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Electrosmog and autoimmune disease
http://link.springer.com/a rticle/10.1007%2Fs12026-01 6-8825-7 From EMR-Updates More about the theme: http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=electrosm og http://omega.twoday.net /search?q=electrosmog http ://www.buergerwelle.de:808 0/helma/twoday/bwnews/sear ch?q=autoimmune http://ome ga.twoday.net/search?q=aut oimmune http://www.buerger welle.de:8080/helma/twoday /bwnews/search?q=motor+neu rone+disease http://omega. twoday.net/search?q=motor+ neurone+disease http://www .buergerwelle.de:8080/helm a/twoday/bwnews/search?q=T revor+Marshall ...
Starmail - 8. Mai, 06:36

EMF-Omega-News 8. April 2017
Recognition of non-thermal effects by the international scientific and political community http://www.buerg erwelle.de:8080/helma/twod ay/bwnews/stories/7906/ V ery low frequency electromagnetic field exposure... ...
Starmail - 8. Apr, 10:23

Very low frequency electromagnetic field exposure linked to motor neurone disease
EurekAlert (press release) Workplace exposure to very low frequency electromagnetic fields may be linked to a doubling in risk of developing the most common form of motor... https://www.eure kalert.org/pub_releases/20 17-03/b-vlf032817.php Co uld... ...
Starmail - 30. Mrz, 06:19

A Brief Guide To TETRA Masts In The UK And Their Impact
''When a Tetra mast was switched on in Dursley in Gloucestershire people there complained of migraines, sleeplessness, nosebleeds and being ?shocked awake? up to 15 times a night. At a school in Littlehampton,... ...
Starmail - 21. Dez, 05:23

UK Trades Union Congress advises a precautionary approach to IARC 2B Carcinogens
http://www.emfacts.com/201 1/08/uk-trades-union-congr ess-advises-a-precautionar y-approach-to-iarc-2b-carc inogens/ [ http://www.tuc.org.uk/extr as/occupationalcancer.pdf ] -------- Search on for work links... ...
Starmail - 17. Mai, 08:29

Electromagnetic radiation at school riles parents
"very safe levels of electromagnetic radiation". Note the word "very". In the past we had only "safe". Now there is "very" for support. ----- Original Message ----- From: Dr Grahame Blackwell Sent:... ...
Starmail - 31. Okt, 14:12

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