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GMO foods may alter organ function

Umfrage: Tief, tiefer, Rösler

Der FDP-Chef ist in der Wählergunst so tief gesunken wie nie zuvor...ösler

Hunger Stalks America: Arizona, Arkansas and Texas

According to a new report by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families released in March, the child poverty rate in the state is 26.8 percent and has grown 2 percent in the last 10 years.

The Poor are Getting Poorer. Is It Time to Raise the Minimum Wage?

Income inequality is here to stay, unless something radical changes that will give working class families a larger slice of the pie.

A teen with a job becomes a rarity in US economy

Only about 25 percent of 16- to 19-year-olds currently are working, a drop of 10 percentage points from just five years ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

House GOP Plans To Cut 25 Percent From Programs 'Directly Benefiting The Poor' To Protect Military Budget

The Republican-led House this week will takes up legislation to slice $261 billion from food stamps, Medicaid, social services and other programs for struggling Americans over the next decade to stave off more than $50 billion in military spending cuts scheduled to take effect next year.

100 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs

The federal government considers those Americans to be ''not in the labor force'' so they are not included in the unemployment rate. In fact, this is one of the key ways that the government manipulates the unemployment numbers.

The 86 million invisible unemploye: Chart

Young people between 16 and 24 make up another fifth. More than half don t have a college degree and more than two thirds are white.

Many Fortune: 500 Firms Pay Less in Income Taxes Than You

American citizens collectively pay higher income tax rates than General Electric, Boeing, DuPont, and countless other companies.

House Votes to Cut Food Stamps to Avoid Defense Reductions

The U.S. House voted to cut food stamps, federal workers' benefits and other domestic programs to avoid scheduled reductions in defense spending.

Preying on the Poor

How Government and Corporations Use the Poor as Piggy Banks

By Barbara Ehrenreich

The trick is to rob them in ways that are systematic, impersonal, and almost impossible to trace to individual perpetrators.

From Information Clearing House


How CEO Compensation Is Fueling Inequality

GOP, Dems 'Play Chicken' with Student Loan Rates in US Senate

No One Hears the Poor

UNICEF: US Among Highest Child Poverty Rates in Developed Countries


The Battle Over CEO Pay: When the Top 1 Percent Take on the Top 0.01 Percent

Salvatore Babones, Truthout: ''By all accounts, America s corporations are doing better than ever. Corporate profits are at all-time record highs. Corporate taxes are at record lows. So, why are the top 1 percent so angry? It may be because America s ever-rising inequality has finally caught up with them.... They are not used to making sacrifices. As the top 1 percent start to share at least some of the indignities suffered by the other 99 percent, it is likely that their quiescence about rising inequality will start to change.''


Duped by Congressional Lies

US military-industrial giant KBR in bidding to privatize British police forces

Giant US military-industrial company Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) is in the running to win a slice of a controversial £1.5 billion (US$2.43 billion) contract to transform the West Midlands and Surrey police forces in Britain, The (London) Times reported.

From Information Clearing House


A Spoiled KBR Demands More and More From the Army

Charles M. Smith, Truthout: KBR s rejection of any fixed price to perform ''close-out'' activities for its Iraq contract is a classic example of defense contractors' entitled, childlike behavior: Every government concession is met with more demands.

Premature Birth Death Rate Higher in US

US Ranks Lower Than Iraq, Afghanistan On This List

By Jennifer Bixler

New study ranks preterm birth rates around the globe. The United States comes in at 131 on the list of 184 countries.

Russia 'Retains Right' to Pre-emptive Strike on U.S. ''Missile Shield''


Russia has concerns that the ultimate aim of America s global ABM shield in the works is the gradual depreciation of Russia s nuclear arsenal.


Russia warns of pre-emptive strike against NATO missile defences


NATO: A Twenty-First Century Failure

Secret Hidden In US-Afghan Deal

Pact Won t End War Or SOF Night Raids

By Gareth Porter

The Obama administration s success in obscuring those facts is the real story behind the ostensible story of the agreement.

About 25,000 Troops May Be Needed In Afghanistan After 2014, Planners Say

American military officials say that the planning figure is 25,000 troops, commanded by a three-star general. They would include trainers as well as thousands of Green Berets and other special operations troops who would work with Afghans on counter-terror missions.

A Decade of War-for What?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Taliban have shown themselves willing to persist against huge odds, to fight and die in considerable numbers for the kind of country they wish to live in-and the kind of regime they wish to live under. Our allies have not remotely matched their zeal.

US Kills 5 Afghan Kids

By Glenn Greenwald

The way in which the U.S. media ignores such events speaks volumes about how we perceive them.

Afghanistan: US airstrikes kill at least 14 civilians

NATO officials confirmed on Monday that an airstrike launched late Friday in the Sangin district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan resulted in the death of one mother and five children.

From Information Clearing House


Leaving Afghanistan by Staying

David Swanson, War Is a Crime: ''Obama is full of praise for U.S. troops, as if they have benefitted Afghanistan. And he is full of concern for the suffering of U.S. troops and U.S. citizens.... 'Neither Americans nor the Afghan people asked for this war,' Obama said, forgetting that one of those two countries had invaded the other one and occupied it for over a decade. 'The reason America is safe is because of you,' Obama told U.S. troops, forgetting that the war has made our nation more hated around the world.''

A Dumb War

Alan Grayson, Truthout: ''To little fanfare, President Obama announced last week that he signed an agreement to extend the US military occupation of Afghanistan for twelve more years. No one noted the irony of this, since under our Constitution, President Obama can be president for no more than another four and a half years.''


Take Responsibility for Civilian Deaths, Group Tells NATO

Merkels Energiegipfel: Wende ernst gemeint?

Merkels Kaminrunde mit den Konzernvertretern hat wenig greifbares ergeben. Einige Äußerungen lassen vermuten, dass es künftig Subventionen für fossile Kraftwerke geben wird.

Merkel mag keine Erneuerbaren

Von Gutsherrenmentalität, verlorenen Mädchen und einem EU-weiten Bürgerbegehren.

Studie belegt Wirtschaftlichkeit der Erneuerbaren Energien

Die von der Regierung bevorzugten Offshore-Windkraftwerke schneiden vergleichsweise schlecht ab.


Erneuerbare Energien sind EU-weit auf dem Vormarsch

Jetzt auch in Frankreich: Hohe Unterstützung für verstärkte Nutzung regenerativer Quellenm Zweifel an Atomenergie in EU-Staaten.

Erneuerbare Energien: enorme Ausbaupotentiale im Mittleren Osten und Nordafrika

Sonne und Wind können Basis der Wirtschaftsentwicklung in der Mittelmeerregion werden.

Plagiatsvorwürfe gegen Bildungsministerin Schavan

Die Ministerin wehrt sich gegen die Vorwürfe, Quellen in ihrer Dissertation nicht sauber angegeben zu haben.

Schlimmer als ein Plagiat

Forschungsministerin Schavan und die Fremdwörter.


Verliert Schavan ihren Doktortitel?

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