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Comparing Obama and Bush on civil liberties and war

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


Documents found in the files of Muammar Gadhafi s intelligence services in Libya, which indicated that the now overthrown dictator cooperated closely with U.S. rendition of terrorist suspects to his torture chambers, should prompt questions about how much President Barack Obama has improved civil liberties from the bad old days of George W. Bush. Answer: not much...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq prisoner death 'great stain' on UK army: inquiry

British soldiers beat to death an Iraqi civilian in an act of 'unjustified and brutal violence' that left a 'very great stain' on Britain s armed forces, an inquiry concluded on Thursday.

It is not the brutality that is 'systematic', it is the lying about it

It's the lying about it: Baha Mousa s nose was broken. There was blood above the corpse s mouth. The skin had been ripped off his wrists. According to his friend, Baha had been crying and pleading for his life from beneath his hood.

From Information Clearing House

Have we Become the Enemy of Freedom?

By John W. Whitehead

Let us dismantle our military empire. Let us take care of our poor, our downtrodden. Let us push back against the surveillance state. Let us put human dignity above corporate profits. If not now, then when?.

A new jobs plan is thinking too small. What we need is a new economy

By David Korten

We can turn as a species from an economic system devoted to perfecting our capacity for violent exclusionary competition to one devoted to perfecting our capacity for caring, inclusive cooperation.


Ten years on, America is at war with itself

by Wendy Kaminer


I write this under surveillance, or so it s safe to assume. We are all suspects now; we all read, write, talk on the phone and travel under surveillance, or the threat of it. A shadowy national security state has access to our emails, phone calls and web-surfing habits; government agents monitor our political activities and collect reports about our suspicious activities - photographing bridges for scrapbooks or art projects or attending political protests...

Who really kept us safe after 9/11

by Steve Chapman


There have been very few attacks in this country by Islamic extremists - and nothing remotely on the scale of 9/11. The 'sleeper cells' proved to be mostly nonexistent. This surprising record has been attributed to excellent work by the FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies, the war in Afghanistan, and the Bush administration s aggressive treatment of suspected terrorists. But on the list of those deserving credit, the first is a group hardly anyone would have predicted: American Muslims...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


'Mainstream' Muslims Are 'Violent, Radical'

By Spencer Ackerman

The FBI is teaching its counterterrorism agents that 'main stream' [sic] American Muslims are likely to be terrorist sympathizers; that the Prophet Mohammed was a 'cult leader'; and that the Islamic practice of giving charity is no more than a 'funding mechanism for combat.'


Anti-Islam Material Part of FBI Training

Drone Killing: US 'Overcomes' Philosophical, Legal Misgivings

Cheering for State-Imposed Death

Captives to the Logic of Violence

Obama s Unprecedented Use of State Secrets to Defend Religious Profiling

National Priorities Project: 10 Years: Cost of War (Finding Funding for FEMA? Take a Look at Iraq)

War Resisters League: Veterans, Military Families, and Supporters Launch ?Decade of War Awareness Month?


Meet the Christian Dominionist 'Prayer Warriors' Who Have Chosen Rick Perry as Their Vehicle to Power

The New Apostolic Reformation seeks dominion over society and government - and it looks like Perry is their chosen candidate.

From Information Clearing House

Congresswoman Lee Introduces Bill to Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force

David Swanson, War Is A Crime, 'Congresswoman Barbara Lee, like Jeanette Rankin before her, bravely stood alone in Congress against a vote for war, the vote in 2001 for the so-called Authorization to Use Military Force, a Constitutionally dubious passing of the war decision buck to President Bush and his successors.... The Congresswoman, along with initial cosponsors Jones, Woolsey, Grijalva, Conyers, and Honda, is offering us a second chance, a chance to get our response to 9-11 right, to restore war powers to the Congress, and to impose the will of the people on that body.'

American Exceptionalism

William Fisher, Truthout: 'Virtually since the beginning of our Republic, we have been spinning a variety of narratives to reassure ourselves that we are the greatest nation ever invented and that no other comes even close. Professor Speth has produced an index that should embarrass the exceptionalists by shining a bit of light on those areas where we are not so exceptional..'

EU High Court Rules on GMO Contamination; Opens Door to Biotech Liability

Rady Ananda, Food Freedom Blog: 'On Sept. 6, the European Union s top court paved the way for farmers and beekeepers to recoup losses when their crops or honey become genetically contaminated from neighboring GM fields. The European Court of Justice ruled that all food products containing GMOs - whether intentional or not - must undergo an approval process. This marks a much stricter view than that being pushed by European Union Commissioner for health and consumer affairs, John Dalli, who wants no regulation of foods genetically contaminated 'by accident,' a ludicrous idea given that coexistence ensures genetic contamination. At the center of the dispute is Bavarian beekeeper Karl Heinz Bablok who joined with several others in suing the state when its research plots of Monsanto s GM corn, MON 810, contaminated his honey.'

The Military Assault on Global Climate

H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: 'By every measure, the Pentagon is the largest institutional user of petroleum products and energy ... Yet, the Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements ... Any talk of climate change which does not include the military is nothing but hot air, according to Sara Flounders. It's a loophole [in the Kyoto Convention on Climate Change] big enough to drive a tank through, according to the report, 'A Climate of War.' At the outset of the Iraq war in March 2003, the Army estimated it would need more than 40 million gallons of gasoline for three weeks of combat, exceeding the total quantity used by all Allied forces in the four years of World War 1. Among the Army s armamentarium were 2,000 staunch M-1 Abrams tanks fired up for the war and burning 250 gallons of fuel per hour.'

Ron Paul Gains an Important Convert

Scam and Sham

Interventionists Ready a Media Lynching for Ron Paul

Fixing an Upside-Down World

On Military Unit Pre-9/11 Intelligence


RNN Senior editor Paul Jay speaks with Truthout contributor Jeffrey Kaye about his report that a whistleblower revealed that, prior to 9/11, senior military commanders blocked intelligence that located Osama bin Laden and predicted the World Trade Center and Pentagon were likely targets for a terrorist attack.


How I ll Remember 9-11 This Year

How Little We Know About the Origins of 9/11

End the Wars, Save 400,000 Jobs

Way Worse Than Zero

Jack Rasmus, Truthout: 'Last Friday, September 2, 2011, the latest jobs report was released by the US Labor Department. It showed no jobs created for the month of August. Zero. Zip. The report confirmed the growing evidence that the US economy was on a track toward a serious economic relapse, at minimum, or a possible even worse double-dip recession. The stock market went into another tailspin. Bond markets globally reeled. Those trying to downplay the August jobs report noted the August numbers included 45,000 Verizon telephone workers who were on strike and who subsequently have returned to work. That would mean, apologists argued, there were actually 45,000 jobs created last month. Big deal. It takes 150,000 new jobs a month just to absorb new entrants into the labor force. It is important also to note that the 'zero' number was the very best of the various job numbers that might have been reported, not the worst. Other data show the August jobs situation was not stagnant, with no jobs created, but actually much worse. Here s why.'

Jobs Plan? End the Wars, Save 400,000 Jobs

Robert Naiman, Truthout: 'President Obama is preparing to deliver a major address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, outlining his plans for spending and tax cuts to create jobs. Here s a plan that would likely save at least 400,000 jobs over the next ten years, without increasing the deficit or raising a dollar of additional revenue: bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan as previously scheduled, and use the savings to reduce the debt in place of proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits - or other cuts in domestic spending.'


Wie Dirk Niebel die Entwicklungspolitik militarisiert

GIZ als Sponsor einer Rüstungsausstellung

Deutsche lehnen Vorratsdatenspeicherung mit Zwei-Drittel-Mehrheit ab

Auch Unionsanhänger befürworten mehrheitlich eine Begrenzung auf Strafverdachtsfälle.

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