Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering And Bio-Engineering

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I have been concerned with this issue since 2002 and so in 2003 I created an official, formal Petition that was presented to the Canadian Parliament. The government response documented their lies.

Ten years having gone by I thought that I would try again. Here is my introduction to this current effort: Canadian Chemtrails Petition 2013:


Many people have become used to the long plumes in the sky that they may not even take notice, although similar, they are NOT aircraft condensation trails. These particular trails have come to be known as chemtrails, a word now defined in the current Oxford English Dictionary plus a word to be found many, many millions of times via a Google search.

The chemtrails are deliberate aerial spraying, or releases, there is no question of that, many people have reported health problems as a result of this spraying such as persistent hacking coughs, throat irritation, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, disorientation, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, and many other, often flu-like, symptoms.

Previous attempts to stop aerial spraying in Canada have gone nowhere due to the fact that Government has denied such spraying is happening. Therefore I (Brian Holmes of has...) have created a formal Petition regarding Chemtrails, that will be submitted to the Canadian House of Commons. The Petition is to be downloaded, printed out and directly signed by petitioners, English and French versions of the Petition are online, please go to:

- or directly to the home page where there is an obvious link. There is more related info online.

When you visit the website you will find some information on my previous Petition effort ten years ago including the government response. It seemed like a good time to try again with much more awareness of the issue on the part of the general public plus far greater Internet penetration.

In this first month that the Petition has been available for distribution it has been downloaded and hard copies made available to petitioners well over 1000 times across Canada coast to coast! Also the Petition is already featured on some fifteen Facebook groups. It is assured that there will be many thousands of petitioners' signatures to be submitted to Parliament. The Petition will remain open until 15 May.



Climate Crisis: Radical Action or a New Battlefront in the War on Nature?


CIA backs $630,000 Study Into How to Control Global Weather Through Geoengineering


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