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US debt six times greater than declared

The United States has accumulated over $70 trillion in unreported debt, an amount nearly six times the declared figure, according to a new study by University of California-San Diego economics Professor James Hamilton.

California economist says real US debt $70 trillion

The federal government has been low-balling the public for years on how much debt it actually has, a University of California, San Diego economics professor says, adding that the real amount is $70 trillion, not $16.9 trillion.

From Information Clearing House

The NSA is giving your phone records to the DEA. And the DEA is covering it up

A day after we learned of a draining turf battle between the NSA and other law enforcement agencies over bulk surveillance data, it now appears that those same agencies are working together to cover up when those data get shared.

The Public-Private Surveillance Partnership

Imagine the government passed a law requiring all citizens to carry a tracking device. Such a law would immediately be found unconstitutional. Yet we all carry mobile phones.

From Information Clearing House


I Only Regret That I Have But One Life to Give for My Country: Yours

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: Those who run the new surveillance state have not the slightest hesitation about sacrificing Americans on the altar of their plans.

You Are, In Fact, Being Watched

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: 'The national security apparatus is, in fact, being deployed against American citizens, and for the specific purpose of putting American citizens in prison.'


We cannot lose this fight: Defeat the NSA
by Justin Raimondo


The Snowden revelations have confirmed that, if anything, the warnings by libertarians and others radically understated the problem and the imminence of the danger to the Constitution. For our warnings were nearly always expressed in the future tense, as a dire possibility should present trends continue. The exposure of the NSA s vast spying apparatus, constructed, 'legalized,' and maintained in secret by the US government, has shown that the danger is now...

Give it power and government will abuse it

by Bruce McQuain


Seems odd, to me, that we have to point this out every now and then. The naive trust some people have in government always perplexes me. It speaks to an ignorance of both human nature and history that is simply profound. Our latest example? Well, right here from the good old US of A, land of the free, home of the brave...and the DEA...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Without Warning, US Bombs Yemen

Drones in Yemen: 'Lack of Accountability When Strikes Go Wrong and Civilians are Killed'

Drones Bombing Over Yemen

Who Dies in Yemen Drone Strikes?

Dead at Only 24, Yemeni Anti-Drone and Pro-Democracy Activist Left Legacy of Peace and Justice

Yemeni Drones Victim to Visit Washington DC for Meetings with Congress and Activists

As Yemeni Addresses Congress, Drone Strikes Near Village

In Yemen, Terrorism Comes from Above

Murder in Yemen


U.S. kills four people in Yemen

A suspected U.S. drone killed four alleged al-Qaida members in Yemen on Tuesday, as the U.S. and British embassies evacuated staff amid reports of a threatened attack by al-Qaida that has triggered temporary shutdowns of 19 American diplomatic posts across the Muslim world.

Yemen and Me (and You)

By Thomas DiLorenzo

If the report is true, it has nothing to do with any ordinary American. None of us is in any danger whatsoever.

US kills 7 people in Yemen

The drone strike killed the militants in Shabwa province, setting two vehicles on fire, security officials said. It was the fifth strike in less than two weeks in Yemen

U.S. Kills Another 14 People In Yemen

By ICH and Agencies

Since July 27, the US has killed 34 peoplein Yemen, according to an Associated Press count provided by security officials.

The US View of Yemen as an al-Qaida Hotbed is a Travesty of the Truth

By Brian Whitaker

Yemen is a real place where people are demanding social justice and democracy. Their cause is only harmed by the US.

U.S. Kills Two More People In Yemen

At least two suspected Islamist militants were killed in a drone missile strike in Yemen's southern Shabwa province. 'The car was completely obliterated and the two men inside it were killed,' a local official said, adding the strike happened late on Monday. He gave no further details.

American drone attacks could provoke terrorism in Yemen

The Obama administration s relentless drone war gives the lie to the old saying that terrorism is a weapon of the weak: The world s most powerful military superpower practices terrorism too.

US kills 6 people in Yemen

Suspected US drone strikes killed an alledged senior Al Qaida militant and four others in Al Manaseh village in the southern province of Al Baydha, southern Yemen, a source told Gulf News.

US is Fighting in Yemen s Civil War

By Ryan Goodman

The president is waging a secret war in Yemen, and it s time for him to come clean.

Drones kill five "al-Qaeda suspects" in southern Yemen

Five suspected al Qaeda fighters have been killed by two drone strikes in Yemen s southern province of Abyan, the country's interior ministry said on Friday.

US Drone Strike Rips Yemeni Community Apart


"The smell of death was everywhere," "You couldn t tell who was who, if they were even human. It was sickening."

US Officials Admit CIA "Accidentally" Killed a Yemeni Child in a Drone Strike

Buried in a Los Angeles Times article yesterday was this remarkable government admission.

Yemeni tells White House of US drone strike that he says killed innocent kin

A Yemeni civil engineer has provided White House officials with a first-hand account of a controversial CIA drone strike last year that he says "terrorized" his small village, scattered body parts near the local mosque and mistakenly killed two members of his family, an imam who had denounced al Qaeda and a local police officer.

12 killed in US drone attack in Yemen

"A US drone hit a suspected Al-Qaeda hideout in Al-Mahfad town, Abyan province, late Saturday, killing 12 persons," the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Anadolu Agency.

Yemen: US drone strike kills 3 al-Qaida suspects

A Yemeni security official says a U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen has killed three "al-Qaida suspects". The official says Monday s strike hit the "suspects" moving vehicle in Hadramawt province and set it on fire.

US Kills 15 People In Yemen

Fifteen people on their way to a wedding in Yemen were killed in an air strike after their party was mistaken for an Al Qaida convoy, local security officials said on Thursday.

US Kills Civilians in Yemen: Witnesses

The witnesses and a tribal source said the attack was carried out by a US drone and targeted Qaifa, near the town of Radaa.

US Kills 17 people in Yemen

A drone strike on a wedding convoy in Yemen killed 17 people, mostly civilians, medical and security sources said Friday, adding grist to mounting criticism of the US drone war.

In Yemen, al Qaeda gains sympathy amid US drone strikes

"These (drone) strikes create more terrorism. In our area there was never anyone linked to al Qaeda. After the strike, everyone in the area started listening to al Qaeda types, exchanging videos on mobile phones."

Yemeni parliament in non-binding vote against drone attacks

Yemen s parliament on Sunday called for a stop to drone attacks in a symbolic vote that reflected growing public anxiety about Washington s use of the unmanned aircraft to combat al Qaeda in the impoverished country.

Yemen tribe intensifies protest against drone attacks

"If the government fails to stop American planes from bombing the people of Yemen, then it has no rule over us," tribal chief Ahmad Al Salmani said from Rada.

What If a Drone Strike Hit an American Wedding?

By Conor Friedersdorf

Can you imagine the wall-to-wall press coverage, the outrage, and the empathy for the victims that would follow if an American wedding were attacked in this fashion?

From Information Clearing House


The Perpetual Drone War in Yemen

Zaid Jilani, Moyers & Company: Obama s continuing militaristic approach in the Middle East is exploding the prospects for the sea change in US policy many hoped would come with his election.


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