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El Salvador: Nein zu Umweltzerstörung und Straflosigkeit


Bank wechseln: Politik verändern


The conservative movement is an elaborate moneymaking venture

by Alex Pareene


The conservative movement is primarily a means by which the wealth of rabid right-wingers is redistributed to celebrities. Sometimes the money comes from billionaires, who know exactly what they are buying when they fund advocacy groups and think tanks, but the whole scheme is basically powered by regular right-wing folks who are kept riled up and angry enough to keep sending checks to frauds and buying books full of alarming lies...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


We have always been at war with Yemen

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory

As Congress and the American people are finally waking up to Mr. Nobel Peace Prize s illegal presidential war in Libya, a nation that never posed a threat to the United States - and as the Bush-Obama wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to fatigue the nation and, in many cases, bore a complacent media - we find ourselves witnessing yet another war that seems to have just crept up out of the blue...

Imperial inanity

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


The New York Times yesterday carried an interesting article about U.S. military attacks in Yemen, one of five countries (that we know of) in which the U.S. Empire is killing people. The article indicated that the CIA is building a secret base outside of Yemen in order to carry out attacks inside the country in the future. Why is the base being built outside Yemen and why is its location secret?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bahrain: The Eye of Americas Middle East Hypocrisy


Pakistan 'blocking supplies to US base'

Pakistan is blocking food and water from reaching a remote base used by the US for its secret drones programme, severely hampering counter terrorism strategy, according to a senior American official.

Arrest of CIA 'bin Laden informants', ISI chief's retaliation against US' humiliation

The ISI is 'trying to lay down the rule that the CIA does not operate independently in Pakistan,' Time magazine quoted a senior Pakistani official, as saying.

From Information Clearing House

Presidency Grows Even More Imperial

By A. Barton Hinkle

When Bush won the White House, Democrats rediscovered their constitutional scruples; with Obama in office, Republicans have rediscovered theirs. A pity that so many care about the rules only when they are in no position to enforce them.

Obama Financial Suporters Get Top Jobs

By Fred Schulte, John Aloysius Farrell and Jeremy Borden

More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish 'special interests' from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests.


'Gemeinsam gegen Mobbing und Gewalt im Netz'

Mit den Themen 'Ausgrenzung, Cybermobbing und sexuelle Gewalt im Netz' setzten sich nun die Lehrer zusammen mit der Wissenschaftlerin Catarina Katzer, Leiterin verschiedener Forschungsprojekte rund um das Thema Cyberpsychologie, Medienethik und ...;art372623,4948449

Protect Moscows Khimki Forest and Russias Other Old Forest

Remnants from Roadways and Ecocidal Industrial Capitalism

Give Catastrophe a Chance

The Door Is About to Shut for Americans


The Revolution Will Not Be Deactualized

Oct. 6th: Will Tahrir Square Come to Washington?

By Ted Rall

Here in the United States, corrupt politicians and their corporate overlords have raped the wealthiest nation in the history of civilization, reducing one out of five Americans to unemployment as the income of the rich skyrockets.

Bankers + politicians = 'unholy alliance' vs people


Renowned Eurosceptic and British Euro MP Nigel Farage says saving the banks is why politicians are so determined to bail out Greece and keep it in the Eurozone.

U.S. Economic Confidence Plunges in Early June

A sharp deterioration in the jobs outlook and six straight weeks of Wall Street declines sent Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy plunging to an average of -35 during the week ending June 12 -- a decline of nine percentage points from two weeks ago, and six points worse than it was in the same week a year ago.

From Information Clearing House


Bailouts beget more bailouts

Cato Institute
by Daniel J. Ikenson


The objection to the auto bailout was not that the federal government wouldn t be able to marshal adequate resources to help GM and Chrysler. The most serious concerns were about the consequences of that intervention - the undermining of the rule of law, the property confiscations, the politically driven decisions and the distortion of market signals...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Americas Recent Wars Have All Been Accompanied by Memorable Falsehoods


Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes and Facts


Libya is unlike Tunisia or Egypt where peaceful demonstrations caused Ben Ali and Mubarak to step down.

UN 'must be ready' to step in when Gaddafi falls: Nato chief

Rasmussen vowed that the alliance was prepared to continue as long as it takes to - ultimately force Muammar Gaddafi out of office.

Libya mission to cost $1.1 bln by Sept 30 -White House

The report stated that these funds would be found in the existing Defense Department budget, and would therefore not require a supplemental appropriations request to Congress.

List of countries by military expenditures

Guess who's number 1?

Obama, We're At War, Stop Insulting Us

By Stephen M. Walt

In plain English, we are killing (or helping to kill) Qaddafi loyalists (and occasionally innocent civilians), in an openly-acknowledged campaign to drive him from power.

From Information Clearing House

US Mayors To Push For First Anti-War Resolution Since Vietnam

Obamas Message: 'Its Not War if the President Says So'


Yes, it is a police state

Foundation for Economic Education
by Steven Horwitz


As regular readers know, I am not one for hyperbole, so perhaps some are thinking that my title is ironic. Nope, I mean it. An accumulation of events in recent months leads me to no other conclusion than that we are in fact living in a police state in the good old US of A. The list of reasons is fairly long, but we can certainly start with our favorite gropers at the TSA...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The American West in Flames

Extreme Weather Events Unprecedented, Scientists Say

Fukushima: 'Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in History'

The Big Fukushima Lie Flies High

Next-up News Nr 1740+1741

- USA Alert Nuclear Power Plant/Centrale Nucléaire Fort Calhoun Nebraska

- USA Centrale Nucléaire de Fort Calhoun: "Le Délire Nucléaire"

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