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The Costs of War in Syria

Kucinich: 10 Unproven Pro-Syria War Claims

How to Stop Obama s Military Aggression Against Syria


Who are the Syrian 'rebels'?


Obama Reframes Syria: Metaphor and War Revisited

George Lakoff, Truthout: George Lakoff analyzes Obama s language and framing of the Syrian crisis and argues that we need to keep track of the metaphors and scenarios that lead to real-world consequences.

Another War Is Not the Answer

David Krieger, Truthout: Where we are now in a potential war with Syria; why entering a war would be illegal, immoral and imprudent; and what we should do instead, according to David Krieger.

Could Online Giant Avaaz Help Us Stop the US Bombing of Syria?

Robert Naiman, Truthout: The NAYS are multiplying, but the YAYS are pulling out their big guns. Could online organizing giant Avaaz help us stop the US bombing of Syria? Sign this petition to find out.

Syria: Six Alternatives to Military Strikes

Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine: Many of the legal and diplomatic processes that led to peace in other times of conflict haven t even been tried yet in Syria.


Hubris, Thy Name Is Anglo-American Elite

How Elites View ?The System?


Beyond Savage Politics and Dystopian Nightmares

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: The American public needs to break the cycle that affirms everyone as a consumer and reduces freedom to unchecked self-interest while reproducing subjects who are willingly complicit with the plundering of the environment, resources and public goods by the financial elite.

Lawlessness and Ruin in Libya

By Patrick Cockburn

Libya has plunged unnoticed into its worst political and economic crisis since the defeat of Gaddafi.


The Pivot to Africa: The Startling Size, Scope and Growth of US Military Operations on the African Continent

Nick Turse, TomDispatch: While Washington talks openly about rebalancing its military assets to Asia, a pivot to Africa is quietly and unmistakably underway.


Kenyan Bloodbath: Reaping the 'Benefits' of US AFRICOM Collaboration


Is Germany the key to resisting AFRICOM s Africa takeover

Come Home America
by Joe Scarry


To those of us who have worked hard to get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, it is flabbergasting to see reports that U.S. officials see a 'need' for someplace else to send troops and material: apparently, there?s no such thing as demobilization, only re-deployment...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Attack Syria to uphold international norms? In fact, proposed strikes violate them


Putin Calls Kerry a Liar on Syria

By David Jackson

Putin called Obama Secretary of State John Kerry a liar over Kerry's testimony this week before Congress.

Senate Panel Votes To Make Regime Change The Goal Of Syria Mission

By Dylan Scott

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted by voice vote Wednesday two amendments by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to the resolution authorizing military action in Syria that would make it the goal of the mission to 'change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria.'

Obama Will Not Get Away With a Syria Strike On My Watch

By Rand Paul

In 1971, Secretary of State John Kerry famously questioned: 'How can you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake?' I would ask Secretary Kerry how can you ask a man to be the first one to die for a mistake?

A Syrian Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

By William Boardman

In a fundamentally cowardly Congress, members are unlikely to oppose this kind of threat to the national interest, especially now that they getting their egos stroked by the White House.

US Is Not 'Al-Qaeda s Air Force': Sen. Ted Cruz


Cruz noted that of the nine major rebel groups, seven have ties to Al-Qaeda.

The High Cost Of Saving Face For Obama

By Paul Craig Roberts

The credibility of the Israel Lobby and the neoconservatives will be lost unless America again commits a war crime.


Tell Congress: No Military Intervention in Syria!

Warnung vor möglichen biologischen Waffen des Assad-Regimes

Angeblich sollen die Nachbarländer Syriens Sorge vor möglichen biologischen Waffen haben, schreibt die Washington Post und sammelt Hinweise auf deren Existenz um einen Militärschlag zu unterstützen?


Wer hat welches Interesse an kriegerischem Eingreifen in Syrien?

Eine aktuelle Untersuchung darüber, worum es bei den Kriegsplänen gegen Syrien wirklich geht, keineswegs etwa um Demokratie unter anderem, versucht am 01. September 2013 die Alternative Libertaire in dem Beitrag Syrie : Les enjeux impérialistes des bombardements zu leisten

Siehe dazu auch: Syria News Update am 04. September 2013 bei Jadaliyya, wie immer ausgesprochen lesenswert, alleine weil Stimmen zu Wort kommen, die dies in dem üblichen medialen Kriegsorchester nicht oder bestenfalls am Rande tun

Aus: LabourNet, 6. September 2013ärschlag

Revelatory new film exposing surveillance and control


Privacy Is Dead: US and UK Spy Agencies Defeat Privacy and Security on the Internet

By James Ball, Julian Borger and Glenn Greenwald

NSA and GCHQ unlock encryption used to protect emails, banking and medical records.

In Its Zeal to Spy, the NSA May Be Leaving Americans Less Secure

U.S. Rep. Rush Holt: According to news reports, the NSA has covertly weakened the computer security protocols that American citizens and businesses rely on. The NSA has surreptitiously obtained the encryption keys used by major corporations to protect online data.

NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data

SPIEGEL has learned from internal NSA documents that the US intelligence agency has the capability of tapping user data from the iPhone, devices using Android as well as BlackBerry, a system previously believed to be highly secure.

The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda

The All-powerful Cult of Death That Rules America

By Doug Valentine

Despite the popular portrayal of the CIA as patriotic guys and girls risking everything to do a dirty job, the typical CIA officer is a sociopath.

From Information Clearing House


Intellectuals as Subjects and Objects of Violence

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: The dominant reactions to Edward Snowden s revelations about the NSA should shame us as a nation and are the result of a neoliberal politics of refusal to understand issues within broader contexts, which is central to the success of the right-wing counter-revolution and which must be stopped.

Cantaloupe vs. al-Qaeda: What s More Dangerous?

Michael Meurer, Truthout: One of the most important revelations from the international drama over Edward Snowden s NSA leaks in May is the exposure of a nearly lunatic disproportion in threat assessment and spending by the US government.


Support the 'Surveillance State Repeal Act'

Downsize DC
by Jim Babka


Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) has done a good thing. He has introduced the 'Surveillance State Repeal Act (HR 2818).' Read the sample letter to Congress, below, to learn what the bill does. Then send the letter to your elected reps using our new campaign...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Spying and Lying

US Leaker Snowden 'Wears Disguise, in Danger': Lawyer

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