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Canada Slammed for Abysmal Human Rights Crisis

Senate Wants To Sneak Warrantless Spying Bill Extension Into Law Without Debate

Let s Call Them and Tell Them No

The Senate is about to vote on an extension of the controversial FISA Amendments Act-the unconstitutional law that allows the NSA to warrantless spy on Americans speaking to people abroad. Yet you wouldn't know it by watching CSPAN because the Senate isn t debating it.

From Information Clearing House


GOP and Feinstein Join to Fulfill Obama's Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping

ACLU: Senate Reauthorizes Warrantless Wiretapping

''Fiscal Cliff'' Proposals Would Deepen Inequality

By Scott Klinge

Here s a quick rundown of some of the major offers on the table.

Could You Survive on $2 a Day?

By Gabriel Thompson

Since 2000, the number of people in that category has grown to more than 20 million-a whopping 60 percent increase.


Obama Has Compromised Too Much on the Fiscal Cliff

The Only Way Left to Beat GOP Fanatics: Call Their Bluff and Go Over the Fabricated ''Cliff''


We need an intellectual awakening

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without Congressional declaration, deficits rise to the sky, poverty is rampant and dependency on the federal government is now worse than any time in our history...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

American Schools Preaching the Virtues of a War On Iran

By Patrick Henningsen

This is the generation of children who may be asked, or drafted in to fight a coming war with Iran and others, so is this part of the indoctrination of future soldiers? Maybe.

''Work For Peace''


"If everyone believed in Peace the way they say they do, we d have Peace. The only thing wrong with Peace, is that you can t make no money from it.''

A Global Perspective on American Child Deaths

By Donna Mulhearn

'You come from a culture where it is okay to kill children,' the Iraqi woman said.

''America has a long history of killing little children''

By Margaret Kimberley

Americans love to think of themselves as innocents. As a result, when they are victimized they are not just in a state of mourning, but one of total disbelief when finding themselves on the receiving end of barbarity.

Are US Munitions to Blame for Basra Birth Defects?

By Alexander Smoltczyk

In the United States, no major newspaper has yet published a story on the genetic disorders in Fallujah.

'Did We Just Kill A Kid?'

Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot s Career

By Robert Johnson

''I saw men, women and children die during that time,'' he says. ''I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn t kill anyone at all.''

Russian Fury At U.S. Magnitsky Act

''And Nobody Dies In Your Prisons?''

By Kommersant

''Listen, it s been eight years and Guantanamo is still not closed; people are held without a trial or an investigation, like in the Middle Ages; prisoners walk around in chains and shackles! People who open secret prisons, legalize torture without investigations! And now these people are now accusing us of somehow not being good enough! " Russian President Vladimir Putin

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

NDAA 2013: Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Back


Lawmakers in Washington have stripped an amendment from next year s National Defense Authorization Act that could have kept the government from indefinitely detaining US citizens without charge or trial.

Justice is Dead in America

By Glenn Greenwald

Woman Imprisoned for Life for Minor Drug Offense; Banking Giant Immune to Justice for Massive Drug Laundering.

'Abomination': Rand Paul slams NDAA as bill passes US Senate


''They want the ability to hold American citizens without trial in our country.''


Statement on NDAA Conference Report


The Final Battle

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: The new version of the NDAA, like the old ones, provides our masters with the legal shackles to make our resistance impossible. And that is their intention.|-the-final-battle


Has Syria Become Al-Qaeda s New Base For Terror Strikes On Europe?

By Florian Flade and Clemens Wergin

The terror network in Syria includes dozens of European members, and wants to get its hands on Assad s stockpile of chemical weapons.

Washington Raises Specter of Al Qaeda Seizing Syrian Chemical Weapons

By Bill Van Auken

Washington s feigned concern for the Syrian people in the face of an alleged threat from chemical weapons is a lie and a pretext.

Syria: Iraq 2.0, another false-flag invasion, rated XXX


The US and NATO are set to invade Syria, something many of us have been warning about for a while now. It has been obvious that they have been looking for a pretext and that pretext has already been injected into the public debate. That pretext: chemical weapons...

For Whom the Syrian Bell Tolls

By Pepe Escobar

That is disaster capitalism in action, phase I; the terrain is already prepared for a profitable ''reconstruction'' of Syria once a pliable, pro-Western turbo-capitalism government is installed.

'We Are Not in the Business of Regime Change' Russian Foreign Minister

Interview With Sergey Lavrov


Western governments have begun distinguishing between ''bad terrorists and acceptable terrorists'' on the ground in Syria, refusing to condemn acts of terror there.

Russian military presence in Syria poses challenge to US-led intervention

Advisers deployed with surface-to-air systems bolster President Assad s defences and complicate outcome of any future strikes.

Obama s Gift to al-Qaida, Support for Tyranny, and FBI Monitoring of Dissent

By Glenn Greenwald

It is an extraordinary testament to the power of propaganda that, the same country that hugs and props up the Saudis, the Bahrainis, the Qataris, the Kuwaitis and so many others is committed to undermining tyranny and spreading freedom and democracy.

From Information Clearing House


Intervention in Syria Risks Blowback and Regional War

Kreditausfälle und Zwangsräumungen in Spanien steigen dramatisch an

Allein am Wochenende nahmen sich erneut zwei von Räumung betroffene Menschen das Leben.

Massiver Aufschrei gegen Zwangsräumungen

Zahllose Menschen demonstrierten am Samstag in ganz Spanien gegen Zwangsräumungen und für das Recht auf eine würdige Wohnung.

Alle 15 Minuten wird derzeit in Spanien eine Wohnung geräumt

Die andalusische Regierung greift zu drastischen Maßnahmen: Sie bestraft Banken und Immobilienfirmen, wenn sie leerstehende Wohnungen nicht vermieten. Im Land kommt es zu neuen Protestformen, den ''escraches'', direkt vor den Häusern der Verantwortlichen für die Krise.äumung

Der Wissenschaftliche Beirat bei Röslers Wirtschaftsministerium betreibt Klassenkampf von oben

Altersarmut? Selber schuld!


''Die Alten werden abgeschoben''

Der Guardian schaut sich den Exportweltmeister Deutschland an.ösler

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