Is Syria next

Samstag, 7. September 2013

In July Russia gave UN 100-page report blaming Syrian rebels for sarin attack in Aleppo

Options for Peace Ignored, As Obama Plans for Expanded Syria War

At G20, Push For War Isolates Obama From World Leaders

US Attack On Syria Violates International Law

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Post 9-11 Veterans Oppose U.S. Military Strikes in Syria

Kerry Covers up Iraq War Falsifications


U.S. intercepts Iranian order for attack on U.S. interests in Iraq



The United States has intercepted an order from an Iranian official instructing militants in Iraq to attack U.S. interests in Baghdad in the event the Obama administration launches a military strike in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The American embassy in Baghdad was a likely target, according to unnamed U.S. officials quoted by the newspaper...The Journal reported that the Iranian message was intercepted in recent days and came from the head of the Revolutionary Guards' Qods Force...

The lies behind this war
by Justin Raimondo


This government lies about everything, James 'least untruthful' Clapper is the poster boy for the distinct style this gang has brought to the White House. Kerry is fast catching up to him, however, as the whoppers come thick and fast. These folks are no different from their neocon predecessors, except that the neocons were better liars. The lies they told were bigger, more imaginative, and far more elaborate, although the Obamaites are doing some pretty quick catching up...

We can t trust White House Syria claims

USA Today
by Jim Bovard


President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are adamant that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians last month. They have thus far provided the public scant hard information to back up their claims. Even Obama ally Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) characterized the evidence in a Sunday Capitol Hill classified briefing as 'circumstantial.' Perhaps the Assad regime did commit this brutal attack. But can we expect the U.S. government to be honest about an alleged atrocity which the president is invoking to sanctify his foreign policy? History is not reassuring on that score...

We don t have to bomb Syria

In These Times
by Stephen R. Weissman


After an August 21 military attack on rebel-held areas of the eastern suburbs of Damascus killed hundreds of people, the United States and others accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons. President Obama is now pushing Congress to authorize military action against the Syrian regime, on the grounds that the attack 'presents a serious danger to our national security.' Let us assume that the U.S. allegations against the Syrian government are all true. Contrary to the administration s assumptions, military force is not the only available option. And responding to the Syrian regime s reported massacre with air strikes could still do serious harm to U.S. foreign policy in the region and worldwide. We should take a look at diplomatic options that have been shoved aside in the haste to use force...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Troubled waters: Naval forces line Syrian shores


Gen Martin Dempsey Warns Not To Strike Syria

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey has told Obama that a strike on Syria will end in involvement with Iran and Russia. Senator John McCain responded that Dempsey's warnings are 'disingenuous.'

A war the Pentagon doesn t want

They are outraged by the fact that what may happen is an act of war and a willingness to risk American lives to make up for a slip of the tongue about 'red lines.'

Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack May Be A 'False Flag'


Pentagon May be Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria, US Intelligence Colonel Hacked Mail Reflect

New proofs of the U.S. intelligence involvement to chemical attack near Damascus. Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD s mail.

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated

Grayson says members of Congress are being given intelligence briefings without any evidence to support administration claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons.

Pope calls on world leaders to abandon military options in Syria

Pope Francis called on world leaders attending the G20 summit in Russia to seek peace in Syria through diplomatic means and to lay aside the 'futile pursuit' of a military solution.

On the Fence about Syria? Read This!

A quick reader on why military intervention in Syria is a big mistake-and what we should be advocating instead.

From Information Clearing House


'Vote counts in Congress not encouraging for Obama'


These False Flags Were Used To Start A War

War in Syria: Evidence?

Syria Intervention Would be 'Reckless and Immoral'

No Country for Assad s Men

The US Government Stands Revealed to the World

Russia 'Will Help Syria' In The Event of a Military Strike, Putin


Putin: Syria chemical attack is 'rebels' provocation in hope of intervention'.

Hezbollah, Iran and Syria Prepare for Counterattack

By Mirella Hodeib

The three players have agreed on a specific course of action if American missiles smash into Syrian territory.

An Israeli-Saudi-US conspiracy? Saudi Arabia s 'Chemical Bandar' behind the Syrian chemical attacks?

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The moralistic language coming out of Washington is despicable posturing.

Yes, the Syrian Rebels DO Have Access to Chemical Weapons

By WashingtonsBlog

Multiple lines of evidence show that the rebels do have chemical weapons.

US Gambles on Syria with Empty Hand

By Finian Cunningham

The Americans have a choice: either present your supposedly incriminating evidence against the Syrian government, or proceed with your plans and face international wrath for committing the supreme crime of aggression.

Peace in Syria is Possible...Within The Week

By Thierry Meyssan

For a period of a little more than one week, there exists a window of possibility to stop the war.

The U.S. is 'Fighting for Al Qaeda' in Syria

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Barack Obama and John Kerry are not fighting terrorism. Quite the opposite: They are actively supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.

Woman Informing Kerry, McCain s Opinions on Syria also an Advocate for Syrian Rebels

By Charles C. Johnson

The woman whose opinion lawmakers are relying on to go to war in Syria is also a paid advocate for the war-torn country s rebels.

Senators Authorizing Syria Strike Got More Defense Cash Than Lawmakers Voting No

By David Kravets

Senators voting Wednesday to authorize a Syria strike received, on average, 83 percent more campaign financing from defense contractors than lawmakers voting against war.

Groundswell on Syria: The People Versus AIPAC

By Philip Weiss

We are at a defining moment in the history of the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Israel wants a war and the American people don t.

What Happened to the Anti-War Movement?

By David Sirota

This is red-versus-blue tribalism in its most murderous form. It suggests that the party affiliation of a particular president should determine whether or not we want that president to kill other human beings.

March on Washington to say 'Vote NO to War On Syria!'

Saturday, September 7 @ 12 noon and Monday, September 9

Gather at the White House+March to the Capitol Building.

Act Now! Say No To War On Syria


Here s the Best Way to Tell Congress Your Opinion on Syria.

From One Nobel Peace Laureate To Another

Open letter to President Barack Obama

By Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

No Congressperson of the United States can legitimize what cannot be legitimate, nor legalize what cannot be legal.

That Most Charming of Couples: Nationalism and Hypocrisy

By William Blum

Unlimited power in the hands of psychopaths. My own country truly scares me.

Rebel Brutality in Syria Posing Dilemma in the West

This scene, documented in a video smuggled out of Syria a few days ago by a former rebel who grew disgusted by the killings, offers a dark insight into how many rebels have adopted some of the same brutal and ruthless tactics as the regime they are trying to overthrow.

Russia will stand by Assad over any US strikes, warns Putin

Mr Putin said that world opinion was firmly against US-led intervention, adding that Russia would take Syria's side. 'Will we help Syria? We will,' he said. 'We are already helping, we send arms.'

Russia sends warship with 'special cargo' to Syria

'The ship will make call in Novorossiisk, where it will take on board special cargo and set off for the designated area of its combat duty in the eastern Mediterranean,' the source said. The source did not specify the nature of the cargo.

The Vote On Syria Is Shaping Up To Be A Full-Fledged Disaster For Obama

ThinkProgress has 217 House members at a firm 'no' or leaning 'no,' which is right on the cusp of a failure already. The Washington Post puts the count of 'no' votes at 205. The Hill has the most sober count of 'no' House votes, at just 114.

Syrian woman PLEADS to McCain: 'I beg you' not to attack'


Russia Sends Three More Warships to Syrian Coast

Russia is strengthening its naval presence off the coast of Syria by deploying three more warships to the region, bringing its total fleet in the eastern Mediterranean to 10 vessels.

The Israeli Lobby Sets Out To Defeat Obama on Iran

By MJ Rosenberg

The Netanyahu government and its lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), are both determined to end the process and have the ability to do it.

From Information Clearing House


At G20, Obama fails to rally international support for Syria strike


Who is John Kerry really?érez+Esquivel


'Effektiv al-Qaidas Luftwaffe'

Deutsche Medien im Kriegsrausch: Die Zeit kämpft an vorderster Front

'Effektiv al-Qaidas Luftwaffe'

Ein republikanischer Senator aus Texas lehnt US-Luftschläge in Syrien mit deutlichen Worten ab. Neue Greueltaten durch Salafisten.

Freitag, 6. September 2013

The Costs of War in Syria

Kucinich: 10 Unproven Pro-Syria War Claims

How to Stop Obama s Military Aggression Against Syria


Who are the Syrian 'rebels'?


Obama Reframes Syria: Metaphor and War Revisited

George Lakoff, Truthout: George Lakoff analyzes Obama s language and framing of the Syrian crisis and argues that we need to keep track of the metaphors and scenarios that lead to real-world consequences.

Another War Is Not the Answer

David Krieger, Truthout: Where we are now in a potential war with Syria; why entering a war would be illegal, immoral and imprudent; and what we should do instead, according to David Krieger.

Could Online Giant Avaaz Help Us Stop the US Bombing of Syria?

Robert Naiman, Truthout: The NAYS are multiplying, but the YAYS are pulling out their big guns. Could online organizing giant Avaaz help us stop the US bombing of Syria? Sign this petition to find out.

Syria: Six Alternatives to Military Strikes

Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine: Many of the legal and diplomatic processes that led to peace in other times of conflict haven t even been tried yet in Syria.


Russia Warns of Nuclear Disaster if Syria is Attacked


Russia s Foreign Ministry urged the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to complete a risk evaluation as the US continues to seek support for military action.

Another Illegal War Based on Manipulation and False Pretenses?

By Rodrigue Tremblay

Each time a government is circulating photos of dead babies to justify a military aggression, one has to ask if this is not part of a campaign of artful disinformation to manipulate public opinion.

Which Americans Will Arrive First To Syria?

By Franklin Lamb

Will 1000 American 'human shields' stop another criminal war?

Syria in the Cross-hairs: Making the World Safe for Banksters

By Ellen Hodgson Brown

Iraq and Libya have been taken out, and Iran has been heavily boycotted. Syria is now in the cross-hairs. Why? Here is one overlooked scenario.

The Dangers of 'Willful Blindness'


In a talk that s part history lesson, part call-to-action, Margaret Heffernan demonstrates the danger of 'willful blindness'.

If The Nuremberg Laws Were Applied...

By Noam Chomsky

Al-Qaida-linked Syria rebels hit Christian village

Rebels commandeered a mountaintop hotel in the village of Maaloula and shelled the community below, said a nun, speaking by phone from a convent in the village.

75,000 troops needed to secure chemical weapons if Damascus falls

A recent congressional report says 75,000 troops would be needed to safeguard the WMD caches. The Congressional Research Center (CRS) report, was compiled with the aim of 'responding to possible scenarios involving the use, change of hands, or loss of control of Syrian chemical weapons.'

Even Obama Agrees: There s No Imminent Threat From Syria

That s about as plain as it can get: There s no imminent threat in Syria. What about an 'actual' threat? Given that Syria is not to strike the U.S. unless the U.S. strikes first, one could reasonably argue that military action is more likely to create an actual threat than to prevent it.

Russia Boosts Mediterranean Force as U.S. Mulls Syria Strike

Russia is sending two destroyers, including the Nastoichivy, the flagship of the Baltic Fleet, and the Moskva missile cruiser to the region, Interfax reported today

Russian Ships 'Able to React' in Case of Syria Escalation

'Today we consider our presence in the eastern Mediterranean to be sufficient to solve the tasks. If necessary, together with submarine forces, they (the ships) are capable even today of influencing a military situation,' a general staff source told the Interfax news agency.

Christians in Middle East: U.S. attack on Syria would be detrimental

'There is major consensus amongst the Christian leaders in this region that any military intervention would have a detrimental effect...on Christians in Syria,' wrote Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general/CEO of World Evangelical Alliance, in a letter to the State Department.

A letter from Trappist nuns in Syria: 'Blood fills our streets, our eyes, our hearts'

Will the Nobel Peace Prize winner drop his sentence of war onto us? Despite all justice, all common sense, all mercy, all humility, all wisdom?

John Kerry s Morally, Linguistically, and Historically Obscene Case for War in Syria

I counted at least seven moments that qualified in my judgment as obscene, exposing along the way the administration's empty and contradictory arguments for air-mailing death upon a regime that does not pose a direct threat in the United States-

Iran says US will suffer if Syria is attacked

Allegations that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons last month are a 'pretext' by the West to attack the country, Iran s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said.

U.S. Missiles and 'Pinpoint Accuracy': CNN-cruise-missile-accuracy

Whenever war is near, you can count on U.S. media to tout the lethal efficiency of U.S. weapons. Now is no different.

Ex-World Leaders Urge U.S. to Forego Military Attack on Syria

The United States, which is preparing to launch a military strike on Syria, is being cautioned by several former world leaders and Nobel Peace laureates to seek a political solution to the ongoing crisis and forego armed intervention in the beleaguered Middle Eastern nation.

From Information Clearing House


It s Not War, So Stop Saying That

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: 'A huge majority of the American people is against attacking Syria. Battalions of military experts and advisers are terrified of the prospect...and more than a few veterans are seething at the idea of launching yet another war while a killer backlog of VA applications languishes unresolved to the terminal detriment of those who bore the brunt of our previous martial adventures.'


Is this why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

by L. Douglas Wilder


In December 2009 the world was treated to the unexpected news that President Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Among those most surprised was Obama himself. Not many sitting American presidents have won the award. In fact, Obama was only the third. Now, as Obama stumbles his way through a proposed military strike on the Syrian government, it seems the president has not paid nearly enough attention to the history of world leaders who have won this international honor...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Call for Nobel prize for Putin


Attack Syria to uphold international norms? In fact, proposed strikes violate them


Putin Calls Kerry a Liar on Syria

By David Jackson

Putin called Obama Secretary of State John Kerry a liar over Kerry's testimony this week before Congress.

Senate Panel Votes To Make Regime Change The Goal Of Syria Mission

By Dylan Scott

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted by voice vote Wednesday two amendments by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to the resolution authorizing military action in Syria that would make it the goal of the mission to 'change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria.'

Obama Will Not Get Away With a Syria Strike On My Watch

By Rand Paul

In 1971, Secretary of State John Kerry famously questioned: 'How can you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake?' I would ask Secretary Kerry how can you ask a man to be the first one to die for a mistake?

A Syrian Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

By William Boardman

In a fundamentally cowardly Congress, members are unlikely to oppose this kind of threat to the national interest, especially now that they getting their egos stroked by the White House.

US Is Not 'Al-Qaeda s Air Force': Sen. Ted Cruz


Cruz noted that of the nine major rebel groups, seven have ties to Al-Qaeda.

The High Cost Of Saving Face For Obama

By Paul Craig Roberts

The credibility of the Israel Lobby and the neoconservatives will be lost unless America again commits a war crime.


Tell Congress: No Military Intervention in Syria!

Warnung vor möglichen biologischen Waffen des Assad-Regimes

Angeblich sollen die Nachbarländer Syriens Sorge vor möglichen biologischen Waffen haben, schreibt die Washington Post und sammelt Hinweise auf deren Existenz um einen Militärschlag zu unterstützen?


Wer hat welches Interesse an kriegerischem Eingreifen in Syrien?

Eine aktuelle Untersuchung darüber, worum es bei den Kriegsplänen gegen Syrien wirklich geht, keineswegs etwa um Demokratie unter anderem, versucht am 01. September 2013 die Alternative Libertaire in dem Beitrag Syrie : Les enjeux impérialistes des bombardements zu leisten

Siehe dazu auch: Syria News Update am 04. September 2013 bei Jadaliyya, wie immer ausgesprochen lesenswert, alleine weil Stimmen zu Wort kommen, die dies in dem üblichen medialen Kriegsorchester nicht oder bestenfalls am Rande tun

Aus: LabourNet, 6. September 2013ärschlag

Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Rand Paul takes on John Kerry: 'Why are you pushing an act of war?'


Remember What Happened The Last Time We Attacked Another Country Without UN Inspector Support?


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