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A Year Before 9/11, Intelligence Unit Determined World Trade Center, Pentagon 'Most Likely Buildings to Be Attacked'

Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold, Truthout: 'The 'intelligence failures' leading up to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are an issue the media - and lawmakers - put to bed years ago, despite the fact that new information continues to trickle out, undercutting the integrity of the official investigations into who knew what and when. It was an exclusive story Truthout published May 23 in the wake of Bin Laden s death, focusing on a little-known intelligence unit ordered to stop tracking his movements prior to 9/11, that led Iron Man to contact Truthout to share previously undisclosed documents he recently obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which appear to cast further doubt on the official narrative and suggests high-level military and intelligence officials withheld key evidence from Congressional lawmakers probing the attacks.'

9/11 and the Manufacture of Consent

Jean-Claude Paye, l'Humanite: 'If, traditionally, war is a hallmark of sovereignty, so it is with war on terror, but in this case it is not an act of sovereignty abroad only, but also at home, to control populations. It is both an aggressive act and a police operation, an action against 'rogue States', with the possibility of criminalizing social movements. Indeed, statutes (written laws) make it possible to prosecute any act the objective of which is to influence governmental policy or to exert pressure on an international organization.'


September 11th, 2011

There is not much more that needs to be said today. We all know how we felt on that day, and we all know what we've lost in this past decade. I said what I had to say about 9/11 seven years ago -- and thanks to some kind stranger who has posted it for free on YouTube, I'd like to share it with you again today:

Let s make the next decade one of peace.

Michael Moore

P.S. I'd also like to share this essay from former NY Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges. It is blunt and honest and worthy of reflection.


Pentagon Opened the Doors to the 9/11 Attack


9/11, the Damage of the Aftermath and the Brightness Ahead

Next-up News Nr 1802

- Jugement: L'Électro Hyper Sensibilité devient pour la première fois une nouvelle cause d'invalidé permanente en Espagne.

Superdrohnen entscheiden die Kriege der Zukunft

Trugbild Gebäudesanierung

Interessenverbände hebeln Gesetze zu Energiestandards aus.äudesanierung

Meereisflächen in der Arktis so klein wie nie

Alarmierende Meldungen aus der Arktis: Die Ausdehnung des arktischen Meereises hat am 08.09.11 mit 4,24 Millionen km² ein neues historisches Rekordminimum erreicht.

Arktis bald eisfrei?

Die Arktis bereitet den Klimaforschern besondere Sorge. Sie gilt als der deutlichste Indikator für den Klimawandel.

Arktis: Das Eis gibt den Weg frei

Die Meereis-Ausdehnung der Arktis ist in diesem Sommer rekordverdächtig weit zurückgegangen, sodass sowohl die Nordost-Passage als auch die Nordwest-Passage befahren werden können.


Arktisches Meereis: Neues Rekordminus erreicht

Der Eisschwund auf dem Polarmeer setzt sich fort. Bereits ein bis zwei Wochen vor Ende der Schmelzsaison wurde erneut ein Minusrekord der Eisbedeckung aufgestellt.


British Guantanamo inmate on hunger strike

Shaker Aamer has been held at the US-run prison in Cuba for almost 10 years despite being cleared for release in 2007 when the administration of then-US president George W. Bush acknowledged it had no evidence against him.

Americans say tortured by US, some courts listen

Five cases making their way through federal courts across the country are using Bivens Actions to seek damages from government officials over allegations of abuses in the war on terrorism.

Guantanamo inmate Shaker Aamer to sue UK for defamation

The detainee is into his 11th year of detention at Guantanamo, even though he has been cleared for release.

From Information Clearing House

Somalia denies CIA rendition base in Mogadishu

UK rights group Reprieve says it has evidence that the base lies underneath the presidential compound, and that some inmates are as young as 14.

New American Ally in Somalia: 'Butcher' Warlord

By David Axe

If you thought it was bad that Washington is paying a shady French mercenary to do its dirty work in Somalia, you ain t seen nothing yet.

US Bombs South Somalia

At least three missiles have reportedly been fired by US drones near the Kenya-Somalia border, raising fears of possible casualties, Press TV reports.

US kills 9 civilians in Somalia

Senior Al-Shabaab leaders said that the drone attacks were carried out early on Thursday in the outskirts of Kismayu town, killing nine women and children and wounding 30 others.

US Kills 8 People In Somalia

At least eight people have been killed and several others have been wounded in a US assassination drone attack in Somalia, Press TV reports.

From Information Clearing House

The Lingering Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism

By Akbar E. Torbat

Keynesian economic policies help stabilize the economy because peoples' lack of purchasing power can be cured by government investments, which in turn creates employment and income.

The Waste Lands

By Alexander Cockburn

You can find America s future in blueprints minted in business-funded think tanks 30 to 40 years ago at the dawn of the neo-liberal age: destruction of organized labor, attrition of the social safety net, erosion of government regulation and a war on the poor.

Manufacturing Poverty: Billion Dollar Bill


It is not conspiracy - it s structural economic behavior locked into Western Foreign Policy and therefore the global economy.

How Wealth Creates Poverty: Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy'

By Dr. Michael Parenti

Globalization is an attempt to extend corporate monopoly control over the whole globe. Over every national economy. Over every local economy, over every life.

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