After the NSA Revelations, Who Will Listen to America on Human Rights?

By Aryeh Neier

The US was once in a position to promote human rights abroad. That was undermined under Bush, and the damage continues.

The hypocrisy of 'law and order' and the injustices caused by capitalism cannot be cured by institutional reform

By Chris Hedges

Child Labor in the USA

The Editors

The country must find the political will to end this national disgrace.

"Liberty and Justice for Some People"


James Early talks about American identity and growing up African-American facing the deep racism of the South.

Court Documents Reveal NSA Disregard for Privacy Restrictions

By Spencer Ackerman in New York

The National Security Agency shared its trove of American bulk email and internet data with other government agencies in violation of specific court-ordered procedures to protect Americans' privacy.

United States Can Spy on Britons Despite Pact, N.S.A. Memo Says

By James Glanz

The National Security Agency is authorized to spy on the citizens of America s closest allies, including Britain, even though those English-speaking countries have long had an official non-spying pact.

Inside America s Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

By Colum Lynch

The United States and its key intelligence allies are quietly working behind the scenes to kneecap a mounting movement in the United Nations to promote a universal human right to online privacy.

Government Gave U.S. Permission To Spy On Ordinary British Citizens

BBC video report

Glenn Greenwald: The Goal Of The U.S. Government Is To Eliminate ALL Privacy Globally!"

Video - BBC - Hardtalk

Glenn Greenwald, the man who broke the Snowden story. His mission, he says, is to hold power to account. Is this a journalistic crusade that s gone too far?

Attacking Journalists, Whistleblowers and Other Messengers

By Glenn Grenwald

There are dozens of examples, one of whom is the author of a post this week at which accuses me and Laura Poitras of having "promptly sold [the Snowden] secrets to a billionaire".

Lies and Dirty Politics

Canadian MP Smears Greenwald/CBC


"Greenwald is a Brazilian based former porn industry executive, now assisting Edward Snowden leak national security information."

Saving the Net from the Surveillance State: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Up (Q&A)

By Edward Moyer

The man to whom Edward Snowden entrusted his NSA documents isn t content just to save the Bill of Rights and reinvent journalism. He also wants to stop the Internet from becoming history's most dangerous spy tool.

Ex-CIA Director Calls For Snowden To Be "Hanged By His Neck Until He Is Dead"

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has one wish for the holidays: for Edward Snowden to be tried for treason and "hanged." That was Woolsey's response to the suggestion of amnesty for Snowden.

John Bolton: Edward Snowden 'Ought To Swing From A Tall Oak Tree'

Bolton, who served under former President George W. Bush, characterized Snowden's actions as treason, and urged against any public talk of amnesty.

Some Might Call It Treason

By Philip Giraldi

I am referring to a concerted "betrayal of trust" by a group of American government elected officials in openly advancing policies that serve the interests of a foreign country.

If You Believe the Goverment, 'You Are Stupid'

By Jon Schwarz

Americans are taught the myth that their democracy is safeguarded by an independent press. But the government and other powerful entities have long mastered the art of manipulating the major media.

America is Still a Deeply Racist Country

By Chris Arnade

Gone is the overt, violent, and legal racism of my childhood in the 1960s. It's been replaced by a subtler, still ugly version.

Adm. Mike Mullen: Americans forget the troops who die in 'our dirty little wars'

*When you get to these wars, I worry that America has paid us very well, the compensation s good, [so the culture says] 'please go off and fight our dirty little wars and let us get on with our lives,* he said. *We need to figure a way to get America to buy into those, into them.*

From Information Clearing House


'Liberty and Justice for Some People

Video and Guide to Busting Common Excuses for NSA Mass Surveillance

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