Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

British Government Refuses to Rule Out UK Sending Drones to Bomb Yemen

Human Rights Activist in Yemen Receives Death Threat for Investigating Drone Attack

The United States? Bloody Messes in Yemen


Two suspected Qaeda militants killed in Yemen drone strike: residents

The drone aircraft fired at least one missile on a car in the al-Qatan region, completely destroying the vehicle and killing two people.

Yemen drone strike kills farmer: witnesses

A Yemeni farmer was killed in a U.S. drone strike on Wednesday in what witnesses said was an attack apparently intended for suspected Islamist militants in southeastern Yemen.

The United States' bloody messes in Yemen

U.S. killed innocent civilians in Yemen: Minister for human rights says.

U.S. kills four people in central Yemen

A U.S. drone strike hit a group of people driving a car in Yemen s central province of Marib on Thursday night, killing at least four and injuring several others, a Yemeni interior ministry official told Xinhua.

From Information Clearing House


Drones Speak for America in Yemen

James Gundun, Truthout: The Obama administration promises to investigate drone strike casualties, the possibility of being fed false intelligence and the overall launch process of targeted strikes. Meanwhile, civilians in Yemen are dying and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is garnering new recruits.


Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Without Warning, US Bombs Yemen

Drones in Yemen: 'Lack of Accountability When Strikes Go Wrong and Civilians are Killed'

Drones Bombing Over Yemen

Who Dies in Yemen Drone Strikes?

Dead at Only 24, Yemeni Anti-Drone and Pro-Democracy Activist Left Legacy of Peace and Justice

Yemeni Drones Victim to Visit Washington DC for Meetings with Congress and Activists

As Yemeni Addresses Congress, Drone Strikes Near Village

In Yemen, Terrorism Comes from Above

Murder in Yemen


U.S. kills four people in Yemen

A suspected U.S. drone killed four alleged al-Qaida members in Yemen on Tuesday, as the U.S. and British embassies evacuated staff amid reports of a threatened attack by al-Qaida that has triggered temporary shutdowns of 19 American diplomatic posts across the Muslim world.

Yemen and Me (and You)

By Thomas DiLorenzo

If the report is true, it has nothing to do with any ordinary American. None of us is in any danger whatsoever.

US kills 7 people in Yemen

The drone strike killed the militants in Shabwa province, setting two vehicles on fire, security officials said. It was the fifth strike in less than two weeks in Yemen

U.S. Kills Another 14 People In Yemen

By ICH and Agencies

Since July 27, the US has killed 34 peoplein Yemen, according to an Associated Press count provided by security officials.

The US View of Yemen as an al-Qaida Hotbed is a Travesty of the Truth

By Brian Whitaker

Yemen is a real place where people are demanding social justice and democracy. Their cause is only harmed by the US.

U.S. Kills Two More People In Yemen

At least two suspected Islamist militants were killed in a drone missile strike in Yemen's southern Shabwa province. 'The car was completely obliterated and the two men inside it were killed,' a local official said, adding the strike happened late on Monday. He gave no further details.

American drone attacks could provoke terrorism in Yemen

The Obama administration s relentless drone war gives the lie to the old saying that terrorism is a weapon of the weak: The world s most powerful military superpower practices terrorism too.

US kills 6 people in Yemen

Suspected US drone strikes killed an alledged senior Al Qaida militant and four others in Al Manaseh village in the southern province of Al Baydha, southern Yemen, a source told Gulf News.

US is Fighting in Yemen s Civil War

By Ryan Goodman

The president is waging a secret war in Yemen, and it s time for him to come clean.

Drones kill five "al-Qaeda suspects" in southern Yemen

Five suspected al Qaeda fighters have been killed by two drone strikes in Yemen s southern province of Abyan, the country's interior ministry said on Friday.

US Drone Strike Rips Yemeni Community Apart


"The smell of death was everywhere," "You couldn t tell who was who, if they were even human. It was sickening."

US Officials Admit CIA "Accidentally" Killed a Yemeni Child in a Drone Strike

Buried in a Los Angeles Times article yesterday was this remarkable government admission.

Yemeni tells White House of US drone strike that he says killed innocent kin

A Yemeni civil engineer has provided White House officials with a first-hand account of a controversial CIA drone strike last year that he says "terrorized" his small village, scattered body parts near the local mosque and mistakenly killed two members of his family, an imam who had denounced al Qaeda and a local police officer.

12 killed in US drone attack in Yemen

"A US drone hit a suspected Al-Qaeda hideout in Al-Mahfad town, Abyan province, late Saturday, killing 12 persons," the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Anadolu Agency.

Yemen: US drone strike kills 3 al-Qaida suspects

A Yemeni security official says a U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen has killed three "al-Qaida suspects". The official says Monday s strike hit the "suspects" moving vehicle in Hadramawt province and set it on fire.

US Kills 15 People In Yemen

Fifteen people on their way to a wedding in Yemen were killed in an air strike after their party was mistaken for an Al Qaida convoy, local security officials said on Thursday.

US Kills Civilians in Yemen: Witnesses

The witnesses and a tribal source said the attack was carried out by a US drone and targeted Qaifa, near the town of Radaa.

US Kills 17 people in Yemen

A drone strike on a wedding convoy in Yemen killed 17 people, mostly civilians, medical and security sources said Friday, adding grist to mounting criticism of the US drone war.

In Yemen, al Qaeda gains sympathy amid US drone strikes

"These (drone) strikes create more terrorism. In our area there was never anyone linked to al Qaeda. After the strike, everyone in the area started listening to al Qaeda types, exchanging videos on mobile phones."

Yemeni parliament in non-binding vote against drone attacks

Yemen s parliament on Sunday called for a stop to drone attacks in a symbolic vote that reflected growing public anxiety about Washington s use of the unmanned aircraft to combat al Qaeda in the impoverished country.

Yemen tribe intensifies protest against drone attacks

"If the government fails to stop American planes from bombing the people of Yemen, then it has no rule over us," tribal chief Ahmad Al Salmani said from Rada.

What If a Drone Strike Hit an American Wedding?

By Conor Friedersdorf

Can you imagine the wall-to-wall press coverage, the outrage, and the empathy for the victims that would follow if an American wedding were attacked in this fashion?

From Information Clearing House


The Perpetual Drone War in Yemen

Zaid Jilani, Moyers & Company: Obama s continuing militaristic approach in the Middle East is exploding the prospects for the sea change in US policy many hoped would come with his election.


Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

As US Drone Strikes Rise in Yemen, So Does Anger

The cleric preached in his tiny Yemeni village about the evils of al-Qaida, warning residents to stay away from the group s fighters and their hard-line ideology. The talk worried residents, who feared it would bring retaliation from the militants, and even the cleric s father wanted him to stop. But in the end it wasn t al-Qaida that killed Sheik Salem Ahmed bin Ali Jaber.

Growing Anger Over American Drones in Yemen

''Mrs. Michele Obama: Tell us can your husband sleep after so many innocent people were killed by his drones?'' read a banner held by a Yemeni activist at a recent rally to protest increasing American drone strikes in Yemen.

US kills four people in attack on Yemen

At least four people were killed and a number of others wounded in a drone strike on a vehicle carrying suspected al-Qaida members in southern Yemen, a local official said on Saturday.

US Kills Seven people in attack on Yemen

At least seven suspected al-Qaeda members, including the leader of the group, have been killed in a drone air strike in south Yemen.

US Kills 7 People In Yemen

Two drone strikes killed seven suspected al Qaeda militants on Saturday morning. The official said the seven were in two cars driving in the al-Mahfad district of Abyan Governorate in southern Yemen.

Anger at US drone war continues in Yemen

Four drone strikes in total, a few minutes apart, violently tore Salem, Walid and the three visitors to shreds. Amidst the pandemonium, villagers cowering inside the mosque ran out for safety between strikes, believing they would die inside.

U.S. Has Nothing to Say About 10-Year-Old Killed in Yemen Drone Strike

Officials refused to comment on a June 9 drone strike in Yemen that allegedly killed a 10-year-old boy. It's the first prominent allegation of a civilian death since President Obama pledged in a major speech in May ''to facilitate transparency and debate'' about the U.S. war on al Qaida-linked militants beyond Afghanistan.

'U.S. kills six people in Yemen

''A night drone strike targeted two cars of ''al-Qaeda militants'' in Wadi Dhiqa in Mahfad, killing the six people inside them," the official said.

'US kills six people in Yemen

An apparent US drone strike killed six ''suspected'' Al-Qaeda militants overnight, a Yemeni military source told AFP.

US kills another 3 people in Yemen

The official said the attack took place early Tuesday in the town of Saeed in Shabwa province and targeted a car carrying the suspected militants. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations, gave no further details.

US Kills Another 3 People In Yemen

A US drone killed four Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen yesterday, a security official said, the third such strike in five days.

From Information Clearing House


US Welcomes Yemen s President With Drone Strike on Yemen

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Yemen minister blasts drone use

A cabinet minister criticised on Tuesday the use of pilotless U.S. drones against suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen, a tactic that has outraged communities in targeted areas, and urged a move to ground operations to avoid hurting civilians.

U.S. drone kills four al Qaeda members in Yemen

Three ''suspected'' Al-Qaeda militants were killed in a US drone strike on Tuesday north of the Yemeni capital, tribal sources and witnesses said.

US drone strike in Yemen reportedly kills seven

The officials say the drone attack took place Wednesday near the town of Khawlan, some 35 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of the capital. Military officials and tribal witnesses say the car was destroyed, and burnt bodies could be seen inside the wreckage.

French, British, US warplanes and troops occupy Yemeni capital:

As the UN Security Council continues its Yemen visit after holding a closed meeting with Yemeni and GCC, Gulf Cooperation Council, officials in Sanaa, the capital, residents woke up under foreign military occupation.

US Drones in Yemen causing a 'psychological emergency', psychologist tells MPs

Dr Schaapveld said that of the 28 victims interviewed, approximately 99% had some type of traumatic disorder. The constant presence of drones means that residents are consistently re-traumatized and recovery is nigh on impossible.

U.S. kills another 5 people in Yemen

At least five suspected members of al Qaeda were killed in two separate U.S. drone strikes in a mountainous region of Yemen, just south of Sanaa, a security spokesman said.

US kills 2 people inYemen

It s the third suspected U.S. drone strike in less than a week in Yemen.

''Dirty Wars'': The Secret Story Behind Obama s Assassination of Two Americans in Yemen

By Democracy Now!

The U.S. has basically outsourced anything vaguely resembling intelligence in Yemen to a network of Saudi spies and to Saudi intelligence.

From Information Clearing House


US Resumes Trend of Drone Attacks on Yemen

Yemeni Testifies in Senate Hearing on ?Drone Wars?

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Nine killed in US airstrikes in Yemen

U.S. kills four people in Yemen

Tribal sources said a pilotless plane had attacked a car on a main road linking the capital Sanaa with Maarib. ''The strike burnt the car which was carrying four suspected al Qaeda (militants) and killed those in it,'' a source told Reuters.

Yemenis block road connecting Marib to Sana a over US drone attacks

On Saturday, at least eight people were killed in US drone attacks in Abieda valley in Marib province. Local residents said two Saudi nationals were among the dead.

From Information Clearing House


'Pedal to the Metal': Obama s Drones Surge as New Term Dawns

Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

US drone strikes kill 223 in Yemen this year

In Yemen, 223 people have been killed by 40 US drone strikes this year, up from 10 airstrikes in 2011.

From Information Clearing House

Samstag, 8. September 2012

Who Is Held to Account for Civilian Deaths by Drone in Yemen?


US dispatching more drones to Yemen

The al-Anad Air Base in southern Yemen s Lajih province had received a new fleet of US drones, accompanied by American soldiers. The source said that ''an American military plane entered Yemen over the past few days carrying unmanned drones, accompanied by US soldiers,''

US kills 5 people in Yemen

A suspected US drone strike has killed five people in two cars in which al Qaida-linked militants were travelling in southern Yemen.

US kills nine people in Yemen

Nine ''suspected'' al Qaeda militants were killed in what a local security source and residents said was a U.S. drone attack on a farmhouse outside a town in southern Yemen.

U.S. Kills 4 in Yemeni

The drone strike, the second in four days, took place in the early evening in the Hami and Al-Damashqa area 17 kilometres (11 miles) east of Maarib city, the same source said.

U.S. kills 4 people in east Yemen

Yemeni security officials say an airstrike targeting a vehicle traveling through the country s east has killed at least four suspected militants.

U.S. Above International Law: Family, neighbors of Yemeni killed by U.S. drone wonder why he wasn t taken alive

Sitting less than an hour s drive from the capital, residents here say Qadhi could have been captured easily. The Central Intelligence Agency in the United States, whose drone launched the missile that killed Qadhi, declined to comment.

Thousands of Yemenis rally in Sa'ada protest against US meddling

Yemenis hold almost weekly anti-US rallies in the northern governorate following Friday Prayers to express their anger over Washington s interference in Yemeni affairs and its deadly drone attacks in their country.

Drone kills two Qaeda militants in southern Yemen: officials

At least two alledged militants were killed on Monday in what security and local officials said was a U.S. drone strike on a suspected position of al-Qaeda-linked insurgents in southern Yemen.

5 killed in drone strikes

At least five people were killed in two drone strikes in south Yemen on Monday in what security and local officials said were attacks on suspected Al Qaida-linked insurgents.

When U.S. drones kill civilians, Yemen s government tries to conceal it

A rickety Toyota truck packed with 14 people rumbled down a desert road from the town of Radda, which al-Qaeda militants once controlled. Suddenly a missile hurtled from the sky and flipped the vehicle over. Then, a second missile struck. 11 of the passengers were dead, including a woman and her 7-year-old daughter. A 12-year-old boy also perished that day, and another man later died from his wounds.

U.S. drone strategy in Yemen is fraught with peril

Washington risks being drawn into internal conflicts and becoming increasingly despised in the Arab world s poorest nation.

US Kills 12 Civilians and Destroys a Community

By Letta Tayler

A torched woman clutched her daughter in a lifeless embrace. Four severed heads littered the pavement. ''The bodies were charred like coal.''

Two al Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen drone strike

The two men were riding a motorcycle west of the coastal town of al-Sheher when the pilotless aircraft fired at them, the official told Reuters.

Defense Ministry claims air raids killed Al-Qaeda affiliates, locals deny, say civilian deaths

Sheikh Khaled Al-Dahab, a prominent social leader in Rada a, said the three people were killed by a drone meant for Al-Qaeda members. He said the men killed are civilians and have no links to Al-Qaeda.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

US Policy in Yemen Short-Sighted and Dangerous, say Experts

Protests, Fury After US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen


US Kills 5 people in Yemen

A US drone killed five suspected Al-Qaeda militants in the Yemeni province of Shabwah on Tuesday, when two missiles pulverised the car they were travelling in, tribal sources said.

Relatives Sue Officials Over U.S. Citizens Killed in Yemen

Relatives of three American citizens killed in drone strikes in Yemen last year filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against four senior national security officials on Wednesday.

Aid groups warn of Yemen 'catastrophe'

The UN and other aid organisations are making an urgent appeal for funds to help Yemen s hunger crisis. Charities warn that the country is facing a catastrophe, with rising food prices and political crises leaving some 10 million people unable to buy food. The BBC's Natalia Antelava reports from villages around the coastal city of Houdaida.

US Kills 5 People In Yemen

An official says that a suspected US drone strike killed five ''members of al-Qaeda'' travelling in the same vehicle in Yemen.

US kills 10 ''al Qaida militants'' in Yemen

US drones killed 10 al Qaida militants, one believed to be a top bomb-maker - in separate strikes targeting moving vehicles in Yemen, officials and the country s state-run agency said today.

America s Dangerous Game

Video report

This film reveals the full scale of Washington s covert war in Yemen and asks: Is the US creating more enemies than it can capture or kill?

US kills 5 people in Yemen

A US drone attack killed at least four suspected militants in a car in a remote province of Yemen, a security official said.

US Kills 8 People In Yemen

Eight people were killed by a U.S. drone strike in a remote part of Hadramout, a Yemeni official said, the third such strike in the eastern Yemeni province this week.

U.S. kills 13 in Yemen

An airstrike carried out by a U.S. drone killed 13 civilians, including three women, the Yemen Post and Xinhua reported Sunday.

Yemenis protest botched US drone strikes

Hundreds of Yemenis including youth activists on Monday rallied in the southeastern province of Hadramout against US drone strikes in the country, demanding the government take actions to halt the killing of civilians in botched air raids, witnesses told Xinhua.

Drone kills another 5 people in Yemen

A strike by an unmanned drone killed five ''suspected'' members of Al-Qaeda in eastern Yemen on Wednesday, a security official said.

Yemen: US Kills 29 People

Not even the slaying of 10 civilians over the weekend seems to have slowed the pace in the United States' secretive, undeclared war.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

The US Is at War in Yemen, Too

By Noah Shachtman and Spencer Ackerman

The latest drone attack happened early Wednesday in the Yemeni town of Azzan, killing nine people. It s the 23rd strike in Yemen so far this year, according to the Long War Journal. In Pakistan, there have been only 22.

Widespread anti-American sentiment

By Joe Wolverton II

''We see little evidence that these actions are generating widespread anti-American sentiment or recruits for AQAP'', White House's top counterterrorism advisor.

US Kills Eight People in Yemen

The victims were in a car on the road between Qatan and Khashgha when missiles fired from a US drone hit their vehicle on Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Are the drones working in Yemen?

Yemen suicide attack may have also blown a hole in US counter-terrorism strategy.

On the brink of hunger catastrophe aid agencies warn

Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophic food crisis, seven aid agencies said today (23 May 2012) with 10 million people - 44 percent of the population - without enough food to eat. The aid agencies warned that malnutrition rates recorded by the UN in some parts of the country were alarming, with one in three children severely malnourished.

U.S. kills 5 people in Yemen

A U.S. drone strike Monday aiming for an al Qaeda leader has killed five militants in the country s south as part of a Yemeni offensive against the Islamist group, Yemeni officials said.

US wades deeper into counterterrorism fight in Yemen and East Africa

A congressionally approved $75 million cash influx for American-led counterterrorism operations in Yemen and East Africa is the latest sign of a quietly escalating war against ''terrorist factions'' in the region.

U.S. kills 11 in south Yemen

Residents said the men, who were thought to have included some foreigners, were inside a house in the town of al-Mahfad in Abyan province in south Yemen.

As violence rises, US and allies ''pulled'' into Yemen

U.S. policymakers might talk down ''boots on the ground'' in Yemen but with an estimated several hundred military advisers already deployed, Washington and its allies are already being drawn ever deeper into the country.

Starving and broke: Yemen

Wracked by internal strife, Yemen is on the edge of collapse while US meddling isn t helping,

U.S. drone ''targets'' in Yemen raise questions

A growing number of attacks have been aimed at lower-level figures who are suspected of having links to terrorism operatives but are seen mainly as leaders of factions focused on gaining territory in Yemen s internal struggle.

US attack kills 9 in Yemen

A US assassination drone attack on a house and a car in Yemen s southeastern Shabwa Province has claimed the lives of at least nine people, tribal sources say.

From Information Clearing House

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