New California Legislation Seeks To Thwart NSA Spying

Michael Boldin, Truthout: Supporters say passage of a proposed California law would tell the NSA, *We don t want you in California unless you follow the Constitution.*

The NSA Is Hacking Our Hardware Too

Kristina Chew, Care2: We have known since June that the NSA has been engaged in mass surveillance programs, accessing information from global phone and internet networks. The German newsmagazine Der Spiegel recently reported that the NSA s surveillance activities go beyond exploiting vulnerabilities in computer software.

10 NSA Myths Debunked

Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch: Former State Department whistleblower Peter Van Buren takes us through the labyrinth of NSA defenses, point by point, showing just what our favorite Constitution-shredders have to say and why it doesn t hold water.


Former NSA Senior Executives and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: NSA Insiders Reveal What Went Wrong

How Would Dr. King React to NSA Spying on Americans?

Coming Soon: The Day We Fight Back Against NSA Surveillance

NSA Puts Radio Spyware Inside Computers

NSA, GCHQ Using Data From 'Leaky' Smartphone Apps to Spy


Spying on Congress


NSA and GCHQ activities appear illegal, says EU parliamentary inquiry

Civil liberties committee report demands end to indiscriminate collection of personal data by British and US agencies.

US govt attempts to block lawsuit against NSA

Lawyers from the Justice Department have urged a judge to halt a lawsuit against the NSA s spy programs. This comes after the judge's previous ruling that the NSA s collection of metadata was likely unconstitutional and *almost Orwellian* in nature.

NSA makes final push to retain most mass surveillance powers

The National Security Agency and its allies are making a final public push to retain as much of their controversial mass surveillance powers as they can, before President Barack Obama's forthcoming announcement about the future scope of US surveillance.

Judge Napolitano: NSA Spies On All Members Of Congress


The NSA continues to lie about its capabilities

We now know that the CIA, NRO, FBI, DEA, and local police all engage in ubiquitous surveillance using the same sorts of eavesdropping tools, and that they regularly share information with each other.

Stasi 2.0: 'NSA using same illegal spy tactics from Cold War'


Peter Oliver met with a veteran of the Stasi service, to find out just how similar the two really are.

Huge swath of GCHQ mass surveillance is illegal, says top lawyer

Legal advice given to MPs warns that British spy agency is 'using gaps in regulation to commit serious crime with impunity'.

From Information Clearing House


America s surveillance state

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Wendy McElroy


The domestic surveillance state is sometimes called the electronic police state. Those in political power use law enforcement to closely monitor the opinions and peaceful behavior of citizens in order to forestall and punish opposition. Typically the surveillance involves secret files, covert wiretapping, informants, the collection of personal data such as sexual preferences, and other tactics that are odious to a free society. The domestic surveillance state is often associated with the East German Stasi or the Soviet KGB. But its roots are deep in American soil, and it is reaching full growth with the 'war on terror'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


NSA insiders call on America to 'wake up'


Another NSA Whistleblower, Russell Tice

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