Samstag, 30. März 2013

Congress Is Making It Easier To Go To War with Iran

By Rebecca Griffin and Kelly Campbell

This bill is the most egregious in a string of congressional actions that could form the building blocks for a war that could make Iraq look like a walk in the park.

The Long History of Lies about Iran

By Muhammad Sahimi

If the lies about Iraq taught us anything, it is that we must pay attention to the massive campaign of lies about Iran.

We Need to Be Seeking Regime Change Here in the UK, Nevermind Iran

By Richard Sudan

The mythology about a threat from Iran persists and lingers, becoming legitimized with every passing minute that it remains challenged.

Podcast Discussion With Two of America s Leading Iran Experts

By Glenn Greenwald

Two former officials of the US National Security State become the most vocal critics of US policy toward Tehran.

US Congress in move to tighten financial noose on Iran

The US Congress is preparing to turn the screw on Iran s economy with new secondary sanctions designed to ensure that Europe and Asia deny Tehran billions of dollars of trade.

Iran Represents a Deathblow to US Global Hegemony

By Finian Cunningham

The present threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula is not really about North Korea or the US-backed South Korean state.

Hegemony or Survival: America s Quest For Global Dominance

Audio and Transcript

Noam Chomsky speaks out on U.S. hegemony, controlling the domestic population through fear and the historical parallels of current U.S. foreign policy.

The Strategic and Moral Bankruptcy of U.S. Sanctions Policy Toward Iran

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett

A diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue, it s very easy: recognize Iran s right to safeguarded enrichment, stop trying to get them to suspend, stop trying to get them to go to zero enrichment and we can have a nuclear deal.

New Report Is Critical Of US Sanctions On Iran: Urges White House to Rethink Policy


A panel of former senior American officials, issued a surprisingly critical assessment of American diplomacy toward Iran on Wednesday, urging President Obama to reconsider the likelihood that harsh sanctions will drive Tehran to concessions.

From Information Clearing House


Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Threat of Pre-emptive Nuclear War Directed Against Iran

By Michel Chossudovsky

Mini-nukes are the chosen weapons system under the doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear war, to be used in the conventional war theater against terrorists and 'state sponsors of terrorism', including the Islamic Republic of Iran.

NATO research team calls Stuxnet attack on Iran an 'act of force'

While that accusations against Washington and Tel Aviv have never been confirmed by either government, a NATO Commission has now confirmed it as an "act of force."

U.S. Senate committee passes resolution to back Israel in conflict with Iran

Resolution 65 goes beyond affirming U.S. commitment to preventing a nuclear Iran to ensure it will 'authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.'

Reversing policy, US will sell Israel aerial refueling planes

By Times of Israel staff

Israel will for the first time be permitted to purchase US aerial refueling planes and other ultra-sophisticated military equipment that could prove vital to any Israel strike against Iran s nuclear facilities.

US Steps Up Regime Change Bid On Iran

By Finian Cunningham

Hagel s cozying up to Israeli partners-in-crime nails the lie that the Obama White House is somehow at odds with Tel Aviv over Middle East policy and Iran in particular.

US Gives Green Light For Israeli Attack On Iran: Israeli Strike Capability Just Got Real

By Marc Goldberg

The arrival of an as yet undisclosed number of KC-135 aerial refuelling aircraft will give the Israeli Air Force (IAF) the range to attack any target in Iran.

Hagel: New deal allows IAF long range capabilities

''The US will provide Israel with a range of military weapons including missiles, advanced radar systems, refueling aircraft and V-22 aircraft that we have not given to any other country.'' He added that this ensures Israel s air superiority and will allow the Israel Air Force (IAF) long-range capabilities.

Senators Approve Resolution to Assist Israel in Iran Strike

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopts a resolution which stipulates that the U.S. will assist Israel in an attack against Iran.

From Information Clearing House


Obama at the edge of a cliff in Middle East
by Adil E. Shamoo


With Syria and Iran, President Barack Obama faces getting mired in two wars that could set the entire Middle East aflame, and perhaps the rest of the Islamic world, too. Such an outcome would be in part due to Mr. Obama s Middle Eastern policy, and the willingness of the current United States Congress to support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu s aggressive posture toward Iran. The lobbying effort in the U.S. by hard-line, pro-Israel interests, is a pivotal factor here we cannot ignore...

Tell Congress you know they are lying about Iran

Downsize DC
by Jim Babka


Congress lies about Iran. We demonstrate this in the sample letter below. These political lies promote policies that harm you and innocent Iranians too. They may even lead to war. Please consider telling Congress...''you know they are lying'' you deny consent to another war...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Obama s Choice: Real Diplomacy With Iran or War

By Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

The Iran-related messages coming out of President Obama s trip to Israel strongly suggest that the risk of a U.S.-initiated military confrontation with Tehran during Obama s second term are rising.

Samstag, 16. März 2013

Neuer Alarm, alte Politik

Obama: ''Wir sind der Auffassung, dass Iran etwa ein Jahr brauchen würde, um eine nukleare Waffe zu entwickeln''.


Twisting the Intel to Fit the Politics

The New Generation of Hypocrisy on Iran

By Ted Snider

At the end of 2012, an astonishing and little noticed bill became law in America. The bill declares Iran s terrorist presence in Latin America.

Obama s Endgame: War with Iran?


Against all common sense and uncommon wisdom, it looks increasingly possible that Barack Obama, the Democratic leader who once-upon-a-campaign seduced the world by pledging to ''sit down and talk with America's enemies,'' will resort to armed conflict to stamp out Tehran s nascent nuclear program.

Obama And Iranian Children With Cancer

By Siamak Namazi

Patients in Iran are dying of treatable diseases because of shortages in life-saving medicines.

The Power Of Propaganda: Americans Prepared for Military Action Against Iran

By Nathaniel Botwinick

According to a new Pew poll, 64 percent of Americans believe that it's ''more important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons than to avoid a military conflict.''

Friction Behind The Smiles

Obama s New Strategy in the Middle East

By Ron Ben-Yishai

Washington wants Israel to be a quiet partner in this axis so that the Jewish state will be able to cooperate with its neighbors over the table, and mainly under it. This could be beneficial in the event that the US or Israel, or both countries, attack Iran.

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Sanktionen verlängern die Lebensdauer autoritärer Regime

Der Politologe Ali Fathollah-Nejad über die Folgen der Sanktionen, die vor allem die Bevölkerung betreffen, die Machteliten stützen und im Fall Iran das Land in die Hände von China treiben.

Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Should We Hate Iran?


Iran Can t Build Nuke Without Tripping Alarm Bells, US Says

By Associated Press.

US intelligence director James Clapper says Tehran still has not decided whether to pursue militarization of nuclear program.

Anti-Iran sanctions are immoral, illegal and cowardly


''I believe that there should be no mistake about the reality that sanctions are warfare without the military involvement...''

From Information Clearing House


'The Backdoor to War with Iran': Wilkerson Attacks Senate Resolution

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Blix Warns on Repeating Iraq Scenario


''In the case of Iraq, there was an attempt made by some states to eradicate weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, and today there is talk of going on Iran to eradicate intentions that may not exist. I hope that will not happen.''

Time s Ticking Clock on War With Iran

Can you threaten to start a war to stop something that doesn t exist? Open the March 11 issue of Time magazine and you ll see the headline ''The Path to War: Inside Barack Obama s Struggle to Stop an Iranian Nuke.''

From Information Clearing House


Hans Blix, Former UN Inspector: 'Don t Repeat Iraq War with Iran'

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

CENTCOM chief tells Congress US wants to bring Iran 'to its knees'


Obama Is Not ''Bluffing'' About His Willingness to Attack Iran: Biden


Biden said the Obama administration would not back down from its pledge to intervene militarily should all other options fail.


Do you want ANOTHER war?

Downsize DC
by Jim Babka


Thousands of 'citizen-lobbyists' are converging on DC this week to encourage Congress to enact even more hostile measures against Iran. Congress should, at least, hear from the rest of us who think this is immoral and insane. Please tell Congress that you oppose conflict with Iran...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


We Have Prepared a Military Option for Iran, US General Says

By Aaron Kalman

Such means to bring Iran ''to its knees.''

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

How is America Threatened by Iran?

By Pat Buchanan

Iran has no missile that can reach us, no air force or navy that would survive the first days of war, no nuclear weapons, no bomb-grade uranium from which to build one.

U.S. moves to expand economic sanctions on Iran as nuclear talks end

U.S. lawmakers will introduce a bill on Wednesday that expands economic penalties against Iran and is designed to force countries like China to buy less Iranian crude oil, according to a copy of the legislation obtained by Reuters on Tuesday.

Former Hostages Urge Diplomacy With Iran

Two of the diplomats held during the 444-day Iranian Hostage Crisis are speaking out in favor of stronger diplomatic overtures between the United States and Iran.

Why We Must Resist Netanyahu and the Hawks' Reckless Push for War on Iran

By Murtaza Hussain

Netanyahu s push for war is clearly counter to the views of his own military and intelligence communities. That exposes the risk of handing the most gravely consequential of geopolitical decisions over to the calculations of ideologically-driven political leaders.

Biden at AIPAC conference

Obama is not bluffing on Iran: Biden says U.S. prefers diplomatic solution, but it is 'important that the world is with us if we have to act'; all options 'including military force are on the table,' he notes.

How AIPAC Rules

By Jeff Klein

It is the dynamic that puts our country in opposition to most of the world with respect to International Law and peace in the Middle East. And it may yet succeed in getting us into a war with Iran.

Democrats, AIPAC Jeopardize Iran Talks

The Obama administration is facing an unexpected hurdle in its new nuclear talks with Iran, a sizeable bloc of Democratic lawmakers who have made clear that they would break with the White House and fight any effort to lift the current sanctions on Tehran.

AIPAC urges new Iran sanctions

The most powerful pro-Israel advocacy group in the U.S., the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is bucking the Obama administration by urging Congress to press forward with legislation that could impose new nuclear-related sanctions on Iran.

Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to 'defeat' Arab world and Palestinians


New York Senator Chuck Schumer was his usual hawkish self on Sunday evening.

From Information Clearing House


Americans for Peace Now: Don t Co-Sponsor AIPAC s Bills for Iran War

Robert Naiman, Truthout: American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbyists are pressing Congress to support legislation that would push the United States significantly closer to war with Iran.


Don t Co-Sponsor AIPAC s Bills for Iran War

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