Samstag, 10. September 2011

Business as Usual Is Destroying America

Evaggelos Vallianatos, Truthout: 'Clearly, environmental protection was never a luxury to be weakened or taken away so that industry can go on making profits at the expense of human health and the undermining of life on earth. Yet, the political unanimity in business as usual is remarkable: money from the industries in question pollutes scientists at our universities and our politicians and presidents, both Republican and Democratic. The transition from the Republican George W. Bush to the Democrat Barack Obama brought some cosmetic changes to environmental protection, but the essentials of protecting business rather than human health and the natural world remain in place.'

GOP Reps. Dismiss Tax Cut for Working Americans in Favor of Giveaways to Corporations

Alex Seitz-Wald, ThinkProgress: 'Despite their professed devotion to tax cuts, a surprising number of Republican lawmakers are less than thrilled with President Obama s proposed extension of temporary cuts to the payroll tax as part of his jobs package unveiled last night. While the tax holiday for middle- and working-class Americans is one of the most effective ways to stimulate the economy via tax policy, these conservative lawmakers prefer tax breaks go to those who need them least: corporations and the wealthy.'


The Legacy of 9/11 and the War on Intellectuals

Stephen Zunes, Truthout: 'My argument was that the more the United States has militarized the region, the less secure the American people had become. I noted how all the sophisticated weaponry, brave fighting men and women, and brilliant military leadership the United States possessed would do little good if there were hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East and beyond who hated us. Even though only a small percentage of the population supports Osama bin Laden s methods, I argued, there would still be enough people to maintain dangerous terrorist networks as long as his grievances resonated with large numbers of people.'

Bird-Dogging Torturers in NYC

Ray McGovern, Truthout: 'As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 nears, many ex-Bush administration officials who approved torture in the 'war on terror' and botched the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are back in the spotlight taking bows from appreciative audiences in tightly controlled settings.... What became gradually and reassuringly clear is that New York continues to be a tale of two cities. And those whom my grandmother used to call 'the swells' remain a loud but increasingly transparent minority.'

Relics, Artifacts and Memories: A Year Spent With World Trade Center Steel

Amanda Lin Costa, Truthout: 'I didn?t set off to become an expert in World Trade Center (WTC) steel but recently it occurred to me I was becoming one. The thought first dawned on me about a month ago, after I spent the day filming at The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) as part of a documentary I have been working on about WTC steel... It was fascinating to see the meticulous samples nestled in shallow drawers that reminded me, ironically, of the flat files used by architects to store the blueprints used to build monumental structures. These drawers contained the clues to the collapse of the world s most famous buildings.'

Education: Our True Homeland Security

William J. Astore, Truthout: 'How about redefining education as our true Homeland Security? A security based not on military power or intrusive surveillance but on creativity and critical thinking and informed citizenship? How about stimulating and facilitating a lifelong pursuit of fresh ideas and innovative solutions to national and global challenges? There are, of course, sound and practical reasons for such a pursuit, such as maintaining our economic competitiveness. But learning how to learn is also a critical way to arm ourselves against propaganda and manipulation, a way to build one's very own BS detector, if you will.'


Imperial Hubris of the War on Terror

Video and Transcript

Michael Scheuer headed the CIA s Osama bin Laden tracking unit and now argues the 'war on terror' has actually made Al Qaeda bigger and done nothing to address the reasons for terrorism.

9/11 and the Decline of Brand America

By Reza Pankhurst

Ten years after 9/11, the unipolar age of the American hyper-power is over; US-style Capitalism and its professed free-market ideology which has been exposed as a myth.

911 Experts Speak Out


Are All Of These Architects and Engineers Wrong?

Bush Credits 'The Work That Was Done' During 'My Presidency' For Osama Bin Laden s Death

The reality, of course, is that Bush s attempts to capture or kill bin Laden were huge failures.

War 'on' terror, or 'for' terror?:

The scenes of horror that unfolded on 9/11 sparked a response that would become the 'War on Terror'. But experts believe we are now in a much more dangerous world than we were 10 years ago.

Taliban 'Offered Bin Laden Trial Before 9/11'

By Mujib Mashal

Former minister says group was prepared to see bin Laden put on trial prior to 9/11, but US was not interested.

Al-Qa'ida, and the Myth Behind the War on Terrorism

By Patrick Cockburn

The atrocities against America created the image of Osama bin Laden as the leader of a global jihad upon the West. It was a fantasy that governments willingly, and disastrously, helped to perpetuate.



An moment of relief from the pity fest and rampant propaganda poising our minds and air waves today September 11, 2011.

Inside the Surveillance State

How Peaceful Activists Get Swept Up onto 'Terrorist' Watch Lists

From Information Clearing House


Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Sound Evidence for WTC 7 Explosions

The Flying Bin Ladens


Massive online archive of 3,000 hours of 9/11 TV reportage


Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

Cato Institute
by David Rittgers


George W. Bush was right before he was wrong. Mr. Bush initially opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, but he bowed to political pressure and formed a new bureaucracy and increased domestic-security funds. Ten years after Sept. 11, it s time to rethink the very existence of that department because the additional layers of government and wasteful spending do not provide enough security to justify its existence...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hartz IV: Regierung verteidigt Kürzungen bei Behinderten

Während der Sozialverband Deutschland (SoVD) und der Sozialverband VdK ein sofortiges Ende der Benachteiligung von behinderten Menschen anlässlich einer Veröffentlichung eines Gutachtens der Hans Böckler Stiftung zur Neuregelung der Hartz IV Regelbedarfe bei Arbeitslosengeld II und Sozialhilfe fordert, verteidigte die Bundesregierung in einer Antwort auf die Frage der Bundestagsabgeordneten Katja Kipping die Kürzungen von behinderten Menschen um monatlich 73 Euro, wenn Erwachsene bei ihren Eltern leben. Denn statt des vollen bei Hartz IV üblichen Regelsatzes von 364 Euro, erhalten Behinderte lediglich 291 Euro monatlich, wenn sie das 25. Lebensjahr überschritten haben und mit anderen Erwachsenen in einem Haushalt leben. Weiter lesen:

Der Anteil der Stromkosten in den Regelleistungen reicht nicht aus

Bei den Stromkosten findet eine massive Unterdeckung statt. Die Folge: Hartz IV Bezieher müssen mehr für Energiekosten ausgeben, als in den Regelleistungen vorgesehen sind. Das ergab eine repräsentative Studie der Gemeinnützigen Gesellschaft für Verbraucher und Sozialberatung (GVS). Die Gefahr durch der Verschuldung ist aufgrund der Unterdeckung der Stromkosten besonders hoch, wie der Bund der Energiekunden mahnte. Weiter lesen:

Hartz IV und das angebliche Jobwunder in Deutschland

Nirgends in Europa müssen so viele Menschen im Niedriglohnsektor arbeiten. Da hilft es auch nichts zu beschönigen, indem die Bundesregierung fortlaufend wiederholt, 'Deutschland habe ein Jobwunder'. Die Frage ist nur zu welchem Preis? Nach Berechnungen des Instituts Arbeit und Qualifikation, des Statistischen Bundesamtes sowie der Bundesagentur für Arbeit arbeiten derzeit rund 2,1 Millionen Menschen in Jobs, wo sie weniger als 6 Euro brutto in der Stunde verdienen. Die Hälfte der Geringverdiener arbeiten für 5 Euro je Stunde. 70 Prozent der Betroffenen haben eine Ausbildung oder Studium absolviert... Weiter lesen:

DGB Studie: Die Hartz IV Regelsätze widersprechen den Vorgaben des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes

Zwei wissenschaftliche Studien im Auftrag des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes (DGB) haben ermittelt, dass die (Neu-) Berechnungen der Hartz IV Regelsätze einer Prüfung vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht nicht standhalten würden. Die Studienautoren verweisen darauf, dass die Gesetzgebungen nicht den ursprünglichen Vorgaben des obersten Verfassungsgerichts in Karlsruhe von Februar 2010 entsprechen. Weiter lesen:


Bescheid als Erpressung der Hartz IV-Bezieher und einen Freifahrtschein für Jobcenterür+Arbeit

An Unending Crisis: America in the 21st Century

Cary Fraser, Truthout: 'For more than four decades, the American political system has been defined by a growing gap between the electorate and the presidency as a symbol of good governance and political legitimacy. It would appear that the serial crises affecting presidents since 1968 have served to entrench a 'credibility' gap within American politics. That gap is now a bellwether of the American political system and it is an indicator of the political polarization that has overtaken the American political system. The fissures in American politics have been provoked by and contributed to, the escalating conflicts among the three branches of government - the legislature, the judiciary and the executive - and internecine war within the two major political parties.'

Cost of civilian 'surge' in Afghanistan: $1.7 billion

A 'surge' of U.S. civilian officials into Afghanistan has cost about $1.7 billion since 2009, and is likely to get a lot more expensive soon, according to a new audit.

10 More years: On the Afghan 'frontline', U.S. soldiers see longer war ahead

U.S. soldiers deployed on the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan say the war isn t going away for another ten years, even after Washington pulls troops from a country locked in a deadly Islamist insurgency.

From Information Clearing House


A Few Important Causes Of The Decline Of The USA

By Rodrigue Tremblay

More countries are destroyed by their own politicians than by foreign armies.

World Entering 'Dangerous New Phase': IMF

By Catherine Boyle

'The world is collectively suffering from a crisis of confidence, in the face of a deteriorating economic outlook and rising concerns about the health of sovereigns and banks.'

October Will Be Month of the Big Unraveling

Dirty Word: Debt

Tony Blair Calls for Regime Change in Iran and Syria

By Nicholas Watt

Former prime minister warns that Middle East would be 'very, very badly destabilised 'if' Iran acquired nuclear weapons.

How UK put Libyan dissidents under house arrest at Gaddafi s behest following Blair's 'deal in the desert'

Top-secret documents discovered abandoned in ambassador s residence by the Mail on Sunday reveal Blair government s double-dealing.

British firms clamor to get a foot in the door in Libya:

Lord David Trefgarne, chairman of the LBBC, said members of his organization are keen to join him on an upcoming reconnaissance trip to the Libyan capital later this month, even with the UK s Foreign Office advising against all travel to Libya.

Tony Blair s six secret visits to Col Gaddafi

Tony Blair s close relationship to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has come under fresh scrutiny after it emerged he had six private meetings with the dictator in the three years after he left Downing Street.

From Information Clearing House


Obama Jobs Plan Tax Cuts Threaten Social Security

Obama is Coming to Cut Medicare

The Poor: Still Here, Still Poor


15 Examples of How 'The Little Guy' Is Getting Absolutely Killed in America Today


Imperial Delusions: Ignoring the Lessons of 9/11

9/11 and the Decade of War That Followed

9/11: Al Qaeda Succeeded in Ending the American Century

On Afghan Frontline, US Soldiers See 10 More Years of War

Major Media: Whistling Past the Wreckage of Civil Liberties


Ten Years Later: We are Still Paying the Price


Libya Made Safe For Plutocracy

By Harry Goslin

Nothing causes so much fear among the elite as the prospect of a nation controlled by its people.

Libya, Propaganda and Imperialism

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

One wonders whether the sickening and slobbering piles of lard sitting at home on their sofas with their newly acquired plasma TV screens are nodding obediently, snorting and cooing and saying 'Cor!'

9/11 Experts Speak Out

Video '9/11'

Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out

Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota

FBI found ties between hijackers and Saudis in Sarasota but never revealed the findings.

A Massive and Unchecked Surveillance Society: ACLU Report

Concluding with the massive expansion of surveillance since 9/11, the report delves into the many ways the government now spies on Americans without any suspicion of wrongdoing, from warrantless wiretapping to cell phone location tracking - but with little to show for it.

From Information Clearing House


September 11 Lessons: Combating Ignorance, Avoiding Arrogance

Robert Jensen, Truthout: 'On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it is tempting to want to linger on the part about 'being right,' but it's more important to focus on why ''it didn t matter' because we are still right, and it still doesn t matter. Understanding this is necessary to shape a realistic political program for the next decade - as bad as the past ten years have been, the next ten are likely to be worse, and we need to speak bluntly about these political/economic/social realities in the United States.'

Ten Years Later: Will We Ever Hold Torturers Accountable?

Stephen F. Rohde, Truthout: 'The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is a fitting opportunity to ask the urgent question: What has the US government done to human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law in the name of fighting terrorism?... In a revealing new book, 'The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration and Abuse,' Marjorie Cohn, law professor and president of the National Lawyers Guild, has collected 14 incisive and comprehensive essays which, taken together, serve as a detailed indictment of the Bush administration for its acts of commission and the Obama administration for its acts of omission.'

Gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung in jeder Form

'Freiheit statt Angst': ein Demonstrationsbündnis mobilisiert für einen besseren Datenschutz.

Die SPD und die Vorratsdatenspeicherung - zurück zu den Wurzeln

Zwischenzeitlich gab es vereinzelte Hoffnung, dass die SPD, die dereinst für die Etablierung der VDS verantwortlich zeichnete, dazugelernt hätte. Doch diese Hoffnung war trügerisch, wie sich zeigt.


Mitmachen! Petition für Datenschutz als Voreinstellung

'Datenschutzfreundliche Voreinstellungen bei Hard- und Software sind seit langem eine der zentralen Forderungen des FoeBuD. Denn 'Standardeinstellungen sind Politik!' (Rena Tangens) Deshalb freuen wir uns über die Initiative des Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e.V. (vzbv) und unterstützen diese Petition. Wir möchten damit möglichst viele Menschen als Mitunterzeichner/innen gewinnen. Wir wollen mindestens 50.000 Unterzeichner sammeln, damit es eine öffentliche Anhörung im Bundestag mit Rederecht für den Petenten Gerd Billen vom vzbv gibt. Sie können die Petition hier oder beim vzbv unterzeichnen. Die Unterschriften werden gemeinsam eingereicht. Die Petition läuft bis zum 4. Dezember 2011. Zeichnen Sie mit!...' Siehe dazu die Sonderseite des FoeBuD mit der Möglichkeit die Petition zu unterschreiben

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Oktober 2011


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