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Thyroid Cancer Affected by RF Radiation
http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=bsPBUuwCfaI https:// groups.google.com/forum/#! topic/mobilfunk_newsletter /fsEymTS-448 Canadian Safety Code Six Testimonies This link https://rsc-src.ca/en/safe ty-code-6-public-consultat ion... ...
Starmail - 12. Dez, 09:44

Wi-Fi in Schools: Should We Apply the Precautionary Principle?
Wi-Fi fears swell The Barrie Examiner They are worried that electromagnetic radiation from wireless transmitters are causing a lengthy list of problems they say have been absent over the summer ... http://www.thebarriee xaminer.com/ArticleDisplay .aspx?e=2716908 -------- Response... ...
Starmail - 6. Nov, 23:08

Adverse health effects blamed on Wi-Fi in Simcoe County schools
People will say 'Why weren't we protected?': Lakehead president. Posted By Nathan Taylor Federal guidelines for the use of wireless technology are dangerously outdated and should be more in line with... ...
Starmail - 6. Nov, 23:08

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