US Struggle With Iran s Peace Offensive

By Eric Margolis

America s war party is furious: its dreams of seeing US power crush Syria, then Iran are in jeopardy.

Can Washington Reciprocate Iran s 'Constructive Engagement'?

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett

The relevant question is whether Washington is prepared to abandon a strategic approach to the Middle East that has done profound damage to America s own position in this vital region-in no small part, by rendering productive diplomacy with the Islamic Republic impossible.

US Cowardice Will Let Israel s Isolated Right Off The Hook

By Robert Fisk

These are hard times for the Israeli right. Used to bullying the US, and especially its present, shallow leader, the Likudists suddenly find that the whole world wants peace in the Middle East rather than war.

Can Iran Trust the United States?

By Sheldon Richman

In international law, sanctions are an act of war. How could they not be? They aim to deprive a population of food, medicine, and other needed goods.

Netanyahu sabotaging Obama s Iran efforts

Newspaper dishes out fierce criticism of PM following General Assembly address, says Netanyahu 'seems eager for a fight.,7340,L-4435605,00.html

The human costs of the Iran sanctions

Iranian-Americans, who are allowed under U.S. law to send money to elderly parents in Iran, cannot find any bank in the United States or Europe that will wire the funds.

From Information Clearing House


NYT s David Sanger Scaremongering Iran Nukes Worse Than Netanyahu

Robert Naiman, Truthout: The New York Times' David Sanger provides no evidence for his assertion that Iran is 'just a few weeks' away from building a nuclear bomb, surpassing the gold standard for scaremongering set by the Israeli government, says Naiman.


War with Syria and Iran will be Hell on Earth


Netanyahu Makes Rounds in Challenge to US Peace with Iran

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