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Obama Plans No Significant Changes to NSA Surveillance

Obama will recommend a few cosmetic changes; mandate better security to prevent any future Snowdens; and punt the rest to Congress, knowing perfectly well they'll do nothing.

US physically hacks 100,000 foreign computers

NSA spies have inserted circuitry into computers in China, Russia, EU, India, Saudi and Pakistan to gain intelligence.

Snowden Releases Show NSA Infiltration in Computers of *Mexican Police and Cartels*

By Laura Carlsen

Mexico does not need an explanation from President Obama. It needs a president who defends the dignity and independence of Mexico.

America s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead

By Benny Johnson

*I would love to put a bullet in his head,* one Pentagon official said.

We Need Real Protection From The NSA

Wake up, America. While we have been paying attention to other things, our intelligence agencies have been tearing holes into the Bill of Rights.

Sen. Leahy on NSA Spying: We Need to Stop Government from Controlling American People


Sen. Leahy says the American people are at risk of being controlled by their government due to the expansive surveillance powers of the National Security Agency.

US withholding Fisa court orders on NSA bulk collection of Americans' data

The Justice Department is withholding documents related to the bulk collection of Americans' data from a transparency lawsuit launched by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Cut Off the NSA s Juice

By Norman Solomon

Organizers have begun to push for action by state legislatures to impede the electric, water and other services that sustain the NSA s secretive outposts.

US looks at ways to prevent spying on its spying

The National Security Agency isquietly funding research to prevent phone company employees or eavesdroppers from seeing whom the U.S. is spying on, The Associated Press has learned

Forget Metadata...The NSA Is Spying On EVERYTHING

People are getting distracted from the big picture by focusing on metadata.

Beyond Orwell s Worst Nightmare

By Marjorie Cohn

The NSA spying program captures all of us, including European leaders, people in Mexico, Brazil, the United Nations, and the European Union Parliament, not just the terrorists.

Bias By Omission, In the Entire American Mainstream Media

By William Blum

There are more than 1,400 daily newspapers in the United States. Can you name a single paper, or a single TV network, that was unequivocally opposed to the American wars carried out against Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Panama, Grenada, and Vietnam?

From Information Clearing House


NSA Vacuuming Up Millions of Text Messages Daily

Obama s NSA 'Reforms' Are Little More Than a PR Attempt to Mollify the Public

Effort to 'Normalize' NSA Spying, 'Mollify Public' Rebuked

Obama Lectures Those Outraged by NSA Surveillance Programs in Speech Announcing Reforms

Needed: Three Obama Speeches for the People

Pentagon and NSA Officials Say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated

Obama Continues War on National Security Whistleblowers

NSA: Global 'Trendsetter' for Privacy Abuse

'End It': Govt Oversight Panel Calls NSA Spying Illegal

One Planet, One Internet: A Call To the International Community to Fight Against Mass Surveillance

Covert, Real-Time Spying on Youtube, Facebook, Blogs


NSA Metadata Collection: Fourth Amendment Violation

Marjorie Cohn, Jurist: In response to lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the NSA s surveillance programs, two federal judges issued dueling opinions about whether it violates the Fourth Amendment's prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility

Michael Boldin, Truthout: The campaign to turn off power to the NSA has gotten a big boost. Washington has become the first state with a physical NSA location to consider a Fourth Amendment protection act designed to make life extremely difficult for the massive spy agency. Marjorie Cohn analyzes the decisions.

What Obama Really Meant Was...

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: Chris Hedges details the recent remarks that President Obama would have given on his review of signals intelligence and reforms to the NSA s surveillance programs if only he had told the truth.

Four Questionable Claims Obama Has Made on NSA Surveillance

Kara Brandeisky, ProPublica: Since the first disclosures based on documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Barack Obama has offered his own defenses of the programs. But not all of the president s claims have stood up to scrutiny.

Five Criticisms of Obama s NSA Speech

Kevin Mathews, Care2: In the face of ongoing criticism of the NSA spy program, President Barack Obama delivered a long-awaited speech addressing reforms to the NSA. If the speech was designed to quell fears, it hasn't entirely worked.

Some States Have a Sneaky Plan To Stop the NSA

Kevin Mathews, Care2: A handful of states across the country are devising plans to thwart the NSA, including laws stopping NSA facilities' water and electricity access. So far, six states have introduced bills that would impede NSA operations within their boundaries.

Obama s NSA Speech Makes Orwellian Surveillance Patriotic

Michael Ratner, Truthout: President Obama s assertion that our nation was formed as a result of a heroic history of surveillance is a misleading scare tactic clearly aimed at making Americans comfortable with the far-reaching government spying he seeks to protect.

Intelligence Officials Make Direct Threats on Snowden s Life

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern point to the brashness of intelligence officials who went on the record to threaten Snowden s life, reflecting a culture of disregard for the Constitution and due process.

The Surveillance Blitz

John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus: Our privacy is getting hit from two sides, from corporations as well as the government.

Vermont Becomes 12th State With Legislation Targeting NSA Spying

Michael Boldin, Truthout: On January 28, Vermont state representatives introduced legislation that would block some of the practical effects of mass data collection by the National Security Agency.


On Obama s disappointingly tame NSA reforms

US media black out major Snowden interview exposing death threats


Cosmetic Changes Aren t Enough: We Need to End Dragnet NSA Surveillance


Former Top NSA Official: *We Are Now In A Police State*

Obama s NSA Speech: What Reform?

Will You Choose Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

Presidential Placebo

Do We Live in a Police State?


The history of US spying on innocent people


The NSA Mass Surveillance EMERGENCY

Stop NSA Mass Surveillance

Stop NSA Mass Surveillance Action Page


The American Legacy in Iraq


America bears a large part of the blame for turning Iraq into the basket case it's become. The great majority of Americans don t realize that fact.

The U.S. is to blame for violence now spiking in Iraq: deputy prime minister

*I think you have a legal and moral responsibility to Iraq,* Deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq told an audience in Washington at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Horrifying images of US Marines burning Iraqis prompt military investigation

The Pentagon confirmed early Wednesday that a formal investigation has been launched after photographs began to surface purportedly showing US troops burning the remains of dead Iraqis.

Senior Ministers In Blair s Government Face Crime Probe Over Iraq 'War Crimes'

Two senior ministers in Tony Blair s government are facing a possible criminal probe over the alleged torture and unlawful killing of hundreds of Iraqis by British soldiers.

Pentagon 'big winner' in $1T omnibus bill

*The big winner is the Defense Department. They should be breaking out champagne in the Pentagon,* said Gordon Adams, a defense budget expert and former Clinton official.

Investigator Probes Alleged US Marine Corps War Crimes Cover-up

By Dan Lamothe

Did Marine brass unlawfully concealed crucial evidence in the cases?

Iraq: The 'Bad Years' Are Back

By Ramzy Baroud

American companies are abandoning their investments in the south of Iraq where the vast majority of the country s oil exists.

Contractors flood into Iraq to give Al-Qaeda a run for the money

It is Baghdad that spends money on American weaponry, vehicles and equipment, while American defense companies are earning money in Iraq by placing military contractors there.

Re-inventing al-Qaeda As 'Good Guys

By Finian Cunningham

This is not an uprising or civil war, it is Western state-sponsored terrorism for regime change using foreign mercenaries of varying affiliation to al-Qaeda.

From Information Clearing House


'Most Too Gruesome': Photos Depict US Marines Burning Iraqis


US Leads the Developed Nations and Many Third World Nations in Income Inequality

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Economist and educator Robert Reich s engaging documentary Inequality for All is both a primer in inequality and a revealing portrait of the self-deprecating and succinct Reich, who at one point, speaking of his years working with President Bill Clinton, laments, *We didn t alter the underlying trend.*

Spotlight on Worldwide Inequality

Graham Peebles, Redress Online: The disparity between the wealthy minority and the billions living in suffocating poverty is greater than it has ever been.


Our Government s Hideous Conduct Abroad

By Sheldon Richman

Americans have a strange need to believe that their *leaders* mean well.

Obscene Wealth: World s 85 Richest have Same Wealth as 3.5 Billion Poorest: Oxfam


*It is staggering that, in the 21st century, half of the world s population, that s three and a half billion people, own no more than a tiny elite whose numbers could all fit comfortably on a double-decker bus"...

Few Rich People Are the Ones Getting Wealthier in America

By Paul Buchheit

Only people who already have money can increase their wealth. Conclusion: The system is broken.

Obama and Friends Discover Inequality

By Jack Rasmus

Income inequality in the U.S. is no accident. It has conscious, deliberate origins, to be found in the policy initiatives of corporate America since the late 1970s.

Inequality For All

Video Documentary

A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class.

12 Ridiculous Government Regulations That Are Almost Too Bizarre To Believe

In America today, it is rapidly getting to the point where it is nearly impossible to start or to operate a small business.

How Junk Economists Help The Rich Impoverish The Working Class

By Paul Craig Roberts

The US is falling out of the ranks of the industrialized countries and is on the path to becoming an undeveloped economy.

Deceptions Two *Lest We Forget*

Video By Chris Pratt

Watch this film only if you are prepared to face the truth about the predatory nature of the ruling elite and their manipulation of your perceptions and beliefs.

From Information Clearing House


The Global Elite: Rigging the Rules That Fuel Inequality

Another Shocking Wealth Grab by the Rich In Just One Year

If Members of Congress Hear From Americans Living in Poverty, Will They Do Something About It?

Our 'Winner Take All' Economy Is Destroying Us

Americans Expect Obama to Deliver on Income Inequality

The Death of the Middle Class


The world economy has been destroyed for generations to come

Turkey in Crisis: Understanding the Erdogan/Gulen Split


Turkey: 'Dismissed ministers received millions in bribes'

According to a summary of proceedings sent to the Ministry of Justice regarding four former Cabinet ministers involved in an ongoing graft investigation, the Cumhuriyet daily claimed on Thursday that three of them accepted millions of dollars in bribes.

The United States needs to tell Turkey to change course

Turkey s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is destroying his country s parlous democracy. That is a profound problem for Turks and Turkey s Western allies.

Turkish main opposition questions Erdogan about Urla villas

Turkey s main opposition Republican Peoples' Party (CHP) has raised a parliamentary question on claims that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accepted two villas from a businessman in return for easing zoning restrictions in Izmir s Urla district.

Turkey removes around 800 more police officers

The government sacked or reassigned around 800 police officers on Jan. 30, as it pressed on with a purge of the country s police force in response to the ongoing high-level graft probe.

From Information Clearing House

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