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The World Health Organisation failure at Chernobyl

This is taken from a documentary made by Swiss TV a few years ago They filmed in the area around Chernobyl and showed the children damaged from birth and later. The food is all contaminated and some of the children are actually radioactive as the radioactive nuclides lodge inside them

Dr Zupka of the UN office for humanitarian affairs says 9 million people were affected by the disaster and continue to be affected and for generations to come.

The IAEA controls the WHO on anything to do with health effects and radioactivity due to a legal agreement signed in the 1950's Nuclear controversies, Chernobyl part 2 Nuclear controversies, Chernobyl part 3 Nuclear controversies, Chernobyl part 4

Kazakhstan s radioactive legacy

EMF refugees

Informant: Martin Weatherall


Bill of Rights Day: What left of them?

The Daily Caller
by Nat Hentoff


John Jay, the co-writer of the Federalist Papers and the first chief justice of the United States (1789-95), wrote in a 1786 letter to Thomas Jefferson that he was worried that under our evolving founding document that became the Constitution, Congress would have exorbitant power. ... The separation of powers was indeed embodied in the Constitution, but especially in the Bush and Obama administrations, the executive branch has been so disproportionately and unilaterally strengthened that I urge the Cato Institute to actively redistribute, with a short epilogue, its 2008 book by Gene Healy, The Cult of the Presidency: America s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power. It can make for more crucially discerning voters in 2012...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Tar Sands Pipeline, and How to Prepare for the Largest Economic Shock Yet

Calls Needed Now to Obama to Stop Tar Sands Pipeline

Senators Funded by Oil and Gas Introduce Bill that Would Grant Congress Final Say on Keystone Pipeline


Tell President Obama ''Keep Your Promise: Reject Keystone XL''

The Iraq War Disaster: 'US Destroyed Country, Now They Are Leaving'

Iraq Exit: 'US Destroyed Country, Now They Are Leaving'


Lame stream media fails on Iraq troop withdrawal


Obama at Fort Bragg: A Hypocritical Embrace of a Criminal War

By Bill Van Auken

President Barack Obama used his speech to US troops at Fort Bragg, to embrace the nine-year war in Iraq that he had ostensibly opposed and to declare the destruction of the country a 'success.'


US Withdrawal From Iraq: 'In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It s 'Mission Accomplished'

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!: 'The U.S. military may be leaving Iraq, but the U.S. government is not. The U.S. embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world, and thousands of private contractors will fill the role of the departing U.S. troops. We begin our coverage of the U.S. withdrawal with Sami Rasouli, the founder and director of the Muslim Peacemaker Teams in Iraq, who joins us from the city of Najaf.'

UN Ban Ki-Moon Increasingly Shows Hawkish Side

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seems to be finding his own hawkish groove, cheering the war in Libya while pushing for escalation elsewhere.

From Information Clearing House


A Reckoning With Reality: Hunger Stalks US Cities as Poverty Rises

By Phil Rockstroh

Witnessing the acts and utterances of Republican presidential candidates can be regarded as a helpful psychological exercise, a type of 'exposure therapy' involving the development of methods used to bear the presence of unbearable people who insist on evincing the history of human ignorance, duplicity and insanity.

Democrats May Drop Millionaire Tax In Payroll Tax Fight

By Sam Stein

After months of arguing that millionaires should have to pay their fair share for the costs of the president s job bill, Democrats are poised to drop a provision that would make them do so.

US Census Shows 1 In 2 People Are Poor Or Low-income

By Hope Yen

Squeezed by rising living costs, a record number of Americans - nearly 1 in 2 - have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income.


US Cities, Homes Echo with Pangs of Hunger, Poverty


A proud, angry poor

The Nation
by Frances Fox Piven


Occupy Wall Street has thrust the issue of extreme inequality into the spotlight. The movement has spread so quickly and alarmed politicians not because of its rather small encampments but because its message resonates. Most people know, or at least half-know, that our problem is growing inequality, and they also know that government is complicit in the financially driven capitalism that is in the driver s seat. ... Still, the movement has to respond to the police sweeps of its encampments by becoming broader and more hard-hitting...

The making of the 99%

The Nation
by Barbara Ehrenreich & John Ehrenreich


They have been around for a long time in one form or another, but they began to emerge as a distinct and visible group, informally called the 'superrich,' only in recent years. Extravagant levels of consumption helped draw attention to them.... But as long as the middle class could still muster the credit for college tuition and occasional home improvements, it seemed churlish to complain. Then came the financial crash of 2007-08, followed by the Great Recession, and the 1 percent - to whom we had entrusted our pensions, our economy and our political system - stood revealed as a band of feckless, greedy narcissists, and possibly sociopaths...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The inevitable war with Iran

House Passes Sanctions Bill Barring Diplomacy With Iran

By Ali Gharib

No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran.

US Senate sanctions Irans Central Bank

The Senate voted 100-0 on Thursday for an amendment proposed by the Democrat Senator Robert Menendez and a Republican, Senator Mark Kirk, which would allow the US President Barack Obama to sanction foreign banks engaged in a 'significant financial transaction with the Central Bank of Iran,' Reuters reported.

Russian expert: Iran will be apparently attacked from Georgia s territory

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is a sign of future war against Iran, 'Should the U.S. forces remain in Iraq, it would inevitably lead to unpredictable consequences, with Iran striking heavy blows on the U.S. bases,' Maxim Shevchenko told

U.S. to leave Iraqi airspace clear for strategic Israeli route to Iran

The U.S. military s fast-approaching Dec. 31 exit from Iraq, which has no way to defend its airspace, puts Israel in a better place strategically to strike Iran s nuclear facilities.

Yes, Obama May Call Iran Strike

Dennis Ross, just retired as President Barack Obama s top adviser on the Middle East, warned yesterday that Obama means what he says when he declares that the White House isn t ruling out military action against Tehran.

From Information Clearing House


The inevitable war with Iran
by Philip Giraldi


The overly ambitious and ethically challenged wannabes who pass as statesmen in today s United States fail to appreciate that the feckless promises made in their lust for high office could produce a catastrophic result. War is serious stuff, as the past 10 years have surely taught us, and Iran, which has had seven years to prepare for an attack, is a much larger and tougher nut than Iraq and Afghanistan combined...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Koch-Mehrin will ihren Doktortitel zurück

Die FDP-Politikern zieht gegen die Universität Heidelberg vor Gericht.

Berliner Senator wird Rücktritt nach 11 Tagen mit 48.000 Euro 'Übergangsgeld' versilbert

Nicht nur der geldgierige Notar, sondern vor allem Bürgermeister Wowereit sowie SPD und CDU müssen sich fragen lassen, warum sie aus parteipolitischen Überlegungen noch das letzte Vertrauen in die Politiker zerstören - ein Kommentar.


Privatkredit-Affäre: Wulff räumt Fehler ein,1518,803966,00.html


Telekommunikationsüberwachung wird grenzenlos

Polizeien und Geheimdienste aller EU-Mitgliedstaaten wollen künftig grenzüberschreitend Überwachungsmaßnahmen durchführen. Auch der gegenseitige Zugriff auf Vorratsdaten wird geregelt.

ARD-Kampagne für Vorratsdatenspeicherung?

Patrick Breyer erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen das gebührenfinanzierte Fernsehprogramm.


Jetzt Unterzeichnen: Parlamentarische Bürgerinitiative gegen VDSÜberwachung

Und es gibt ihn doch: den Schießbefehl des syrischen Militärs

Der Bericht der Menschenrechtsorganisation HRW widerspricht den Aussagen des syrischen Präsidenten.


EU erzielt politischen Durchbruch für verbessertes Patentsystem

Right now, the Japanese whaling fleet is barrelling south to hunt thousands of majestic whales

Genetically modified foods can really mess with your health

And Was the Mission Accomplished?

What Is Fascism?


Lest We Forget:

Iraqi Girl Tells of US Attack in Haditha


Ten-year-old Iman Walid witnessed the killing of seven members of her family in an attack by American marine.

No Bravery


A nation blind to their disgrace.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Photo album

Another proud moment in U.S. Military History.

War Corporatism: The New Fascism


A look at the dogs of War, Corporatism unleashed upon the world by Bush and the PNAC as stated in the September 2000 document Rebuilding America's Defenses.

Iraqi Lullaby


Vocals by Laura Bush and Mothers of America.

'Journalism, Not Truth, Is The First Casualty of War'

An Interview With John Pilger

By Karuna John

WAR IS a well-produced reality show. Embedded journalism is the star cast. Yes, there are innocents dying, but why let that interfere with what the boss wants reported?

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media Required Viewing for every citizen in the Free World.


How government and big media businesses cooperate to produce an effective propaganda machine in order to manipulate the opinions of the United States populace.

Iraq war ends with a $4 trillion IOU

Veterans' health care costs to rise sharply over the next 40 years.

Marine Says Sergeant Ordered Massacre In Haditha

A Camp Pendleton Marine says his commanding officer ordered bloodshed before his squad killed 24 Iraqis, including women and children, in 2005.

US troops 'told to lie' about Iraqi killings

A US soldier has told a military jury in California how his commander killed five Iraqi civilians in the western al-Anbar province in 2005 and then asked him to lie about it.

For the families of Haditha, this is a matter of honour

The now notorious war crime, which left 24 Iraqis dead, became one of the defining atrocities of the war, and the taste remains all the more bitter for survivors, some of whom are children who lost parents in the attack, with the knowledge that not a single US marine has been brought to justice.

''Rebuilding America s Defenses'': A Summary

Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

By Bette Stockbauer

From Information Clearing House

The Government as Lawbreaker, Again

The Dangerous Supreme Court

Amerika Is Becoming More Like North Korea

10 Ways the War on Drugs Is a Wild Success

Where Is My Money?

Unlimited Military Detention of Americans To Become Law

Amnesty International Releases New Short Film Inspired by Abusive National Security Policies


Senate passes bill allowing US citizens to be held indefinitely
without a trial

When Obama signs NDAA he will stain his legacy and damage rule of law


Military Given Go-ahead To Detain US Terrorist Suspects Without Trial

By Chris McGreal

Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantánamo Bay.

Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender

By Ralph Nader

So extreme are these majority Congressional extremists, composed of both Republicans and renegade Democrats, that the Obama Administration has to lecture them about the fundamental American principle that 'our military does not patrol our streets.'

Refusal to Veto Detainee Bill A Historic Tragedy for Rights

US President Barack Obama s apparent decision to not veto a defense spending bill that codifies indefinite detention without trial into US law and expands the military s role in holding terrorism suspects does enormous damage to the rule of law both in the US and abroad, Human Rights Watch said today.

Congress Authorizes Offensive Military Action in Cyberspace

Congress affirms that the Department of Defense has the capability, and upon direction by the President may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace to defend our Nation, allies and interests,' said the FY 2012 defense authorization act that was adopted in conference this week.

From Information Clearing House


Veto Threat Lifted, US House Passes 'Indefinite Detention' Bill

House GOP Spending Bill Laden with Special-Interest, Anti-Environmental Riders


Obama caves in, agrees he is all-powerful

Anthony Gregory Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


The one brake on presidential power, relative to kingly power, has always been the constitution - and not so much the written one on parchment, but the one in the hearts and minds of the people. Some things the American people would not tolerate the president doing. Yet we are losing this brake on power every day...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Tell President Obama: Veto indefinite detention


Jason Leopold: Indefinite Detention Act Voids US Constitution


Kristine Frazao, RT America: 'Yesterday the US Congress voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. The 86 to 13 vote will allow the indefinite detention and torture of American citizens at home and abroad without a trial. The NDAA gives more power to the military and government and President Obama at one point said would veto the bill but he has changed his mind. Jason Leopold, deputy managing editor for TruthOut.Org, joins us to discuss this Act.'

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