörth-West vom Elektrosmog betroffen...



Mobile users signal fury as masts are shut off

Financial Times

By Amy Kazmin in New Delhi

Indian authorities have sealed off about 300 mobile phone towers in a New Delhi suburb, after ruling that a decades-long ban on ...



Delhi's mobile users signal fury as masts are cut off

Peninsula On-line

Indian authorities have sealed off about 300 mobile phone towers in a New Delhi suburb, ...



Mobile Masts Blocked In New Delhi

Telecoms News (blog)

Controversy rages in New Delhi, India, after authorities cut power to around 300 mobile phone towers, citing a decades-old rule banning commercial ...


The effects of mobile-phone electromagnetic fields on brain electrical activity: a critical analysis of the literature

Electromagn Biol Med. 2009;28(3):250-74.

Marino AA, Carrubba S.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA 71130-3932, USA. amarino@lsuhsc.edu

We analyzed the reports in which human brain electrical activity was compared between the presence and absence of radio-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from mobile phones, or between pre- and post-exposure to the EMFs. Of 55 reports, 37 claimed and 18 denied an EMF-induced effect on either the baseline electro encephalogram (EEG), or on cognitive processing of visual or auditory stimuli as reflected in changes in event-related potentials. The positive reports did not adequately consider the family-wise error rate, the presence of spike artifacts in the EEG, or the confounding role of the two different EMFs. The negative reports contained neither positive controls nor power analyses. Almost all reports were based on the incorrect assumption that the brain was in equilibrium with its surroundings. Overall, the doubt regarding the existence of reproducible mobile-phone EMFs on brain activity created by the reports appeared to legitimate the knowledge claims of the mobile-phone industry. However, it funded, partly or wholly, at least 87% of the reports. From an analysis of their cognitive framework, the common use of disclaimers, the absence of information concerning conflicts of interest, and the industry's donations to the principal EMF journal, we inferred that the doubt was manufactured by the industry. The crucial scientific question of the pathophysiology of mobile-phone EMFs as reflected in measurements of brain electrical activity remains unanswered, and essentially unaddressed.

PMID: 20001702 [PubMed - in process]


[ http://www.scribd.com/doc/25373030/Effects-of-Mobile-Phone-on-Brain-Electrical-Activity-Critical-Analysis-of-the-Literature ]

Informant: Dorothee Krien


Father loses legal battle over mobile mast


By John Aston, Press Association

The father of an autistic daughter lost a High Court battle today against a mobile phone mast being sited outside his home. ...



Father loses legal battle over mobile mast

Yorkshire Evening Post

The father of an autistic daughter lost a High Court battle today against a mobile phone mast being sited outside his home. Alan Cox, an engineer with ...



Dad loses battle against mobile phone mast

Legalbrief (subscription)

The father of an autistic daughter lost a High Court battle this week against a mobile phone mast being sited outside his home, notes a report in The ...



A baby dies: the doctor cited heavy mobile phone usage as a reason



Bürgerwelle News



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