US Policy in Yemen Short-Sighted and Dangerous, say Experts

Protests, Fury After US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen


US Kills 5 people in Yemen

A US drone killed five suspected Al-Qaeda militants in the Yemeni province of Shabwah on Tuesday, when two missiles pulverised the car they were travelling in, tribal sources said.

Relatives Sue Officials Over U.S. Citizens Killed in Yemen

Relatives of three American citizens killed in drone strikes in Yemen last year filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against four senior national security officials on Wednesday.

Aid groups warn of Yemen 'catastrophe'

The UN and other aid organisations are making an urgent appeal for funds to help Yemen s hunger crisis. Charities warn that the country is facing a catastrophe, with rising food prices and political crises leaving some 10 million people unable to buy food. The BBC's Natalia Antelava reports from villages around the coastal city of Houdaida.

US Kills 5 People In Yemen

An official says that a suspected US drone strike killed five ''members of al-Qaeda'' travelling in the same vehicle in Yemen.

US kills 10 ''al Qaida militants'' in Yemen

US drones killed 10 al Qaida militants, one believed to be a top bomb-maker - in separate strikes targeting moving vehicles in Yemen, officials and the country s state-run agency said today.

America s Dangerous Game

Video report

This film reveals the full scale of Washington s covert war in Yemen and asks: Is the US creating more enemies than it can capture or kill?

US kills 5 people in Yemen

A US drone attack killed at least four suspected militants in a car in a remote province of Yemen, a security official said.

US Kills 8 People In Yemen

Eight people were killed by a U.S. drone strike in a remote part of Hadramout, a Yemeni official said, the third such strike in the eastern Yemeni province this week.

U.S. kills 13 in Yemen

An airstrike carried out by a U.S. drone killed 13 civilians, including three women, the Yemen Post and Xinhua reported Sunday.

Yemenis protest botched US drone strikes

Hundreds of Yemenis including youth activists on Monday rallied in the southeastern province of Hadramout against US drone strikes in the country, demanding the government take actions to halt the killing of civilians in botched air raids, witnesses told Xinhua.

Drone kills another 5 people in Yemen

A strike by an unmanned drone killed five ''suspected'' members of Al-Qaeda in eastern Yemen on Wednesday, a security official said.

Yemen: US Kills 29 People

Not even the slaying of 10 civilians over the weekend seems to have slowed the pace in the United States' secretive, undeclared war.

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