The American Legacy in Iraq


America bears a large part of the blame for turning Iraq into the basket case it's become. The great majority of Americans don t realize that fact.

The U.S. is to blame for violence now spiking in Iraq: deputy prime minister

*I think you have a legal and moral responsibility to Iraq,* Deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq told an audience in Washington at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Horrifying images of US Marines burning Iraqis prompt military investigation

The Pentagon confirmed early Wednesday that a formal investigation has been launched after photographs began to surface purportedly showing US troops burning the remains of dead Iraqis.

Senior Ministers In Blair s Government Face Crime Probe Over Iraq 'War Crimes'

Two senior ministers in Tony Blair s government are facing a possible criminal probe over the alleged torture and unlawful killing of hundreds of Iraqis by British soldiers.

Pentagon 'big winner' in $1T omnibus bill

*The big winner is the Defense Department. They should be breaking out champagne in the Pentagon,* said Gordon Adams, a defense budget expert and former Clinton official.

Investigator Probes Alleged US Marine Corps War Crimes Cover-up

By Dan Lamothe

Did Marine brass unlawfully concealed crucial evidence in the cases?

Iraq: The 'Bad Years' Are Back

By Ramzy Baroud

American companies are abandoning their investments in the south of Iraq where the vast majority of the country s oil exists.

Contractors flood into Iraq to give Al-Qaeda a run for the money

It is Baghdad that spends money on American weaponry, vehicles and equipment, while American defense companies are earning money in Iraq by placing military contractors there.

Re-inventing al-Qaeda As 'Good Guys

By Finian Cunningham

This is not an uprising or civil war, it is Western state-sponsored terrorism for regime change using foreign mercenaries of varying affiliation to al-Qaeda.

From Information Clearing House


'Most Too Gruesome': Photos Depict US Marines Burning Iraqis


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