Big Lender China Urges US to Avoid Bankruptcy

12 Very Ominous Warnings About What a U.S. Debt Default would Mean for the Global Economy


America In Search Of Navigational Change

By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja

'We, as Americans, need to ask ourselves what all this is about? Why is our government so provocative toward Islam, Russia, China, Iran?'

At the UN, a Latin American Rebellion

By Laura Carlsen

Latin American leaders are reclaiming a right to differentiate their views from Washington s-and refusing to render it diplomatic tribute.

Get Your Fiscal House in Order: China Warns US as Asia s Expresses Concern for $1.3tn of Investments

By Ben Chu

'Clock is ticking', says Chinese minister, as US fails to break deadlock over government shutdown and fast-approaching 'debt ceiling' deadline.

The Dumbest Game of Chicken, Ever

By Daniel W. Drezner

Obama s trying to tank the markets to win the budget fight. Problem is, that might not work and Republicans just don t care.

The Two-Party System Is A Farce

By Tim Gatto

Everybody knows that this so-called government shutdown is b...s. The Government is not going to default on the 17th and everyone knows it.

Their Real Goal: To Make Us All So Cynical About Government, We Give Up

By Robert Reich

As average Americans give up on government, they pay less attention to what government does or fails to do, thereby making it easier for the moneyed interests to get whatever they want.

Old Game, New Obsession, New Enemy. Now It's China.

By John Pilger

Countries are "pieces on a chessboard upon which is being played out a great game for the domination of the world," wrote Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, in 1898. Nothing has changed.

China wonders: Why do we own so much U.S. debt?

At a meeting on the sidelines of a summit in Asia, Premier Li told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that China was paying "great attention" to the political gridlock in Washington.

Key creditor China begins acting to hedge against US default

Hong Kong has sent the first sign from Asia that the region is creating extra financial buffers against a possible default in the US. China said some US short-term Treasury bonds appear to be more risky to hold as collateral than previously thought.

Sydney s Week-long Military Extravaganza Foreshadows New Wars

By James Cogan

American and Australian strategic documents have been explicit about the purpose of this "pivot"-to position air and naval forces that will be used to wage war against China.

The U.S. Has Repeatedly Defaulted

By Washington's Blog

It s a Myth that the U.S. Has Never Defaulted On Its Debt.

From Information Clearing House


The US Default Fantasy


Stop The National Debt Crime In Progress


The Death of Shame

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: The Republicans' greatest strength has been their utter lack of shame. Their ability to say or do anything has vaulted them into the position they hold today in American politics. But the wheels are finally coming off this particular wagon.

The Economic Consequences of a US Debt Default

Jack Rasmus, Jack Rasmus' Blog: Both the US and global economies are already slowing noticeably, with the Federal Reserve in the US continuing to downgrade and lower its estimates of future US growth, and the IMF doing the same for growth rates in China and the rest of the world. The Teapublicans claim a US debt default would not impact these already negative trends.


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