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How Maliki and Iran Outsmarted the US on Troop Withdrawal

Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service: 'Defense Secretary Leon Panetta s suggestion that the end of the U.S. troop presence in Iraq is part of a success story ignores the fact that ... the U.S. military had planned to maintain a semi-permanent military presence in Iraq. The real story behind the U.S. withdrawal is how a clever strategy of deception and diplomacy adopted by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in cooperation with Iran ... got the United States to sign the U.S.-Iraq withdrawal agreement.'

Die Lebenserwartung von Geringverdienern ist deutlich gesunken


UK implicated in Afghanistan drug trade

'There are documents and evidence that show that British forces in [Afghanistan s] Helmand Province not only did nothing to prevent the illicit drug trade, but in some cases also took part in it,' Yousef-Ali Vaezi, an advisor to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, told Press TV on Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

When Corporations Rule the World

Banker Occupation and Europain

By Stephen Lendman

Over half the world s largest economies are corporations. Financial ones controlling the power of money are most dominant.

50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

By Economic Collapse

Most Americans have no idea just how bad our economic decline has been or how much trouble we are going to be in if we don t make dramatic changes immediately.

U.S. Mayors Decry Rise in Poverty, Homelessness

By Agence France-Presse

US mayors sounded an alarm Thursday over deepening economic woes after a survey of 29 cities from Los Angeles to Washington showed worrying rises in homelessness and poverty-related food aid.

Noam Chomsky: The Myth of the Liberal Media

The Propaganda Model of News


Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture, the idea of the "liberal media.'



This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public s right to know.

No Justice for Bradley Manning

By Charles Davis

The US government has made an example of Bradley Manning to prevent others from challenging the American empire.

An Indie Film Takes Up Bradley Manning s Plight


As the army private s hearing begins, this harrowing short imagines his detention.

Defense says Manning victim of military overreach

Defense attorney David Coombs spoke for about 20 minutes and never denied his client had leaked the documents.

From Information Clearing House


The Trial of Bradley Manning: Rule of Law or Rule of Intimidation, Retaliation and Retribution

Ann Wright, War Is A Crime: 'Bradley Manning has been imprisoned for 19 months, since May, 2010, without a trial ... Manning was charged with transferring classified information onto his personal computer and communicating national defense information to an unauthorized source and 'aiding the enemy,' a capital offense ... Manning's lawyer challenged the impartiality of the investigating officer ... citing [his] civilian employment as a lawyer in the Department of Justice which has conducted investigations on Manning, Julian Assange, and Wikileaks.'


When the bubble bursts
by Justin Raimondo


Secrecy is the prerequisite for tyranny, and knowledge is the tyrant s worst foe: that s why whistleblowers - from Dan Ellsberg to Bradley Manning - are relentlessly pursued and prosecuted. That s why anyone who tries to give context to their revelations - such as this web site - is attacked and spied on by the government and its shills. That s also why the sickening smear campaign launched against both Manning and Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has taken on the dual aspects of both a witch hunt and a crusade...

Prosecutors use Manning hearing to send up Assange trial

Bradley Manning Washington Post


Military prosecutors presented new and detailed evidence Thursday that they said showed that Pfc. Bradley Manning collaborated with Julian Assange, the founder of the anti-secrecy Web site WikiLeaks, in stealing [sic] more than 700,000 documents from classified computer systems and publishing them on the Internet. ... Manning s defense attorney, David E. Coombs, accused military prosecutors of 'over-charging' in the case in an effort to obtain a plea agreement and gain the former intelligence analyst s cooperation in a separate, federal case against Assange...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Bradley Manning and the Fog of War

Pvt. Manning and Imperative of Truth

Iraq Disaster: Why Do They Hate Us?

By Dave Lindorff

Let s dispense with the euphemistic term 'contractors,' which is meant to bring to mind the image of a couple of overweight construction workers. In Iraq, and especially in lawless areas like Anbar at that time, 'contractor' means 'mercenary'...

Iraq Disaster

On the eve of the attack there were still over twice as many functioning healthcare clinics and hospitals as there are today, and nearly five times as many doctors working in them.

China warily watches U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

The worry here is that an American military free of the nearly nine-year-long commitment to Iraq might now be freer to focus attention on the Asia-Pacific region, which China considers its back yard

US Client State: Australia and South Korea Forge Deal for Closer Military Cooperation

South Korea strengthened military ties with Australia as the two nations formally agreed on Wednesday conduct more joint exercises.

From Information Clearing House


Protest Heightens Against Military Base at South Korea s Island of World Peace

Matthew Hoey, Truthout: 'For international peace activists, the Save Jeju Island campaign is what many have been waiting for: An entirely winnable cause for peace with significant international implications. The Jeju Island naval base project is not only highly symbolic, but also quite dire in its potential impact on global security.'

How the Relentless Drive for Cheap Stuff Undermines Our Economy, Bankrupts Our Soul, and Pillages the Planet


Fight Heats Up to End Corporate Personhood

Don t Any of You Corporations Pay Your Taxes?


'A corporation is not a person!'

Omega-News Collection 17. December 2011

Irreversible Climate Change Looms Within Five Years

Climate change: A risk for plants and animals worldwide

Canadian Arctic Loses Nearly Entire Ice Shelf

The Greatest Water Crisis in the History of Civilization


Iraq War

Is Iran next?


EMF-Omega-News 17. December 2011

Emanuel Accused of Preemptive Assault on G20 Protests

How to Occupy the World

Immigrants Occupy! Broadening a Movement Culture


The Champions of the Ninety-Nine Percent

I have always believed lasting progressive transformation will come from people s movements, the kind now taking root in towns and cities across the nation. But it will also require people on the inside who share those principles and are fully dedicated to fighting for them. In 2012, we have the opportunity to elect those champions.'

A Man in Tunisia, a Movement on Wall Street, and the Soldier Who Ignited the Fuse

Michael Moore, 'One year ago on December 17th, Mohamed Bouazizi, a man who had a simple produce stand in Tunisia, set himself on fire to protest his government s repression.... Three months ago on December 17th, Occupy Wall Street began with a takeover of New York s Zuccotti Park.... Twenty-four years ago on December 17th, U.S. Army Spc. Bradley Manning was born.... People across the world devoured the information Bradley Manning revealed, and it was used by movements in Egypt, Spain, and eventually Occupy Wall Street to bolster what we already thought was true.'

Occupation 2.0: Occupy Wall Street Challenges Neighboring Church, and Capitalism

J.A. Myerson: 'There are adherents to the theories of Bakunin and Marx and Fourier and Luxembourg at Occupy Wall Street, but these modern political ideologies are not required for anti-capitalism. After all, it was an ancient Nazarene carpenter who enjoined the masses that 'It is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.'


The Butterfly Effect

By Paul Balles

The poverty stricken nobody whose death changed the world, Mohamed Bouazizi, was a 26 year old from Tunisia.

Japanischer Regierungschef erklärt das AKW Fukushima für sicher

Die Regierung will damit die Rückkehr der Evakuierten beschleunigen und die Ängste der Menschen dämpfen, um die vielen abgeschalteten AKWs wieder anfahren zu können.


Irreführung durch Fukushima-Betreiber und japanische Regierung

GLOBAL 2000-Analyse zeigt, dass 'Kaltabschaltung' völlig falscher Gebrauch des technischen Begriffs ist.

Fukushima: Sargnagel für Atomstrom

Fukushima war einer der letzten Sargnägel für die zivile Nutzung der Atomenergie..

EU-Roadmap bis 2050: EU setzt weiter auf Atomkraft

Die EU-Kommission hätte ihre Strategie ehrlicherweise 'Roadmap 1950' statt 'Roadmap 2050' benennen sollen.

EU-Parlament verbrennt Milliarde für Kernfusion

Das EU-Parlament hat heute beschlossen, dem Kernfusionsforschungsreaktor ITER weitere Abermillionen hinterher zu werfen.

'Nein zu Atomkraftwerken in Polen'

Bürger können noch bis 4. Januar 2012 Stellung nehmen.

Japan ohne Atomstrom

Zurzeit kommt Japan fast ohne Atomstrom aus.


Atomkraft abgehängt

Die Erneuerbaren liefern nicht nur den Strom für die AKW, sondern werden zum zweitwichtigsten Erzeugungssektor.


Was hilft am besten dagegen, dass wenige Individuen der Gemeinschaft ihre eigenen Entscheidungen aufdrücken?

Geldverdienen durch Ignorieren des Datenschutzes?

Laut einer Rechnung einer Bewertungsgesellschaft sparen deutsche Unternehmen Milliarden durch Vernachlässigung des Datenschutzes.

Die Geldströme zwischen Europa und Amerika versiegen

Während europäische Banken US-Kunden aussortieren, ziehen auch Anleger aus den USA ihre Einlagen aus mangelndem Vertrauen ab.


Stop Congress From Rubber-Stamping Arctic Drilling


Shell s Arctic Plans Get Boost


Gulf Reopens for Drilling as Obama Administration Accused of Low-Balling Effects of Spill

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: ''As the Obama administration announces the launch of its Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future ... a scientific integrity complaint alleges that officials 'manipulated' scientific data about the effects of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak. Nearly two years after the March 2010 spill, the administrations' new policy plans to open 38 million acres offshore of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to possible development in June 2012. The area will be available to deepwater drilling.''

A History of Violence: the BP Oil Spill Trial

Brentin Mock, Bridge the Gulf: ''U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier decided that in the civil trial against BP for their oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil company s history of accidents and poor safety records won t be admissible as evidence.... Poor folks in New Orleans and across the Gulf who are the victims and the accused of crimes don t have the luxuries of BP to have their histories buried. That is evidence alone that there is inequity in the justice system.''

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