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The Savings of Millions of People Are Going to Vanish in Less Than 12 Months

The Myth of American Freedom

A Nation of 'Suspects'

Nancy Murray and Kade Crockford, Truthout and ACLU Massachusetts: 'The recent dramatic expansion of intelligence collection at the federal, state and local level raises profound civil liberties concerns regarding freedoms and protections we have long taken for granted. If people generally appear unaware of 'change in the air,' a large part of the reason is the unparalleled resort to secrecy used by the government to keep its actions from public scrutiny. According to the new American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report, 'Drastic Measures Required,' under President Obama (who had vowed to create 'an unprecedented level of openness in Government' when he first took office), there were no fewer than 76,795,945 decisions made to classify information in 2010 - eight times the number made in 2001."

Fukushima Desolation Worst Since Nagasaki as Residents Flee

What s emerging in Japan six months since the nuclear meltdown at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant is a radioactive zone bigger than that left by the 1945 atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

From Information Clearing House

More U.S. military action in Pakistan possible: Graham

Support is growing in the U.S. Congress for expanding American military action in Pakistan beyond drone strikes already used to target militants in Pakistani territory, a senior Republican U.S. senator says.

US 'threat' of military action unites Pakistan

U.S. accusations that Pakistan is supporting Afghan insurgents have triggered a nationalist backlash and whipped up media fears of an American invasion, drowning out any discussion over the army s long use of jihadi groups as deadly proxies in the region.

Pakistan warns against U.S. attack on militants

U.S. military action against insurgents in Pakistan would be unacceptable and the country s army would be capable of responding, intelligence chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha told a meeting of political leaders in Islamabad, according to media reports.

'Stop the blame game', Pakistan PM warns US

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Washington is close to deciding whether the Haqqani network should be designated as a foreign terrorist group. The organisation is believed to have strong ties in Pakistan.

Adm. Mullen s words on Pakistan come under scrutiny

Adm. Mike Mullen s assertion last week that an anti-American insurgent group in Afghanistan is a 'veritable arm' of Pakistan s spy service was overstated and contributed to overheated reactions in Pakistan and misperceptions in Washington, according to American officials involved in U.S. policy in the region.

US kills four people in Pakistan

The assault took place in Baghar village of South Waziristan tribal district on Friday when the drone fired two missiles at a vehicle.

US will only kill Pakistani people from the sky: U.S. will not send troops into Pakistan (again): U.S. official

'There will be no boots on the ground,' the official said. 'That has been communicated to them (the Pakistanis).',0,1761250.story

From Information Clearing House

US Becomes a Center of Poverty

- wage Manufacturing

By Andre Damon

With the full backing of the Obama administration, US and foreign-based corporations are exploiting levels of mass unemployment and poverty not seen since the Great Depression in order to transform the US into a cheap labor platform in direct competition with Mexico, China and other low-wage countries.

'Rebellion Has Arrived In America'

By Mike Krieger

I will be the first to admit that I faded the whole idea of this 'Occupy Wall Street' protest. I had already seen several failed attempts at protest in NYC come and go and I just sadly assumed the spirit of that once great city had died forever. I am extraordinarily happy to report that I was wrong.

New Pepper-spray Video Emerges

By Robert Mackey and Karen McVeigh

NYPD officer Anthony Bologna faces two investigations as video emerges of a second pepper-spray incident.

Occupy Wall Street: Beyond Bologna

By Linh Dinh

Bernanke: Unemployment Poses 'National Crisis'

'We have had close to 10 percent unemployment now for a number of years and, of the people who are unemployed, about 45 percent have been unemployed for six months or more. This is unheard of.'

The Men We Trusted to Lead Us

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke referred to the nation s unemployment rate as a 'national crisis,' to finally hear those words from the man George W. Bush and Barack Obama both appointed to lead us out of the great recession is a bracing reminder of how markedly the policies of both those presidents have failed.

Wall Street protesters in for the long haul

A standoff near Wall Street between protesters opposed to what they say is corporate greed and police may drag on into winter, with a march on police headquarters the likely next test of whether tensions escalate.

From Information Clearing House


A Massive Union Just Voted To Side With The Wall Street Protesters


Unions Head to Wall Street

Five Things That #OccupyWallStreet Has Done Right


Is the US a police state?

by John Grant


It was a peaceful demonstration against Wall Street greed. At least it started out that way. All evidence suggests it was, then, sent careening into chaos by the police strong-arming of young protesters who had done nothing but express their views in public...

Occupy Wall Street & New Bottom Line: Taking back the American Dream

Our Future Blog
by Tracy Van Slyke


In its second week, hundreds of people have taken over Liberty Square as part of Occupy Wall Street. What started as a loosely organized protest against the corrupting impact that Wall Street and big financial institutions have had on our democracy seems to be growing into something larger. ... As the Occupy Wall Street protestors lift up the pain that young Americans are experiencing and take it directly to the heart of our country s corrupted financial system, other movements composed of homeowners, the jobless, faith leaders and the growing ranks of the poor are doing the same...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The day Wall Street took over the White House


EU: People vs Banks


The Federal Reserve Is Playing Defense

Antiwar Mass Assembly 8 October 2011: Trafalgar Square

Not signed the pledge to be there yet? Sign it now...


On October 6, Let s Make a National Clamor for Peace

Robert Naiman, Truthout: 'On October 7, 2011, the United States will have been at war for ten years. Let s mark the occasion by making a national clamor for peace so loud that Congress, the president and big media will have to pay attention.... [T]he press has to cover the anniversary of the war, but these stories are going to be largely written and produced before Friday. The default media narrative will be: America has lost interest in the wars, because of the economy and unemployment, because 'the wars are already winding down,' or some other story that journalists or editors will make up. We have to beat this default media narrative. To beat it, we need to get in front of it.'

From Information Clearing House

Kanada: Schmutziges Öl oder ethisches Öl?

Der Streit über die umstrittene Ölsand-Pipeline Keystone XL weitet sich aus.

Silvana Koch-Mehrin schafft es mit ihrer Anwesenheitsquote in EU-Ausschüssen, den Stimmenanteil der FDP zu unterbieten


Euro-Rettungsschirm: Die Kanzlermehrheit steht

Die Regierung ist vorerst gerettet, Europa aber soll sparen bis zum bitteren Ende.


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