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The Americanization of the World


The Americanization of the World


"You are free to do as we tell you"

Domestic Spying Is Dangerous to Freedom

Global terror alert inconsistent with U.S. portrayal of weakened al Qaida

The Obama administration s sweeping response to an alleged al Qaida plot, closing diplomatic posts in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, suggests a terrorist organization that s capable of striking virtually anywhere, not the one U.S. officials have depicted as a group that s near defeat.

McClatchy Editor Defends Publishing Al Qaeda Detail CNN, NY Times Held Back

The McClatchy report helped clarify why the U.S. government was taking such extreme caution overseas and included information about the much-discussed terror threat that at least two news organizations, CNN and the New York Times, held back at the government s request.

More revelations on German spy agency sharing phone, email data with NSA

Germany s BND intelligence service sends 'massive amounts' of intercepts to the NSA daily, according to a report based on Edward Snowden s leaks. It suggests a tight relationship has been developed between the two agencies, which the BND claims is legal.

The Real Reason for Obama s Terrorist Scaremongering: He s Losing The 'War on Terror'

By Chris Nineham

The leaders of the War on Terror are capable of terrible deceptions, but it is the savage opportunism of their policies that is most frightening.

The Real Story Behind the War on Terror

By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

U.S. foreign policy since September 11, 2001 has been purposefully crafted to create threats where there were none and then use the ostensible danger posed by those threats as the justification for the abandonment of the Bill of Rights and the corresponding expansion of the surveillance state.

From Information Clearing House


How Goes the Global War on Terror?


Obama seems unable to limit the counter-productive US war on terror
by Ivan Eland


A true cynic would question the timing of Middle East-wide U.S. embassy closings and a barrage of drone attacks in Yemen when the Obama administration is defending its intrusive spying on Americans after exposure by an intelligence agency contractor. Although in May, President Obama told us that he would wind down the war against Al Qaeda and its affiliates, perhaps his newly 'outed' unconstitutional domestic spying programs required a threat refresher to justify them. Yet one doesn t even have to be that cynical to question Obama s recently reinvigorated war on terrorism...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

2012 gehört zu den zehn wärmsten Sommern

Die NOAA legt ihren Check-up fürs globale Klima vor, in dem viel von Rekordwerten die Rede ist.


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